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September 23rd to 29th, 2018

Note that this is one week ahead and scroll down for the week of September 15th.


Wednesday I'll host Yoga for the Lunar Cycle, the first of an autumn monthly series on 4th Wednesdays at 6 pm at The Sunshine Factory South Portland, Maine. Come to all 3 and feel the rhythm of your own lunar cycles. I'll offer some tips and insights to help you chart your course and journey of self inquiry. Sign up at The Sunshine Factory Maine.


Sunday: Pisces Moon near Full and meeting Neptune. Yes that means overflowing emotions and everything water related is up for high tide. Mercury square to Saturn and trine to Mars is pushing for agreements, decisions, and action on any sort of pending matter. As is the Full Moon which brings completions and the time to choose a path or response to what life is offering. Full Moon is in Aries Monday at 10:52 pm EDT. Today's color is Light Blue.


Monday: Void Moon time 1:26 am to 7:04 pm EDT. Those could be long hours of contemplation, what if scenarios, indecision under pressure or taking time to finish important natters. Some will not want to face the day and hide out. Some things will go easy, so ask for what you need. Jupiter made the final aspect to Pisces Moon and Jupiter is expansive and beneficial as long as it's not over the top, overboard, and excessive (cause then it's just too much to be good for you). The Sun and Moon oppose always at Full Moon, tonight that's 10:52 pm EDT, in Aries which instigates and facilitates active engagement, rebirth, and movement in a direction. Shortly after midnight EDT, the Aries Moon squares Saturn, so do Own your actions and decisions.  Today's color is White.


Tuesday: Aries Moon, still in the Full zone, opposing Mercury which makes contrasting opinions and methods clear and obvious. We may need to work on compromises or consensus. The Sun and Moon both square Saturn, lending a serious tone to all matters. We mustn't take things, such as promises, lightly. Examine and feel your motivations and intentions, seeking pureness of heart.  Today's color is Red. 


Wednesday: Aries Moon void of course from a 6 am EDT square to Pluto. The Pluto square indicates the depth and meaning behind actions, decisions, and events of this Full Moon time. Slow down a bit and process. It's a whole day of void Moon and we should not rush or allow ourselves to be pressured. Step back and feel. Squares challenge us to grow and evolve and not take the easy way out. We've had a number of significant squares during this Full Moon, mostly involving the cardinal signs which initiate, refresh, and move things forward. Today's color is Black. 


Thursday: Taurus Moon time begins at 3:16 am EDT and the Moon meets Uranus at 6:11 am EDT. Ruler of Aquarius, this planet relates to rebellion, original ideas and destroying to recreate. The Moon also squares dynamic and forceful Mars. The Sun in airy, cardinal Libra aligns with Mars too. That may help us with backup, support, and aligning with others who share our vision. We'll need it since there's some fierce fixed energies and it may be hard to change minds. Stubbornness or persistence, passionate or obstinate, what's decided today has long term implication and impact. Today's color is Gold.


Friday: Taurus Moon aligns with Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter and is then void from 6:36 pm on.  Tend to the autumn yard work and other repairs. Spend time doing satisfying, hands on projects. Creative and romantic vibes. Today's color is Pink.


Saturday: Taurus to Gemini Moon at 9:26 am EDT. Mars and the Sun are in harmony with the Moon for a social and team oriented day. Wear Yellow. 

September 16th to 22nd, 2018

I'll be at Love YogaFest in Falmouth, Massachusetts Sunday, the 23rd for Full Moon & Autumnal Equinox Yoga! There are still spaces in many workshops. Join us for a weekend by the sea!



Sunday: At 7:15 pm EDT the Moon is void of course. Sagittarius Moon for spontaneity and also for studies which may take priority. This is the sign of higher learning, square to Mercury and the Sun in Virgo as well as Neptune in Pisces. Be responsible or procrastinate and enjoy some fun. Today's color is Yellow.


Monday: Void Moon ends at 7:07 am EDT and the Moon shifts to Capricorn. The early hours, once again, may find us forgetful or a bit disoriented by the start of a business/school week. Capricorn Moon though, pulls us to projects and whatever needs to be done, especially with the Moon meeting Saturn. Own up to your actions and duties. Today's color is Green. 


Tuesday: Capricorn Moon. Mars square to Uranus in Aquarius/Taurus can be rocky and feel unstable. Tend to the earth and your own grounding. Some situations will feel unyielding. Others may seem to fall apart at the seams. Brown is today's color.


Wednesday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon, void 1:10 to 7:52 pm EDT. Hours before or after that time period are more reliable.  The Aquarius Moon squares Uranus. This is our new monthly cycle and reoccurrence. It's shaky ground and reminds me of natural occurrences like earthquakes or high winds that pull on tree roots. Despite the Uranus activity, the Moon aligns with both the Sun and Mercury in Virgo before moving to Aquarius at 7:52 pm EDT. Aquarius Moon favors working on your plans and visions. Today's color is Silver.


Thursday: Aquarius Moon meets Mars with an ingenious and dynamic effect. The Virgo Sun, so different in an earth sign, meets Mercury for analyzing and solving problems and for networking to get help with personal tasks or to hire or be hired for work. Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Void Moon 1:13 pm EDT until Saturday at 8:27 am. This is the last full day of summer season. Mercury jumps into Libra first at 11;59 pm EDT. The Full Moon is warming up and may be felt now. The Moon squares Jupiter and leads to persistence and intensity. Taking the afternoon off will be a stress reliever. Actions taken during Void Moons often don't lead to much anyway. Today's color is Turquoise.


Saturday: Moon to Pisces 8:27 am EDT. The Moon is in harmony with Uranus and Saturn. Connect to big ideas and follow through on plans. The Moon is nearly Full, leading toward Monday night's Full Moon. The Autumnal Equinox begins Libra season and fall truly begins at 9:54 pm EDT. Today's color is Green.


Wednesday the 26th, coming right up, is Yoga for the Lunar Cycle at The Sunshine Factory South Portland, Maine 6 pm. Sign up for 3 months of 4th Wednesdays and chart or feel your rhythms through the lunar cycles of this season. thesunshinefactorymaine.com 

September 9th to 15th, 2018

Sunday: New Moon in Virgo 2:01 pm EDT. Venus shifts to Scorpio. This is a good time for plans, launches, new construction, changes in routine and willingness to change your mind, to help others, and to improve your health habits. Take care of your body and your physical space. Today's color is White.


Monday: Mars moves to Aquarius 8:56 pm EDT. Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio have very different takes on relationship. Venus holds on tightly in Scorpio, inducing passion but also possessiveness, sexual chemistry yet also obsessiveness. Mars in Aquarius is physically more detached and interested in connection of the minds. Both are fixed. In dating, love, or getting to know each other, maybe take it down a notch especially if you think the 'other' is much more or much less interested than you are. Virgo to Libra Moon 11:20 am EDT. Justice is a theme for the next 24-36 hours. Today's color is Blue.


Tuesday: Libra Moon focus is fairness and equal give and take. Be fair with your self as well and avoid negative self talk. The Sun aligns with Jupiter and Pluto for growth and positive developments. It's also a good day to get organized or to take a next step forward and conquer a fear. Void Moon 6:58 pm EDT. Social or do some reading tonight. Today's color is Black.


Wednesday: Scorpio Moon time begins at 2:15 pm EDT and prior to that the Moon is void of course. Keep those hours simple and be extra organized and on time. This looks like an interesting and mixed day. Venus is the most engaged planet, opposing Uranus in Taurus, meeting the Moon, and aligning with Saturn. Relationship goings on will be intense and obvious whether it's new love, making important life decisions together or having difficulties and changing status. Today's color is Maroon.


Thursday: Scorpio Moon. Mercury is actively in harmony with the Moon and opposite to Neptune. Keep communication clear, ask questions and seek what's true and real. Repercussions and vibes of last Friday's Sun/Neptune opposition are in the air so today may be a continuation of what you were wondering or questioning then. Today's color is Indigo.


Friday: From 4:54 to 8:45 am EDT the Moon is void of course, then moves to Sagittarius. The early hours could be forgetful or some will sleep late unintentionally.  Sag Moon favors acting on things, being brave or adventurous, and is in harmony with planet Mars, the warrior. Go forward with confidence, yet keep others' feelings in mind. Today's color is Red.


Saturday: Sagittarius Moon for weekend road trips and fun. Mercury and Pluto align in earth signs. Communicate the truth and your feelings, and be honest with yourself and in your dealings with others. This is a favorable time to act on what's been pending. Today's color is Purple.


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image from Dark Days Tarot

September 2nd to 8th, 2018

Sunday: Gemini Moon time starts at 4:02 am EDT. The Moon square to Mars at 10:37 pm EDT is also the 4th quarter Moon and we begin to wane toward New Moon of Sunday the 9th. Start rethinking decisions made in the past few weeks. It's prime time to change your mind. Today's color is Blue.


Monday: Gemini Moon, Mercury and Venus in harmony. A very social day. Reorganizing and reconnecting with family and friends is favored. Time for a 'way with words' personally or professionally. Today's color is Yellow.


Tuesday: Gemini Moon void 2:37 to 8:03 am EDT. Cancer Moon time begins at 8:03 am . It's a family oriented day and we'll gravitate toward the familiar. With Moon opposite Saturn it may be a task to keep interactions light. Cook, clean, and take care of your people. Today's color is Black.


Wednesday: Cancer Moon and Mercury moves into Virgo. The Moon has multiple, mostly harmonious aspects for good feelings and connections. Keep fears in their place so they don't disrupt the flow. Today's color is White.


Thursday: Saturn direct 7:09 am EDT in Capricorn. Void Moon in Cancer 8:43 am to 9:54 am EDT.  Avoid that hour for anything that could be messed/mixed up. After that Leo Moon favors learning opportunities and rehearsing or performing. Strong personalities may clash of be in conflict as the Moon and Uranus square. Today's color is Purple.


Friday: Leo Moon. Sun opposes Neptune and there's a question of whom or what can be relied on. Notice discrepancies and unrealistic ideas. Mercury in Virgo is in harmony with Uranus and Saturn for reality checks. Some will rock the boat. Today's color is Gold.


Saturday: Leo Moon void 9:31 to 10:29 am EDT. Virgo Moon in harmony with planets in Capricorn and Taurus indicates a good day for organizing, streamlining and getting things under control. It's a planning time as we move toward New Moon Sunday at 2:01 pm EDT. There's often reconsidering and changes to be taken care of at times like this. Venus square to Mars may throw relationships into question mainly if there's disagreement and a discrepancy in ways of thinking or managing life. The Moon meets Mercury and clear communication is key. Today's color is Indigo Blue.


August 26th-September 1, 2018 , Mars Direct

Sunday: Pisces Moon 1:32 am EDT through midday on Tuesday.  Full Moon peaks at 7:56 am EDT. Pluto and Saturn are in harmony with the Full Moon and matters of extreme importance arise to be processed or to take action on. Though the Moon is in Pisces, a water sign, there is nothing wishy washy about the Full Moon engaged with the powerful inner force of Pluto and the external, constructive and 'grown up' themes that Saturn represents. It is time for a full realization and acknowledgement and all of the feelings that accompany this. Venus squares Pluto and we must transform and experience necessary awakenings, particularly in relationships that may be ending, switching to long distance, or where one partner announces readiness for commitment of a different kind. This is an emotional, spiritual, and creative Full Moon and the inner processes will result in external life changes. Eclipse effects continue to develop into September and our New Moon in 2 weeks. Today's color is White. (Yes, double white this week.)


Come to Yoga Under the Stars, Full Moon practice at the Sunshine Factory Monday evening 6 pm. Acupuncture and cupping also available that evening. Contact Kristen at the Sunshine Factory site for more info. We'll be in the park if weather allows (or indoors if rain comes). Check in at the studio, down the stairs in the castle building at Brick Hill South Portland.

Monday: As Full Moon continues, Mars stations direct in Capricorn at 10:05 am EDT. This is welcome news, as now both Mercury and Mars are direct, and Venus is for now. These closer planets influence interactions and relationships. The Full Moon in Pisces moves through, and may very well be followed by clarity around something that's been a question, a bother, or a full blown huge emotional situation. Neptune/Moon conjunction in Pisces often adds romanticism, and that can be soft and nice but don't let it cloud the real picture. In other words, do not offer trust to someone who has breached it again and again. Do tap into your artistic talents and imagination. It could be a good day for fiction writing or creating film or something else, especially as a way to release what's ready to be let go or expressed during this Full Moon. Jupiter and Pluto also chime in with the Moon for higher power guidance and awareness of the incredible potential you have. Let the tide begin to diminish and find something the sea leaves behind, literally or otherwise. Today's color is Light Blue.

Tuesday: Void Moon 9:54 to 12:35 pm EDT, then Aries Moon takes charge. A hint of what's to come may hit as inspiration or just suddenly knowing what to do as the Moon and Mars align this morning, with Mars now direct. Feel the pause and the awareness before the actual action. Mercury square Jupiter and the Moon square Saturn. There are definite things to be sorted out in the 'moving on' process. It's not all easy, but you can hopefully feel the flow and a direction. Today's color is Red.

Wednesday: Aries Moon moving along without no direct support or interruption from other planets. This is a good day to get things done or even as a vacation day for a late summer adventure. Aries is the sign of self and the mantra I AM. Feel and feed your sense of a healthy self. Today's color is Orange. 

Thursday: Aries Moon to begin, and 4 varied aspects to Pluto and Mars (challenges to grow, discover and take action) as well as Venus (relationships and compromises) and Mercury (planning and integrating). It's likely there's plenty to do and take care of. A list and prioritizing will help.  Void Moon 7:04 to 9:30 pm EDT for chilling with friends and unwinding. Taurus Moon 9:30 pm on. Today's color is Yellow.

Friday: Taurus Moon meets Uranus. We are still getting accustomed to this monthly meeting that'll happen for years to come. Uranus is a wild card. Notice if you feel pushed into something. Perhaps change that dynamic and go in another direction. Moon in harmony with Saturn in Cap and Sun in Virgo, all in the earth element. Be productive, connect to the earth and the ground you walk on and potentially make a long term agreement with confidence. Brown is today's color. 

Saturday: September 1st is here. Taurus Moon, steady and strong, sensual and natural. Varied aspects including an opposition to Jupiter. Relationships, loyalty, commitment, and reassurance are themes. It's another day to work through a long term agreement (or maybe become engaged!). Whatever you are into, understand clearly the terms. Today's color is Green.

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August 19th-25th . Mercury Direct & Sun in Virgo

Mercury stations direct. Ease into the changes.

The Sun moves to Virgo for refreshing routine.

Mars spends one final week retrograde.

Embrace this last phase of summer with a different mindset.

Full Moon, astrology inspired Yoga at The Sunshine Factory at Brick Hill next Monday, August 27th, 6 pm- 7:30 outdoors or in. 



Sunday: Mercury direct 12:25 am EDT. But do not rush. Mercury stays at this degree for a bit before appearing to move through Leo again. Certainly you may feel at the crossroads, on the brink of something different and new. Sagittarius Moon for your adventures and educational endeavors. Jupiter, Sagittarius's planet, trine to Neptune in Pisces for flow and malleability. This is a beautiful spiritual awakening aspect, though it can also feel confusing or uncertain as to what exactly is happening. Today's color is Light Blue. 


Monday: Sagittarius Moon in harmony with the Leo Sun. The Moon is halfway to Full and many will respond with the need to 'get going'. These two signs combine for optimism, excitement and the bright side or anticipation of such things. Void Moon 7:47 pm EDT. Today's color is Red.


Tuesday: At the stroke of midnight the Moon moves to Capricorn. With Mercury direct and this industrious Moon sign meeting Saturn, the natural ruling planet of Capricorn, the tendency is to get very focused and intentional with important matters. A huge reality check day and time to pack up, order or shop for supplies and possibly even commit to something that's been pending. Keep the word intentional in mind so you do nothing haphazardly. Today's color is Black.


Wednesday: Capricorn Moon aspects 4 planets including Pluto, the planet of subconscious, shadow, and undercurrent. Sit quietly with your decisions and plans. Listen to the deep and knowing inner self. Wisdom. The Sun sits at the threshold of Virgo, the 3rd sign of summer. Today's color is Green, like pine trees.


Thursday: We often say Fall is coming now, but truly it's the third and final phase of summer when the Sun shifts to Virgo at 12:09 am EDT. Virgo time does mean a change in routines and the sun setting noticeably earlier. It's a good time to let go of or improve health habits, get back to physical workouts or change them up, add veggies to your plate, and organize for productivity related to home, work or school. Capricorn Moon is void of course from 10:19 am to 12:56 pm and in conjunction with Mars retro so frustration may crop up. Also though, you may get the go ahead on something that's been in the works and lagging the past couple of months. Aquarius Moon squares Uranus in Taurus. Be patient with the roadblocks and look for alternate ways rather than forcing things to go one way. Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Aquarius Moon opposes Mercury direct in Leo. This is reminiscent of our Aquarius and Leo eclipses 2 and 4 weeks ago approximately. Vibes of change, with news and announcements coming as we follow our hearts and align with our tribes.  The Full Moon of Pisces approaches. Today's color is Turquoise.


Saturday: Void Moon begins at 12:39 am EDT and lasts all day (though on the west coast you'll have a bit of Pisces Moon time tonight). With void Moon, perhaps let a decision wait and allow for extra time to get where you're going. There may be confusion or delays or changes unforeseen. Flexibility keeps frustration at bay. Moon aligns with Venus in Libra, and the Sun is in harmony with Pluto and Uranus, all in the earth signs. This creates a positive vibe, a willingness to help out or deal with personal things, and also some wonderful excitement about the changes and activity of this Full Moon time. Today's color is White.

(Here's a little bonus so you're ready for Full Moon in advance!)

Sunday: Pisces Moon 1:32 am EDT through midday on Tuesday.  Full Moon peaks at 7:56 am EDT. Pluto and Saturn are in harmony with the Full Moon and matters of extreme importance arise to be processed or to take action on. Though the Moon is in Pisces, a water sign, there is nothing wishy washy about the Full Moon engaged with the powerful inner force of Pluto and the external, constructive and 'grown up' themes that Saturn represents. It is time for a full realization and acknowledgement and all of the feelings that accompany this. Venus squares Pluto and we must transform and experience necessary awakenings, particularly in relationships that may be ending, switching to long distance, or where one partner announces readiness for commitment of a different kind. This is an emotional, spiritual, and creative Full Moon and the inner processes will result in external life changes. Eclipse effects continue to develop into September and our New Moon in 2 weeks. Today's color is White. (Yes, double white this week.)

Come to Yoga Under the Stars, Full Moon practice at the Sunshine Factory Monday evening 6 pm. Acupuncture and cupping also available that evening. Contact Kristen at the Sunshine Factory site for more info. We'll be in the park if weather allows (or indoors if rain comes). Check in at the studio, down the stairs in the castle building at Brick Hill South Portland.

August 12th-18th 2018: Mercury Retrograde

Sunday: The second to last Leo/Aquarius eclipse happened on Saturday and the impact continues to show over the next month. The final in this two sign polarity happens during Aquarius time this winter. We have already begun a new series of eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn one month ago. Eclipses mean accelerated change and often things you didn't prepare for. The Leo/Aquarius series aims to open our hearts and join us together for common goals, among other things. 


Sunday this week is Virgo Moon time, Moon in harmony with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. A serious type of day with reality checks and reason to get things done, it is also the day Mars backtracks into Capricorn during this retrograde. Sort out what needs attention now from what will benefit from more time. Today's color is Brown.


Monday: Virgo Moon aligns with Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn for similar themes of Monday. Neptune across in Pisces beckons us to abandon tedious work and open to creative thoughts. Today's color is Navy Blue.


Tuesday: There's a very short 20 minute void Moon time in the midnight hour and the Moon shifts to Libra quickly at 12:57 am EDT. Moon meets Venus and aligns with Mercury retro while also squaring Saturn. Mostly we work for harmony in relationships and justice in every way. Today's color is Pink.


Wednesday: Libra Moon squares Pluto and lines up with the Leo Sun. You may second guess your decisions or question your own self worth or feelings. In emotional situations cut everyone a break and step back to objectivity. In personal and social situations, it's a great day for meet and greet and networking as well as fun dates.  Today's color is Yellow.


Thursday: Another quick void Moon time 3:56 to 4:04 am EDT, then the Moon moves to Scorpio. Mars retro, Uranus, and Saturn play parts in today's action which may mean it's not so easy. Keep a cool head. Today's color is Maroon.


Friday: Scorpio Moon meets Jupiter, aligns with Neptune in Pisces and with Pluto in Capricorn. Get in touch with your true feelings. Try not to push emotional things away or suppress them. Have a healthy outlet for deep things that may come up with retrogrades and eclipses this summer. Scorpio gets to the bottom of or heart of the matter, seeking the depths.  It's a good/likely day to recover something once lost or forgotten. Today's color is Indigo. 


Saturday: Void Moon 11:07 am to 12:45 pm EDT, transitioning from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Mercury retro aligns with Venus in Libra for friendly or romantic reconnections. Today's color is Orange.

August 5th-11th, 2018: Solar Eclipse In Leo

My own birthday is this week on 8-8! And the original name of this site was Robin's Zodiac Zone: Leo Rising. I love the number 8 and look for it everywhere. 8 on it's side is the infinity symbol. In Feng Shui, 8 symbolizes abundance. There are shapes of 8 in your energy field and throughout your body. Notice how this makes sense. Your eyes are one example. Enjoy this Mercury retro in Leo week without trying to force anything it is not time for.

Love.  Robin


Sunday: Taurus Moon void of course from 7:36 to 9:32 pm EDT. Moon squares Mercury retrograde and trines Venus and Pluto. Much about the past seeps into our day. Try not to let that be stubbornness or excessive pride. Venus adds a sensual, romantic element that's nice for a date. Gemini Moon 9:32 pm on. This may tempt you to analyze or fabricate stories. The mind activates tonight. Use lavender or magnesium oil on  your feet for sleep. Lavender is today's color.


Monday: Gemini Moon aligns with Mars and the Sun. Social plans, people, conversations, and the words we speak are highlighted. Speak with care. Words will resonate especially if they bring up the past. The Sun squares Jupiter and we consider how to grow and move forward (soon). This relates to big plans like your education, the resolving of an important matter, or major travel plans to name a few. Work through some of this while trusting your intuition. Things change during the retrograde time we're in. Venus to Libra sign of partnership, music and dance as well as law and justice 7:27 pm EDT. Pink is today's color.


Tuesday: Gemini Moon void time starts at 3:54 am EDT and lasts until after the stroke of midnight. The Moon engages with retro Mercury, and it'll be an interesting day for reconnections, yet very scattered in terms of how to go about things. It's not a great day to make a big decision. It's often easier to buy time during void Moon. Venus and Mars align for our personal relationships. Mars is also retro so reunions and getting back together may be a 'thing' now. Consider it a day by day proposition with no promises for a few weeks. Today's color is Yellow.


Wednesday: Cancer Moon 12:01 am EDT.  The Moon opposes Saturn and can stir defensive or critical feelings. The Sun meets Mercury retro for a day of revisiting favorite places and long lost family or friends. A variety of other aspects contribute to whatever is most prominent in your experience right now. Some will focus on the negative or difficult and some revel in the positive and wonder of the world. A bit of distance and unplugging may help you enjoy the Sun's glory in Leo. Today's color is Light Blue.


Thursday: 7:21 am begins the void Moon time in Cancer. This is the time before the transition though the Moon's work in Cancer finished up with a trine to Neptune and opposition to Pluto. This can bring up feelings and insecurities every time. Go easy on yourself and others today. Spend some time solo if you need it. Notice how you feel creative and go with it! Family matters may bring melancholy feelings or uncertainties. You can still love your family even if you need to detach or disengage. Venus squares Saturn and relationship matters challenge us. Some of those relationships may involve the workplace, people you care about that may not be meeting responsibilities or doing their jobs. Take a breath before reacting. Make no major decisions or statements today. Today's color is Black.


Friday: Leo Moon begins at 12:18 am EDT. With 5 significant aspects , some easy some apparently difficult, this is a mixed day. The highlight is Mercury retrograde and the Moon in unison in Leo for loving and friendly reunions. Make social plans (and actually go!). Today's color is Gold.


Saturday: This is solar eclipse day and it happens at 5:58 am EDT in Leo. At every solar eclipse the Moon and Sun are together and it's New Moon. Solar eclipses mean big changes and this is the 2nd solar and 3rd eclipse (one was lunar two weeks back). The only thing uncommon about this is that it was 3 eclipses. They usually come in pairs. So it's an extra powerful time for changes of all sorts. In Leo the eclipse is a heart opening and heart centered. It's likely to be emotionally powerful and potentially stormy. Yet it's the perfect time to 'turn the page' and move into a new chapter. This may unfold a bit slowly and do give changes time to develop as Mercury and Mars are both retrograde. Mercury will be direct on the 19th. The whole month ahead will be full of eclipse repercussions and effects. News may come now. Your response may need time. Expect changes you never considered or thought would come to be. People tend to come into our lives (or go) at eclipse times. Today's color is White.


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July 29th-August 4th, 2018

The next eclipse is waiting in the wings for August 11th. Solar eclipse in Leo completes the hat trick of 3.  Rare pattern which is sparking rare events and unforeseen shifts.


Sunday: At 5:25 am EDT the Aquarius Moon opposes Mercury retrograde. This looks like quite the retro type day with unexpected visitors and communication from people that have been gone or away for a while. Keep options open and flex as the Moon is void from then until 7:28 pm EDT. Pisces Moon follows and lulls us to day and night dreams. Today's color is Green.


Monday: Pisces Moon in harmony with planets in Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio. Today is meant to be gentle on the emotions and good for grounding, planting and manifesting. Light Blue is today's color.


Tuesday: Moon meets Neptune and later opposes Venus in Virgo. Romance and relationships are on our minds. Creative inspirations arise. Romantic ideals may be short lived. Void Moon 642 pm EDT. Today's color is Pink.


Wednesday: At 6:54 am EDT the Moon moves to Aries and shortly after aligns with Mars retro in Aquarius. The Moon also squares Saturn and Mars squares Uranus. Some of this is rough. Disruptions. Also though, there's impulse to act on longstanding situations and get things moving. Go slow and steady if so. Today's color is Red.


Thursday: Moon in harmony with the Sun and with Mercury retro. The Moon does square Pluto, but mostly this is a reconnecting sort of day. People may get in touch and socialize. Leo force is strong! Get out and enjoy. Void Moon begins 10:52 pm EDT. The lost hours. Today's color is Orange.


Friday: Aries Moon void of course until 3:51 pm EDT. Can you lose yourself in enjoyment and consider some time off? Taurus Moon follows and engages with Uranus, Saturn and squares Mars the planet with the biggest lunar eclipse influence. What was going on last Friday or so that is strongly relevant today? Ground and center yourself and keep good boundaries while acting decisively or not at all. Know exactly what you're saying and doing during this Taurus Moon. Today's color is Yellow.


Saturday: Taurus Moon is earthy and often productive especially in home matters and things like repairs. Get back to unfinished projects. Moon squares the Sun and opposes Jupiter. If something is in the way of your joy or something you want to pursue, can you move that energy? Expansion and abundance are favored, yet with strong boundaries, loyalty and no force. If you have to force something, abandon it for now. Wear Green.

July 22nd to 28th


Sunday: Sagittarius Moon time arrives 6:12 am EDT and the Sun lights up Leo for the 2nd phase of summer beginning at 5 pm. Mercury and Jupiter align perfectly in Virgo/Scorpio. This looks like an inspired and energized day/evening. The vibe is warm and fiery as Mars and the Sun feed the Sag Moon. Today's color is Orange.


Monday: Sagittarius Moon squares Venus and Neptune. If relationships seem obligatory or burdensome, some will escape for independent time or even ask for separation. While on your adventures, have some sense of realism even in the back of your mind so you don't get overly carried away only to face consequences later. Flirtations and temptations. Today's color is Light Blue.


Tuesday: Void Moon 4:22 am to 5:43 pm EDT. Mercury, about to be retrograde, aligns with the Moon setting the stage for reconnections and renewed discussions around certain 'back burner' plans. Venus opposes Neptune continuing some of yesterdays's escapism, flirtations, and putting romance and pleasure in the forefront. At 5:43 pm EDT the Moon moves to Capricorn and aligns with Uranus in Taurus. Aim for a soft landing if your head's been in the clouds and get rooted in whatever needs to be done. You'll know for sure what that is. Full Moon on the way. Today's color is Pink.


Wednesday: Capricorn Moon leads us toward the Aquarius Full Moon of Friday. It will be exact at 4:20 pm EDT. Today's heavy on the business/practical side with Moon and Saturn together pressing for promises and strong commitment. Leo Sun squares Uranus in Taurus contributing to completely different ways of doing or thinking that may lead to conflict and digging in stubbornly. Talk about differences of opinion! It's a good day to take shelter and disengage if the going gets rough or troublesome. (see tomorrow's forecast as Mercury retro begins overnight and tonight if you're in the Pacific zone). Today's color is Gold.  Full Moon Yoga tonight at The Sunshine Factory, in the park at Brick Hill South Portland, Maine 7-8:30 pm. Come early to sign in downstairs in the studio. We'll engage in releasing personally and connecting in friendship. Your next best bud might appear here during this Full Moon of friendship. The Sunshine Factory is a unique place. Come find out.


Thursday: The Moon is nearly Full and Friday brings a lunar eclipse in Aquarius. This is a strong uprising that may include uprisings in terms of activism, pack mentality, and the power of community.  Pluto, Venus and Neptune align in harmony with the Moon before void of course time and set the tone for a heartfelt experience, perhaps softer in attitude than the past few days. Though the eclipse can bring rumbles or lightning bolts any time now as Full Moon is ready to peak. Also, Mercury retrograde begins (did that sneak up?) at 1:02 am EDT in Leo. Long void Moon from 9:41 am until Friday at 6:41 am EDT. There's a mix of release and confusion, and you may experience either or witness others in the throes of not knowing which end is up or what direction life is going in. Serious questions about direction and alliances will be coming up this week and in the next two weeks or more. The less planned for today, the better. Can you let it flow naturally without resistance or panic over uncertainties. All will sort out in time. Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Lunar eclipse Full Moon (that's the only way you can have a lunar eclipse btw, at Full Moon), and it's in the sign of friendship, community, rebellion and forward thinking, Aquarius. Mars is retro in Aquarius and Mercury is retro in Leo. Issues unresolved from past times are highly likely to resurface now. The Moon shines light on what needs attention. The world news may heat up even more during this phase of summer. Tendencies toward revolt, revolution, and groups with a mission taking action increase and peak. Eclipses bring major and accelerated shifts often through unplanned experiences and events. Friends may have interpersonal difficulties and friend breakups or some will leave groups they belonged to, feeling that they no longer fit or feel aligned with the mission. Mars is the planet most influential and Mars in Aquarius indicates strong will and action. Mars is retrograde and past actions or conflicts are drummed up. The dimmer switch illuminates all as the eclipse moves through. Sudden knowledge or realization regarding relationships with others, one on one or with groups, will disrupt the way things have been and make room for movement into new ways.  Keep your feet on the ground and your heart in the forefront, and above all use your instincts. Venus and Neptune are in harmony for romance this evening and special events may glow and fill with connectedness and love. This however is a minor aspect compared with the intensity of the eclipse, which will be felt for weeks and intertwined with the solar eclipses on either side. The next is in two weeks, August 11th in Leo. Today's color is White. Full Moon/eclipse 4:20 pm EDT.


Saturday: The Moon, still in the full zone, squares Jupiter in Scorpio. Whatever is going on becomes even more magnified. Think growth and act for the long term if you take action at all. Engage in forward vision. Mercury is retrograde now. Today's color is Silver.

July 15th to July 21st

Sunday: Leo Moon until 1:31 pm EDT.  Summer fun, a gathering for brunch, or a laid back morning works well. Creative projects may draw your attention and you may feel new inspiration. The Moon is void of course during these hours. Virgo Moon aligns with Uranus and Saturn, all in earth signs for manifesting both quickly and unexpectedly. Be versatile in your thinking and processes as old ways would potentially keep your stuck while alternative approaches open things up! Today's color is rich, earthy Brown.


Monday: Virgo Moon. Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning changeable and open. The Moon meets Venus, aligns in harmony with Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Neptune in Pisces.  These aspects continue themes from yesterday including manifestation and creativity. Honor your body wisdom and listen to it's messages. Notice what you take in and how it nourishes and serves you (or not). Today's color is Indigo.


Tuesday: Virgo Moon void 6:50 am to 3:42 pm EDT. These are hours for experimenting and letting go of expectations in favor of just seeing how things turn out. The Moon and Sun are in harmony for nurturing, and again a focus on food, nourishment, resources and taking care of body and also emotions as the Sun is in Cancer, a sign that feels deeply. The Moon moves to Libra at 3:42 pm EDT. At 11:19 pm EDT, the Moon squares Saturn and this may feel like a conflict of interests or a difficult decision that's cropped up again for reconsideration.  Today's color is Light Blue.


Wednesday: Libra Moon trine to Mars in Aquarius. Decide on a course of action. Align with others who share your vision. Blue is today's color.


Thursday: Libra Moon void from 3:52 to 9:13 pm EDT. Before the void hours, decisions may be made before we begin to enter the Mercury retrograde zone (July 26th, but the more distant from that date the better for major decisions and purchases). Moon squares the Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. These are the cardinal signs and it's 2nd quarter Moon, all indicating progress and milestones. Scorpio Moon 9:13 pm draws us inward to more personal priorities. It's a good night for journaling or otherwise reflecting.  Today's color is Black.


Friday: Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus, meets Jupiter and engages with Saturn, Mars and Venus as well. Relationships and relationship with self, loyalty/fidelity, and how much is too much are today's main focus. If an argument flares, it may not be easy to resolve. Today's color is Maroon/dark red.


Saturday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon also squares Mercury at a degree Mercury will retrace during the retrograde. Questions or issues that come up today may remain in process and thread through the next month and a half. It's a decent day to start therapy of some kind or a spiritual practice. Honor your feelings and physical body. Music, film, creative projects, and reorganizing are favored as is planting and gardening. Wear Indigo today.


Full Moon RoZoYo® Yoga 7-8:30 pm on Wednesday, July 25th at Brick Hill Park in South Portland. Sponsored by The Sunshine Factory, a unique wellness studio on Brick Hill in the Castle. Stop in to the studio, downstairs from the parking lot,  to sign in. Cupping will be offered from 5:30-6:30 for a small additional fee. This yoga is for every body and you have permission to do the parts of the practice that suit you. Astrology of this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius woven through the practice. ($15 drop in, advance sign up not required. Rain location in the Sunshine Factory studio).


It's Robin's Zodiac Zone's birthday on July 22nd! 19 years of forecasts! While doing astrology charts for friends that summer, I had a brainstorm on the beach and decided to go home and start a website with my son, Devin (who was 9 at the time and is now a web developer. He knew how to create a simple website and we did!). Forecasts have always been free and here for you. The morning radio broadcasts began the following May. Robin's Zodiac Zone was never planned, it just happened!

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Thank you! Robin


July 8th to 14th, 2018

Sunday: Waning Moon in Taurus. Do what grounds you and makes you feel stable or help someone else achieve that feeling.The Sun aligns with Neptune for emotional self expression and water sports and pleasures. Today's color is Green.


Monday: Venus moves to Virgo at 10:32 pm EDT. For Venus's last hours in Leo, perhaps do something fun, leisurely or glamorous. A celebration is nicely timed, as is a vacation day. Void Moon in Taurus until 12:09 am to 12:58 pm EDT and then in Gemini. Take the morning easy. It's likely that few of us will feel very motivated. Afternoon hours are more reliable for work and business. Mercury squares Jupiter and Moon squares Venus which makes it tough to get everyone on the 'same page' so it's possible not much will go forward. Moon is waning anyway, so perhaps be patient. Today's color is Pink.


Tuesday: Venus is now in earthy Virgo. This is not the most romantic sign for the planet of love. We may be picky and finicky with our partners. Notice if you become overly critical. Chilling out may be necessary anytime during these weeks. Gemini Moon with varied aspects, and Jupiter stations direct in Scorpio at 1:02 pm. The Moon is void from 4 pm EDT on. Scattered looks like a key word for today and especially tonight. Enjoy people and create easygoing circumstances. Anything else will feel frustrating at best. Today's color is Yellow.


Wednesday: Yesterday's forecast continues to apply under the void of course Moon waiting to move to Cancer at 1:59 pm EDT. Easy, breezy, not too attached to expectations-that's the way to go. Cancer Moon opposes Saturn with some serious vibes about upcoming decisions and crossroads the eclipse is about to bring. This may be a day to reflect, reconsider, or just try to forget everything pending for a little while if all has become too stressful. Today's color is Blue.


Thursday: New Moon with a solar eclipse in Cancer. It occurs at 10:48 pm EDT opposite Pluto which means both Sun and Moon oppose the dark, mysterious planet. This will unearth, call forth, and heighten emotions of all sorts. Cancer is the sign of family, home, motherhood, and so circumstances involving relatives, wills and legacies, family property and household all come into serious play. Eclipses accelerate major changes. Today's color is White. 


Friday: New Moons are for fresh starts and change. Even positive changes create stress which can range from healthy to unhealthy. The shifts and changes eclipses initiate are often unplanned for. Uncertainty also fuels stress. So be gentle with yourself and others through family changes, new news, and the adjustments coming now and all summer long. The early hours are void Moon in Cancer which could be cranky or just leisurely depending on your circumstances.  Leo Moon on the scene 1:31 pm EDT and square to Uranus in Taurus. You'll notice more strong will and perseverance then. This is when some will move from emotions to actions. Uranus in Taurus is still new to us too and we're adjusting to the cycles and aspects of Uranus in an earth sign interacting with other heavenly bodies. it may literally or metaphorically be rocking our world. There's a Wow factor at play today. And at 1:12 am EDT (which is actually today Pacific time) Mars in Aquarius opposes the Leo Moon. All this fixed sign energy could bring out controlling attributes or attempts to control, and those who feel they know what's 'right' will be very opinionated or willful in their pursuit of that. Side note: it could be a fun night if you're not under pressure or stress and not around controlling or volatile people. Today's color is Gold.


Saturday: Leo Moon meets Mercury. Now this looks like a social, party, people oriented day/night. Venus aligns with Saturn in Virgo and Capricorn for problem solving and resolving relationship issues or finding common ground in other partnerships. Decide together on how to proceed and what you can both accept. It may be easier to feel positivity and optimism. It's a fine day to gather with family or friends or even for a first date.  Today's color is Orange. 

Note: Mercury retrograde is only days away, beginning on the 26th and lasting until August 19th. With the energy of a New Moon it may be time for a major decision. Leo Moon is fixed and adds to the long term effect of agreements, commitments and promises we make now. The more time before the retrograde you give yourself, the better. Some things may be best put off until very late August or September. See what your gut says and go with your strongest inner voice. If there's a feeling of distrust or strong uncertainty, just wait it out. 


Our next Full Moon Yoga outdoors (or inside The Sunshine Factory South Portland, Maine) is July 25th, Wednesday at 7-8:30 pm. Yoga outdoors in the beautiful park up high at Brick Hill South Portland. Essential oils for Full Moon energies will be offered optionally.  The Crown chakra and sense of community will be part of this astrological RoZoYo yoga practice. All levels are welcome including beginner and first time yoga students. $15 drop in rate

Cupping available before class 5:30-6:30 pm in the studio. See The Sunshine Factory site for info.


July 1st to 7th, 2018

Sunday: New month, Moon waning in Aquarius, opposite Venus in Leo and square to Jupiter in Aquarius. The void Moon time begins at 6:56 pm EDT. It's a people oriented day for connecting and gathering. Strong opinions and feelings will be shared and most likely discussed. Expansion plans may be considered or continued. The evening hours are for regrouping and relaxing. Today's color is Pink.


Monday: Pisces Moon begins at 1:31 pm EDT so the morning hours are lazy, unplanned or changeable and people may show up late or unexpectedly. The Moon and Uranus in Pisces align. Notice unusual goings on in the natural environment.  There's a contrast between changeable and fixed that may show up in personalities, habits and negotiations. Today's color is Light Blue.


Tuesday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune and is in harmony with the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio. Being drawn to water, intimate connections, romance and family is all natural and likely today. Wear Light Green.


Wednesday: Void Moon in Pisces from 5:47 am EDT all day long. The Moon is in harmony with Pluto as the day begins and this contributes to intimate and personal feelings and experiences. Today's color is Blue.


Thursday: Aries Moon takes over at 12:50 am EDT. The Sun aligns with Jupiter and Mercury is across from Mars. Some themes include letting go, feeling differently inspired and on the verge of (if not entering) combative and conflicted interactions. There are varied and complex aspects which may be positive for some and difficult for others. There's potential for burning bridges while also for healing which may come in family relationships. Today's color is Red.


Friday: Aries Moon square to the Sun and to Pluto. Who's in charge or exerts their influence and power? Whether that happens with self awareness or with unchecked ego determines the outcome. Today's color is White.


Saturday: From 3:09 am to 8:51 AM EDT the Moon is v.o.c. and then moves to Taurus. The Moon meets Uranus today and loyalty and stability come into question. We'll begin to notice a monthly occurrence with these two heavenly bodies. It's likely to be an eventful time in the lunar cycle. Saturn and the Moon harmonize in earth signs, favoring structure while Mars squares the Moon from Aquarius rousing and stimulating rebellion and outrageousness. Today's color is Turquoise.

June 24th-30th, 2018

Sunday: This first full week of summer includes Full Moon in Capricorn overnight Wednesday/Thursday. For a few days surrounding Full Moon, the energy tends to be high and intense. Our bodies and minds may respond in extremes that either mimic or contrast the presence of Full Moon, so you could be low and tired out or unable to relax and shut down. Many people say their sleep pattern changes during Full Moons. This one is the first of summer season and it'll be in Capricorn as it always* (with rare exception) is during Cancer season. After this Full Moon we'll have 3 consecutive New, Full, New Moons with eclipses. We are moving into a very eventful season both internally and externally, emotionally, interpersonally and universally. The eclipses will bring rapid changes, peaks and crossroads we can never turn back from. The reality is, we never really can turn back. Even when you do feel you're moving toward something or someone from your past, it is new and different. All things change. Now for Sunday's highlights.


Scorpio Moon in harmony with Mercury and Pluto for meaningful conversations. It's a harmonious day to have that talk that intimidates you. The search for depth and meaning includes going beyond superficial relationships and also moving into clearer, more compassionate  places within ourselves. Family meetings may be due or perhaps it's time for a phone call to Mom, Dad or other family that you've been procrastinating about. Void of course Moon begins at 10 am. Shopping is better done another day. Today's color is Blue.


Monday: Sagittarius Moon arrives at 12:29 am EDT and the Moon lines up with Mars in Aquarius for inspiration, unique ideas, dynamic collaborations, travels and the feeling of being 'on a mission'. Gather with people to solve problems, provide good will and actively engage in community. Do what's good for the world and/or support others who do so. Today's color is Red.


Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon. Sag's element is fire and fire is also upward rising energy like our ascent to the earthy Full Moon. The Moon aligns with Venus in Leo for outgoing and adventurous attitudes plus a 'get going' momentum. Find some joy in the tasks that must be done. It's a great day for mind opening learning and enlightenment from books, studies, conferences and any educational setting that really stimulates. It's a terrible day to have to sit and be bored. That kind of learning may be tedious. We need lots of creative, dynamic, colorful energy around us to feel engaged today. Long void of course Moon begins at 8:53 am EDT as the Moon squares Neptune. The changeable nature of the two mutable signs and a void Moon makes the rest of the day kind of uncertain, spontaneous, or loose. Fixed plans may need to change, and we must be versatile and willing. Letting go is a Full Moon theme and the Full Moon is almost here. Mars also moves retrograde spending extra time in Aquarius this year. Some people will do rash or unexpected things while under stress this week, and Mars can play a part. That Moon ain't kidding, and for many things even difficult things, it's just time.

Be kind to yourself. Today's color is Purple.


Wednesday: Mars is retrograde in Aquarius and the Moon moves to Full Moon mode, in Capricorn from 11:52 am EDT. The Sun opposes Saturn in Cancer/Capricorn, the signs of the Full Moon. And the Moon meets Saturn, making it clear that choice must be made. It might be something about family and home life balancing with career or other responsibilities. It might be about getting past your insecurities and no longer being held back. Saturn says do it like you mean it and put a plan in place and some structure to get you there. You might think of this Full Moon time as a bridge crossing over water. The bridge is Capricorn, the water is Cancer. Emotions long held may be challenging to let go of, but you must cross or be held on one side unable to move.  This is your Full Moon to act courageously in service of your self. Today's color is Yellow.

Full Moon Yoga at the Sunshine Factory in South Portland at Brick Hill, in the park outdoors or in the studio according to weather. Join us and feel a sense of belonging and connection. More info at The Sunshine Factory site. $15 (add cupping or acupuncture for a small added cost)


Thursday: Capricorn Full Moon is exact at 12:53 am EDT. Feel some clarity. Be willing to let go and revise if the information and reason becomes clear. Re-read the whole week of forecast as all is relevant to how this Moon time plays out. And we move into eclipse season so the action continues, both within and externally. It's a summer of enormous shifts, leaps and bounds. The Moon aligns with Jupiter and Neptune both in water signs. These are fortunate and easygoing aspects that may soothe the soul by evening. Some things will resolve, end and reach completion and no matter how hard there will be sighs of relief. Today's color is White.


Friday: Mercury moves to Leo for optimism and brightness, ideas and creative projects and pursuits. Find the fun and follow the music! It's a fabulous time to be immersed in exciting learning whether it's dance, design, or medicine. Notice what lights your inner fire and feels like potential. Void Moon in Capricorn starts at 4:58 am EDT and lasts nearly 8 hours. Moon meets Pluto. Experience beauty through the 5 senses and if you can, build in some vacation time. It's a great day to head to summer camp or another place where you'll connect with both old friends and future friends. Today's color is Gold.


Saturday: Aquarius Moon time begins at 12:37 am EDT and a shift occurs. If the Full Moon brought you down or increased your worries, Aquarius Moon and Mercury now in Leo draw you toward people, socializing, and things of high interest. The Full Moon feeling might linger a bit in certain ways though as we have two squares to Pluto, planet of the subconscious stimulating whatever lives deep inside. Some difficult or emotional conversations may occur, but Aquarius Moon helps with detachment and a sense of logic. The Moon meets Mars for strong conviction and a need for loyalty. Let others know if you're on their side, backing up as needed. Today's color is Turquoise.


I'll be leading Restorative Yoga with Reiki Healing by Adrienne Powers Johnson at Maine Yoga Fest 3:30 pm-5 pm at East End School Portland, Maine. You can purchase a one class pass if you'd like to attend or register with your Maine YogaFest pass. There are about 12 spaces left as of today, Saturday the 23rd. www.maineyogafest.com

June 17th-23rd, 2018

Sunday: Leo Moon (the sign of fathers!) straightforward until 11:28 pm EDT then void of course until 4:41 am EDT. Moon and Sun align and Moon square to Jupiter. It's a day to enjoy people and to shine! It's a day to stay out of frustration over what you cannot control. Everything in it's own time. Today's color is Orange.


Monday: Virgo Moon from 4:41 am EDT on, in harmony with Saturn and Pluto. Honest dealings, honesty with yourself, and sane, well thought out decisions are likely. Neptune begins a retrograde in Pisces which may loosen up false expectations or ideas to be let go of. Today's color is Brown.


Tuesday: Virgo Moon. Several harmonious aspects and Mercury aligns with Jupiter for making peace with feelings and emotions. This aspect may also help with a financial/legal/business matter where parties need to come to terms. Today's color is Indigo.


Wednesday: From 6:51 am to 8:29 am EDT the Moon is void of course in Virgo. Libra Moon moves in for fair, equal, and balanced considerations and decision making. Mercury and Neptune in Cancer/Pisces fuel imaginative ideas and creations.  Today's color is Light Blue.


Thursday: Libra Moon, and at 6:07 am EDT the Sun moves to Cancer. This is the Solstice, the beginning of true summer. And much will be in the works today with things to be negotiated, compromised on and initiated. The Moon is between new and full on this longest daylight day and night. Venus is opposite Mars in Leo/Aquarius, the signs of 2 of 3 summer eclipses. Relationship issues, decisions and emotions heat up and may simmer until those eclipses or come to peaks now, meaning a turn of events, a change of course, a decision to go forward or move apart. Void Moon 9:34 pm EDT until Friday at 3:11 pm EDT. An ungrounded or confusing night is likely. Or perhaps you will just feel very relaxed and nonchalant. Today's color is White.


Friday: The Moon is void of course until 3:11 pm EDT and like last night's forecast, this may create a relaxed, casual feeling/atmosphere or a very undecided, anxious or forgetful time. Do what you can to ground, get your feet on the earth literally or in the water. Don't allow your head to fill with unnecessary overthinking, and check your calendar and other details so you do what you need to do. Scorpio Moon from 3:11 pm into the weekend, opposing Uranus in Taurus. Loyalty must be prioritized.  Today's color is Black.


Saturday: Scorpio Moon with various aspects while the Sun aligns with Uranus and Mercury opposes Pluto. The sign Cancer, where the Sun is, indicates family and home related changes and decisions. Water and earth sign energy remind us of where our roots are as well as the land we inhabit now. And there will be changes for some, in terms of home life and living arrangements. Some will be out of their comfort zone. If you feel stability and support, acknowledge what you have. Today's color is Blue.

June 10th-16th

New Moon in Gemini is Wednesday, the 13th at 3:43 pm EDT. Venus moves to Leo that day at 5:54 pm EDT. Mercury moves to Cancer on the 12th at 4 pm EDT. Welcome and prepare for changes this week. 


Sunday: At 12:04 am the Moon enters Taurus. Moon in harmony with Saturn, meets Uranus and squares Mars today. Rooted, fixed, stubborn, persistent earth energy rules the day. People may have unusual ways of digging their heels in or pursuing their goals. Today's color is Brown.


Monday: Taurus Moon waning toward New Moon this Wednesday. Letting go may not be easy but may be necessary. Loving and romantic feelings and experiences this evening courtesy of Taurus Moon and Venus in Cancer aligned. Void Moon begins 11:29 pm EDT. Wear Pink.


Tuesday: Gemini Moon times starts at 2:53 am EDT and Mercury changes signs at 4 pm EDT. Changes of opinion and plans are likely. Uncertain, wobbly or indecisive feelings may occur. Take your time. Today's color is Yellow.


Wednesday: New Moon in Gemini, and with eclipse season and Mercury retrograde on the way in July, this New Moon is prime for initiating changes and moving into a new phase you've been planning for. Act on opportunities, make new connections, and feel the expressiveness that comes as Venus shifts to Leo. The arts and events benefit from the Venus in Leo weeks that begin today. Channel your inner artist, performer, and playful spirit. Shop for clothes, books and recreational goods. Mercury and Uranus align for news, especially family news. The Moon is void of course from New Moon time on (3:43 pm EDT). Especially after that time, it may feel like a strange, uncommon or unusual day including circumstances, news, and people or occurrences. Today's color is Gold.


Thursday: Cancer Moon time starts at 3:20 am EDT. Moon meets Mercury and opposes Saturn in Capricorn. Also Venus squares Uranus. Unlikely opposites come together or attract. Powerful personalities may team up for big results. Today's color is White.


Friday: Cancer Moon void of course from 12:18 pm EDT to 3:21 am on Saturday. Moon in harmony with Neptune and Jupiter in the water signs and opposite Pluto. Mercury is opposite Saturn. Look to make agreements and settle any kind of deal before 12:18 pm (adjust to your time zone). Feelings come up and it's likely we'll voice them. Some of this may come as a surprise, yet it holds weight and, very likely, truth. Today's color is Blue.


Saturday: Leo Moon for the weekend including Father's Day on Sunday in the USA. Today the Moon meets Venus for lavish and joyful celebrations and events. Dress for the occasion. Moon opposes Mars in Aquarius, and the people who surround us are very important influences as to how things unfold. The power of attraction, including romantic attraction, is strong. Today's color is Red.


June 3rd-9th, 2018

Sunday: Aquarius Moon conjunct Mars and in harmony with Mercury and the Sun. A social, collaborative and communicative day for events and news. People oriented. Today's color is Yellow.


Monday: Void of course Moon in Aquarius from 1:10 am on. Wait on initiating or finalizing anything if possible. Avoid spending or expensive purchases. A day for friendship. Today's color is Silver.


Tuesday: At 6:53 am EDT the Moon shifts to Pisces. the Sun and Mercury also meet today, and Venus opposes Pluto. Personal matters and emotions are priorities. The Sun and Mercury lead to interesting conversations and reconnections as well as new friendships. Business may go well with a friendly, welcoming approach and no pressure. Today's color is Light Green.


Wednesday: Pisces Moon with a variety of aspects. Mercury and the Sun are square to the Moon and Neptune. People may go back on their word or need to change terms and agreements. Another aspect of an agreement or problem may need to be considered or worked through. Be firm as needed but keep some softness in your approach as well.  Define what is negotiable and what is not and communicate honestly. Ask lots of questions. Not all will be clear or honest today. Wear the color Blue.


Thursday: From 2:35 am to 5:26 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course in Pisces. Try not to plan too much or too much of significance. If you interview for a job or connect with someone you like, you must follow up. Many things engaged in will be forgotten or skimmed by. It may be hard to get others to respond or follow up with you. Aries Moon from 5:26 pm shifts things into higher gear. A mellow or less productive day perhaps followed by an active night. Wear Red.


Friday: Aries Moon in harmony with Mars and square to Saturn indicates the importance of what's undertaken or initiated today. Leadership, responsibility, willingness and maturity/lack of maturity are themes. Aim for a truce, decide who's responsible for what, and realize we do not all think of act alike and you cannot control that. Do what feels right. Today's color is Black.


Saturday: Aries Moon will enter void of course time at 3:37 pm EDT. The Sun and Mercury align happily with the Moon. Venus and Pluto are at square angles to the Moon. Relationship with self comes up for consideration. Are you self accepting and willing to allow healing or letting go that must be done? This will be coming up again in a couple of weeks (big time!) and peaking in July. Social gatherings and meetings may feel dynamic and lively. Today's color is Orange.


May 27th to June 2nd, 2018


Sunday: Scorpio Moon and Jupiter meet and other planets have friendly aspects with the Moon as well. Abundance and long term commitments favored. The Moon is nearly Full for a sense of completions. Red is today's color.


Monday: Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury in Taurus. There's great power and meaning as well as longevity in what is agreed to or spoken today. Make sure you really mean what you say or write. Loyalty and follow through are to be expected. Void of course Moon 1:25-6:29 pm EDT, then a shift to Sagittarius a much more changeable sign of movement and fluctuation which may come from early evening on. Today's color is Purple.


Tuesday: Full Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury moves to Gemini at 7:45 pm EDT. Mercury changing signs creates change and uncertainty, and today it may be best to wait something out. Most of all, try not to be reactive, allowing things to sit with you for a while before expressing displeasure or a promise, for examples. The Moon is Full at 10:20 am EDT and Mars is in harmony with the Moon while Neptune is square to the Full Moon overnight. Activation, adventurous spirit and attitude, and desire for change come naturally. Yet a need to be skeptical and not dive right in without some questions and information gathering is necessary. Someone may misrepresent or something shiny may have less than a silver lining when  you take a closer look. So take that close inspection and wear your safety gear or have a friend watching your back just in case. If you need some movement in your life, this is the Full Moon for you. Today's color is White.


Wednesday: At 2:26 am EDT, the Moon squares Neptune is and then void of course all day long. This is a day to be free of commitments, able to take a spontaneous adventure or invitation. It may not be the best day for business, meetings, or making agreements that you hope to be binding. Avoid major purchases. Today's color is Light Blue.


Thursday: Capricorn Moon time starts at 5:27 am EDT. Opposite to Thursday, this is a day to do business or feel productive at home, work on a business plan or finances and organize. Moon trine Uranus and meets Saturn. It's all earth sign energy and the earth may call for our attention in any way. Notice any goings on around the land where you live, even your foundation, and see if something needs attention. Today's color is Brown.


Friday: Mercury trine to Mars and Venus trine to Jupiter indicate ease as we enter agreements, move from here to there, and come up with collaborative ideas. It's a beautiful day for some healing, self care, and follow through on what inspires you. Capricorn Moon with a variety of aspects, void of course at 11:37 pm EDT and for many hours on Saturday. Green is today's color.


Saturday: Aquarius Moon begins at 6:06 pm EDT and before that the Moon is void of course.  Consider relaxing or doing simple tasks rather than over-doing anything. Venus in harmony with Neptune in the water signs, for healing, self care, creative projects, music and film. Enjoy something you love. Today's color is Light Blue. 

"It's a wise person who rules the stars, it's a Fool who's ruled by them" Darrell Martinie

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May 20th to 26th, 2018

Sunday: Leo Moon square Mercury and Jupiter. Find points of agreement or decide what you can live with in terms of consensus. Notice the positives. Sun moves to Gemini at 10:15 pm EDT for the 3rd phase of spring, and the void Moon is 11:30 pm EDT through much of Monday. Today's color is Yellow.


Monday: The Moon remains void of course in Leo for an uncommon kind of Monday, with spontaneous plans and surprises arising. Virgo Moon breaks the spell at 10:03 pm, square to the Sun at 11:49 pm EDT and it's back to business. Slow down late night thoughts with long breaths. Today's color is Brown, rich earthy browns.


Tuesday: Virgo Moon dances with Venus in Cancer and nods to Saturn in Capricorn. There's a blend of business and productivity while not forgetting friendship, feelings, and romance. Engage both left and right brain . Mercury aligns with Neptune for whims and daydreams along with creative planning. Blue is today's color.


Wednesday: Virgo Moon is quite active with planets overnight into morning, finally in trine with Pluto in Capricorn at 10:55 am, the beginning of void of course time. It's likely you'll wake up with much to do or places to be. Most of the aspects are positive and easygoing! The Sun in Gemini aligns with Mars in Aquarius for progressive thinking and energetic collaborations.  Ground in hands on work and tangible results. Today's color is Indigo.


Thursday: Libra Moon time starts at 2:52 am EDT. Mixed aspects and disagreements may alternate with upbeat outlooks and willingness to work together on solutions.  Contribute to the solution or a good cause. Think partnership, teamwork and justice.  Today's color is Light Blue.


Friday: Libra Moon square to Pluto and Mercury and Pluto are in harmony add depth and meaning to both discussion and how we deal with important matters. Acknowledge something that's been suppressed or skimmed over. If there's an 'elephant in the room' it may be time to put it in plain view. Jupiter and Neptune align for deep emotions and healing the past. Void Moon time starts at 5:04 pm EDT. Friday's color is Lavender. 


Saturday: Scorpio Moon takes over at 9:39 am EDT. Opposites will be obvious and clear. Venus opposite Saturn relates to family and business as well as how things are organized and follow through. Moon opposite Uranus brings strong feelings and opinions to the forefront. Surprising news or world events, like natural occurrences, draw attention. The earth is changing and responding and we'll be seeing that during this Uranus in Taurus cycle. Today's color is Maroon.


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May 13th-20th, 2018

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For Sunday's forecast, see last week's post.

Happy New Moon this week! Robin


Monday: Taurus Moon opposite Jupiter retro in Scorpio. Effects of last week's Sun/Jupiter opposition may take hold or arise as feelings/emotions. There's a sense of permanence that may play into whatever is happening now. Moon aligns with Neptune and Saturn, very different influences yet the theme of buying in and planetary support for long term decisions is strong. New Moon is tomorrow. Clear the way. Today's color is Green.


Tuesday: New Moon in Taurus 7:48 am EDT. Pluto and Mars support the Moon. This is powerful energy, strong medicine, and a time for persistence and recognizing what's thriving whether it's been tended or not. Some things make their presence known with a message like "I am not going away." It's time to recognize what has grown strong. Uranus makes a bold entry to Taurus for a new era. If it wasn't obvious before, it will be now, that we must tend to our earth and find firm ground in a rapidly shifting landscape. Uranus will be in Taurus until November 7th and then step back to Aries until March, spending most of seven years in Taurus until 2025. Many things are likely to  change radically including the way we buy/sell/invest and exchange money and goods. Mars and Uranus square overnight into the morning and it's a highly volatile and charged up aspect. Step lightly and remain aware and clear in the mind. Uranus changing signs is associated with sudden and major events such as natural phenomena like earthquakes for example.  Gemini Moon starts at 4:43 pm EDT after a very short void time. Today's color is White.


Wednesday: Mars moves to Aquarius at 12:55 am and squares Uranus at 3:04 am EDT. Struggles and conflicts will be unyielding and fierce. Gemini Moon square Neptune is highly unpredictable and can be duplicitous. Today's color is Black.


Thursday: Gemini Moon void of course 2:18 to 5:47 pm EDT. The Moon and Venus create a social vibe. You may meet someone interesting to network with, share ideas, begin a friendship or date. Cancer Moon moves in for the evening and aligns with Uranus for some uncommon events, perhaps including family communication or news and changes around home life.  Today's color is Pink.


Friday: Cancer Moon with multiple planets in contact, and Mercury aligns with Saturn in earth signs. Expect agreements to be made including job offers and home or business leases or purchases. Today's color is Blue.


Saturday: Cancer Moon until 7:11 pm EDT, and Venus moves to Cancer at 9:11 am EDT. Cancer is the sign of home and family. Take care of home and all who live there. Settle a family issue with sensitivity. Venus and Uranus align for strong attraction like love at first sight or at least a feeling of that possibility. Leo Moon this evening is social and events may glitter and the party goes on into the night. Moon and Mars are opposite and some couples, friends or competitors may feel the tension. Today's color is Gold.

May 6th to 12th, 2018


Monday: Aquarius Moon square to the Sun, the mark of 4th quarter Moon at 10:09 pm EDT. The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Gemini for friendly meetings, dates and collaborations. Mercury and Pluto square and there may be disagreements about how to accomplish things. Willingness to let go of an outdated method or belief may help. Today's color is Yellow.


Tuesday: Aquarius Moon in harmony with Mercury and Uranus for progressive ideas and team efforts around an initiative. Moon square Jupiter while the Sun opposes the same planet and there may be discussion or conflicting opinions about how to grow or move forward.  The Moon is void of course at 10:29 pm to 11:11 pm EDT. Pisces Moon begins at 11:11 pm. Perhaps you'll make a friend today. Wear Light Green.


Wednesday: Compassion, sensitivity and adapting to change characterize the Pisces Moon today. Enjoy making or appreciating music, film and art. Wear Light Blue. 


Thursday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune, aligns with Jupiter, the Sun and Pluto and squares Venus. Attending to personal relationships and priorities is favored. Bring gentleness and kindness to any situation to transform it. Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Void Moon is 5:02 am to 8:40 am EDT, then the Moon is in Aries for a change of pace. The shift may feel abrupt or intense. Early morning emotions may need tending and acknowledgement.  The Sun and Pluto align at 7:10 pm for grounding through changes and for depth of feelings and in personal interactions. Remind yourself not to overdo, push or be overbearing. Today's color is Red.


Saturday: Aries Moon. Mercury squares Mars. Disagreements could turn nasty and arguments or conflicts heat up quickly, especially battles of words or wills. Maintain composure and use self control. Today's color is White.


Sunday: Mothers Day in the USA features Aries Moon until 2:15 pm EDT and the Moon changes signs with barely a skipped beat and only 10 minutes void before then. Mercury, the Moon and Uranus meet in Aries for quickness and spontaneity. The downside is that we could come on too strong or seem insensitive. Grand ideas and plans may be born of this trio. Taurus Moon moving in draws us to comforts and domesticity. Today's color is Pink.


April 29th to May 5th, 2018

Sunday: Full Moon in Scorpio is Sunday at 8:58 pm EDT. The Sun is trine to Saturn in earth signs Taurus and Capricorn the same day, and Saturn supports this Full Moon. It appears that business will be taken care of and sensible attitudes will prevail over even emotional circumstances. Allowing fears to come out in the open, they may be addressed. With strong energies in Scorpio and Capricorn, the processing we do may be more internal than externalized. People may seem more private, quiet and introverted, immersed in personal priorities.  Expressiveness and even affection may not be easily received by some people who feel the need for boundaries now. Check in on those who withdraw, feeling overwhelmed.  On the 30th, Monday, the opportunities and circumstances or people who can assist healing, growth, abundance and finalizing matters are set by Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon while Pluto and Neptune also harmonize from Capricorn and Pisces.  Notice your dreams and intuitions during this very insightful Full Moon. Sunday's color is White.


Monday: See Sunday forecast. Avoid arguments as Mars aligns with the Full Moon. Void Moon 10:56 pm EDT to 11:20 am Tuesday. Today's color is Indigo.


Tuesday:  Before 11:20 am, take it easy and slow. This day needs to settle in at it's own pace, or yours. Sagittarius Moon may brighten moods and activate us all the way around. Today's color is Orange.


Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon opposes Venus, aligns with Mercury and squares Neptune for a social day and potentially for fast talkers who may be very convincing. Trust your gut with these charmers. Not all that is said will be proven true. It's a good time for an adventurous date or collaboration. Today's color is Purple.


Thursday: Sagittarius Moon void from 8:50 to 10:06 pm EDT. Moon aligns with Uranus at the tail end of Aries for acting on inspiration and following the path of new ideas and plans or ridding yourself of what's no longer relevant.  Capricorn Moon is industrious 10:06 pm into Sunday. Today's color is Red.


Friday: Moon meets Saturn for a businesslike day. Get serious about those things you complain of yet never change.  Make a lasting agreement or promise. Today's color is Blue.


Saturday: Read Friday's 4cast. All of the days of this week become relevant again as the Moon makes a variety of connections with the Sun and planets. Notice what it's 'time' for.  Let a fear or mental block go if the time is right. Today's color is Black.


Sunday: Aquarius Moon starts 10:48 am after a one hour void of course time. It's a sociable Sunday. The Sun aligns with Neptune for being outdoors enjoying the earth and water features or for daydreams and creative projects.  Today's color is Light Blue.


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Happy Full Moon to you!


April 22nd to 28th, 2018


Sunday: Void Moon in Cancer 10:58 am to 1:09 pm EDT. Pluto begins a retrograde. Leo Moon, 2nd quarter, signals a time for action and progress. Leo is a fixed sign of the heart. Feel certainty and confidence for any long term decision or action with major implications.  Things could feel serious unless you intentionally bring fun or amusement to the forefront. Today's color is Gold. 


Monday: Leo Moon in harmony with Mercury in Aries and square to Jupiter retro in Scorpio. Again, feel your action from your heart and soul. Communication like answers, offers, and acceptances or announcements are likely today. Wear Purple. 


Tuesday: Venus moves on to Gemini at 12:40 pm EDT. It's a fun, flirtatious, outgoing place for the planet of love and relationships. Writers may enjoy extra inspiration during this time period. Mars in harmony with Jupiter could activate many things related to organization, finance, business decisions and planning for future expansions. Leo Moon good for morning activities, then void of course 2:40 to 4:40 pm EDT. Virgo Moon arrives and squares Venus. Perspective may shift and become more mutable tonight. Today's color is Blue.


Wednesday: Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and harmonizes with Saturn. Saturn is square to Mercury. There could be a push for final answers and finalizing plans or legal matters. Work on the wording or fine details of anything in progress. Don't be fooled. Today's color is Black.


Thursday: Virgo Moon void from 5:49 am to 9:13 pm EDT. When the Moon is void of course it's best to keep things simple, maybe put off a major purchase and find some time to relax and let go of the to do list. Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn which is a trigger for many things including pressure to succeed or win. Tune into your own motivations. If ambition is getting the best of you, maybe this is the day you step back and realize forcing things often does not result in the desired outcome. Libra Moon 9:13 pm EDT. Lavender is today's color.


Friday: Libra Moon with a variety of aspects. All in balance and moderation. Try not to overthink. Today's color is Pink.


Saturday: Libra Moon square Pluto and Mars for a continuation of Thursday's forecast. Reflect on the thoughts and feelings behind goals and actions. Are they coming from a place of harmony and clear intention? If not, reevaluate and step back. Today's color is Maroon.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training one month away! May 18th-20th www.scarboroughmaineyoga.com


April 15th to 21st, 2018


Sunday: Aries New Moon 9:57 pm tonight. Mercury stations direct in Aries 5:21 am EDT. Allow for a pause and resist reactiveness or actions taken too quickly, without thought of consequences. New Moon is close to Uranus and we may feel very impulsive, excited, or irritable. White is today's color.


Monday: Moon meets Uranus. Uranus will move from Aries in May after years in this fiery, volatile zodiac sign. Quick thinking may be required today. Go toward innovative ideas. Notice your versatility when under pressure or in a pinch for time. The Moon is in Taurus from 4:51 am EDT on, and trine to Saturn in Capricorn for earth centered, stable decisions. Today's color is Green.


Tuesday: Taurus Moon with so many aspects including a meeting with Venus at 6:05 pm EDT.  The Moon then becomes void of course until Wednesday. Venus is in harmony with Pluto and across from Jupiter. Loyalty, reliability, and willingness to get to depths of relationship matters are some priorities today. There's a lean into growth in personal relationships, partnership and love, yet there is work/compromise/commitment required. Can you commit? Today's color is Pink. (Saturn retrograde begins 9:47 pm EDT).


Wednesday: Gemini Moon time starts 8:02 am EDT. The Sun meets Uranus in Aries. Energy and drive as well as communications coming from a variety or multitude of sources is likely today. The Moon and Mercury align perhaps for a decision that didn't seem well timed or possible a few days or weeks back. Today's color is Yellow.


Thursday: The final Aries hours happen today and the Sun changes signs at 11:13 pm EDT. There may be more of a seasonal change felt now than at the Equinox. Spring enters a new phase, Taurus time. Gemini Moon is square to Neptune so be cognizant of dualities and anything illusory or deceptive. Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Gemini Moon void 8:05 am to 10:28 am EDT. Morning could be unsettled as the Moon and Uranus align. Or you may need to come up with fast answers or temporary solutions. Cancer Moon follows and lasts into Sunday. Moon square to Mercury for family discussions and problem solving. Today's color is White.


Saturday: Cancer Moon. Connect with your roots, family or household matters that need tending. A mix of pleasant and challenging aspects say things could go either way. Mars and Saturn indicate that conflict may be difficult to resolve. Allow for emotions and take care of your self and others. Today's color is Light Blue.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training coming up May 18th-20th beginning at 12 noon each of those dates at Scarborough Yoga www.scarboroughmaineyoga.com

Join us in learning how restorative yoga works, how to sequence a class or private session, and how to set up postures with maximum support for all bodies. Sign up on the website under workshops.


April 8th to 14th

Sunday: One more week of Mercury retrograde. The New Moon exhales some fresh energy for us that same day, April 15th. So the Moon now wanes in that direction and is 4th quarter in Capricorn today, meeting Pluto. Go within to summon courage and stamina. Stay centered through any power struggles or feeling like your control has been taken away. This too will pass. Void Moon 10:40 pm to 2:50 am EDT. Today's color is Black.


Monday: Moon shifts to Aquarius at 2:50 am EDT. This is the sign of vision and out of the box thinking. The Moon aligns with retro Mercury in Aries for innovative rethinking and alternative solutions one might try out. Experiment. Today's color is Turquoise.


Tuesday: Aquarius Moon squares Venus and Jupiter (retrograde into summer). The Moon and Sun are in harmony. Notice progress even in small steps and also consider progressive ideas. Work through collegial relationship matters even if it's just to temporarily let go of an issue so something can be accomplished.  Today's color is Pink.


Wednesday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon with the void of course transition time from 10:55 am to 2:40 pm EDT. The Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn. Venus and Mars align. The Moon aligns with Uranus. This appears to be a day of interesting developments or revelations, some of which may come from within your self. There's a mix of potential conflict and promising resolutions. Consider letting go of ego and stepping out of a 'popularity contest'. Today's color is Green.


Thursday: Pisces Moon in harmony with 4 planets. Neptune conjunct the Moon and aligns with Venus. Compassion and romantic love get equal time. Tap into creativity and inspiration. Today's color is Light Blue.


Friday: Pisces Moon until 11:25 pm EDT, void of course 7:27 am EDT until then. Today is best kept simple, including expectations of others. Light schedules or time off is favored. Moon harmonizes with Pluto and Jupiter setting up an introspective day for some personal time and inner peace. Aries Moon 11:25 pm EDT for the weekend. Today's color is Blue.


Saturday: Jupiter retro aligns with Pluto for dominant Scorpio themes. A re-healing or retracing may lead to a release, more ability to learn, grow or expand. Let something that's been stuck or holding you back GO if the time is right and you feel it's possible and positive to do so. Mars and Neptune align with their drastically different energies. With this perhaps you reconcile an inner disagreement or meld someone's organizational energy with your creative vision or vice versa. There is a place for both. This is a peak Mercury retrograde day as the Moon and Mercury meet in Aries for reconnections and revisiting. Today's color is Yellow. New Moon is Sunday at 9:57 pm EDT and Mercury will be direct at 5:21 am EDT. Allow for a pause on Sunday.

April 1st to 7th, 2018

Sunday: Easter Sunday for those celebrating, a time of renewal. The Moon is still in the Full zone, in Libra, void of course 2:29 pm to 6:57 pm EDT (then Scorpio). The Sun and Mercury retro meet in Aries and we revisit the past in any number of ways. Reunions may be both exciting and full of mixed feelings. Today's color is Indigo.

Monday: Scorpio Moon and Mars meets Saturn in Capricorn. A no nonsense day. Though there's an emotional undertone, emotions may not be well received or coped with. Stay out of all harm's way. Black is today's color.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon void of course 12:06 pm EDT until 2:55 am on Wednesday. The Moon and Jupiter harmonize. Pluto and the Moon also meet. Deep healing, concentration, and quiet are called for. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Mercury retro squares Mars. This appears to be another challenging day. People may be out of line and irritable, both. Sagittarius Moon aligns with Mercury and some will go back to past places and situations and see how things have changed. Today's color is Purple.

Thursday: Sag Moon. Mercury squares Saturn today. A continuation of yesterday and all of this week's feelings and activity. Gravitate toward what's inspiring and hopeful, even if it feels a bit out of range or reach right now. Keep your mind open and breathe in a promising future. Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday: Sag to Capricorn Moon. Void time is 9:36 am to 2:01 pm EDT. The Moon aligns with Uranus for sudden and surprising action and developments.  Plan B and C are helpful to have ready. Today's color is Green.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon with many aspects including conjunctions to Mars and Saturn. Venus trine to Saturn. Arrangements, designs and structures come into play. That includes relationship agreements. People are likely to be business like and detached. Today's color is Gray.

March 25th to 31st, 2018. Full Moon in Libra Saturday morning, March 31st

The forecast that takes us to the end of March! And deep into Mercury's retrograde...


Sunday: Offer extra love and care to your self and others under today's Cancer Moon. Aspects to Jupiter and Neptune are romantic and harmonious. Pluto in Capricorn across from the Moon brings up deep feelings, fears and self doubt on a monthly basis, but it's in the name of overcoming and transforming all of that. Today's color is Blue.


Monday: Void Moon 2:58 to 7:45 am EDT in Cancer. Be restful and disconnect from technology particularly during those hours. Leo Moon trine to Aries Sun leads us on inspiring and adventurous journeys of the heart and soul. See something very familiar in a brand new way. Today's color is Orange.


Tuesday: Leo Moon, sign of the heart and spine for passion and courage. We are moving toward a Full Moon and you may feel the momentum and the upward rising energy. Moon trine to Mercury retrograde in Aries can mean a resurgence of feelings, a return to a passion or project and reconnection with social friends or a lover. Today's color is Gold.


Wednesday: Leo Moon void of course from 5:54 to 10:30 am EDT, then in Virgo. Take the morning hours slowly or get your workout or a long walk in. Release some physical energy and tune into your heart. Venus meets Uranus in Aries for love at first sight, excitement, and moments of pure beauty. Virgo Moon aligns with Mars in Capricorn for earth sign centered productivity on all sorts of projects. It's best if there's no timeline and you have some creative freedom while Mercury is retrograde. Red is today's color.


Thursday: Virgo Moon. Aries Sun square to Saturn in Capricorn. Focus may turn to problem solving and trying to get details sorted and clear. Competitiveness or criticism could feel counterproductive. Pluto and the Moon align to draw us inward and perhaps protect our own best interests or our own healing or recovery from anything at all. Black is today's color. 


Friday: Void Moon 12:59 am to 1:52 pm EDT and doing less is best. You might even hide out for a while and you may notice that some people just don't show up where they're expected today. The Moon waxes toward full and it's natural to feel very full also, with obligations or emotions or physical symptoms that may dissolve after the Moon peaks this weekend. Libra Moon from 1:52 pm on for getting together with a friend or a date. Pair up for work or fun. The Moon is essentially full, as it will climax at 8:37 am EDT. Today's color is Lavender.


Saturday: Full Moon in Libra, sign of partners. The Moon helps clarify and illuminates relationship news, status changes, and partnerships coming together or dissolving. Mercury is retrograde so it's important not to take things at face value, spread news that is not your own, or make quick assumptions. Venus moves to Taurus today for sensual experiences and tuning deeply into the heart and reflecting on loyalties and commitment in the month ahead. Today's color is Pink.


March 18th to 24th, 2018

See robinivy.blogspot.com for yoga teacher trainings and weekend immersions coming right up!

This week follows Saturday's New Moon, brings spring and the retrograde of Mercury. The contrast of influences goes something like, "Let's get started! No, wait." If you do begin, keep terms and plans open enough for future changes and edits. These are the days when the easy route, the simple plan, may be the way to go.


Sunday: Aries Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn. The Moon meets both Venus and Mars. Be wary of being to serious or stern to enjoy life, love, friendship and spontaneous plans. Spring fever arrives in love lives. Notice attractions as love becomes fun and adventurous. Red is today's color.


Monday: Aries Moon until 9:07 pm EDT. Void Moon begins at 3:29. Moon square Pluto and conjunct with Uranus. Fiery energy leads to moving quickly. Avoid being too rash in judgment or impulsive in action or words. Taurus Moon trine Mars late night and some will work diligently into the night with this productive, energized angle. Mercury conjunct Venus at midnight exactly for flirtations and promise of excitement ahead. Pink is today's color. 


Tuesday: Note the Venus/Mercury meeting that started this day. Taurus Moon trine Saturn in Cap and sextile Neptune in Pisces. Plenty of harmony for relationships and business agreements. Go on a date or do some meet and greet. Creative work favored. The Sun moves to Aries and spring arrives at 12:15 pm EDT. Green is today's color. 


Wednesday: Taurus Moon moves into a long void of course time at 1:21 pm EDT. Taurus Moon is time to show loyalty and as the Moon opposes Jupiter retro in Scorpio, trust and alliances must be considered as you act or decide. Moon aligns with Pluto also, for internal 'work' like reconciling feelings from the past. Today's color is Blue.


Thursday: Moon crosses to Gemini at 1:30 am EDT. Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, moves retrograde for a few weeks at 8:19 pm EDT. The Moon and Sun align for an optimistic day as air feeds fire. Inspiration and energy abound, yet Mercury in Aries indicates time to slow down. Go for measured actions and progress. Today's color is Yellow.


Friday: Gemini Moon and a typical Gemini sort of day with things and people pulling in various directions. Many planetary aspects and it may not be easy to focus on one thing. Today could be fun though! And Venus squares Pluto for contemplation around relationships of the heart. Fears about new alliances may arise. Trust your inner voice most. Void Moon 11:52 pm EDT to 4:53 am. Today's color is Turquoise.


Saturday: Cancer Moon time begins at 4:53 am EDT. Moon opposes Saturn and Moon and Sun square Mars. Reconsider interactions that will agitate or confront, for now. It's likely to be a moody, somber or defensive time.  Today's color is Black.


March 11th to 17th, 2018

See robinivy.blogspot.com for yoga teacher trainings and weekend immersions coming right up!

Yoga Nidra training in South Portland and Restorative Yoga Training in Scarborough Maine. Join the growing tribe of yoga teachers and other health professionals and compassionate humans skillfully and knowledgeably  bringing these practices to many settings and their own lives.


I would love to introduce you to or deepen your practice. Yoga Alliance certificates and credits offered for yoga teachers. Email me if you would like more information.


Jupiter is retrograde. It's common, occurring every 13 months and lasting for about 4. Don't let this get in your way, just know it may lead to soul searching and perhaps point out what's been overdone. The retrograde allows for more inner work and reflection which can mean breakthroughs ahead! Jupiter retrograde late night March 8th/early hours of March 9th until July 10th, 2018.


Mercury retrograde begins March 22nd for 3 weeks. Time to file your taxes before Mercury's retro.

Enjoy your week and happy upcoming New Moon! Robin


Sunday: Daylight Savings time begins at 2:00 am. Clock turn forward an hour then. Capricorn Moon. The stronger stories come as Mercury squares Saturn and Mars aligns with Uranus. Also the Pisces Sun aligns with Pluto. Today looks unpredictable and potentially intense. There might be an intense urge to clean the house or to clear the air.  Choose words with care, whether in speaking or writing. Today's color is heart centered Green.

Monday: Urges to move forward and purge may be strong now. The Moon wanes in Capricorn void of course from 11:38 am to 6:44 pm EST. Think before acting. Make sure you don't throw out an idea or item you'll later want back. Who's in control may be an issue or something to consider today. Aquarius Moon in the evening encourages groups and friends to gather. Turquoise Blue is our color.

Tuesday: Venus squares Saturn as Mercury did on Sunday. This may mean continued threads or themes related to agreements and relationships. There may be disappointments or other somber feelings in the heart. The Sun trine to Jupiter is compassionate and uplifting however. Someone may step in to help or advocate in trying situations.  Pink is today's color.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon for brainstorming, coming up with original ideas, and joining forces with people who share your vision. Silver is today's color.

Thursday: Void Moon in Aquarius 3:32 am to 6:12 am EST. Pisces Moon aligns with Saturn in Capricorn at 10:07 pm EST. Mix practical and creative thinking and action. Bring structure to thoughts and ideas so they can become more real. Today's color is Blue.

Friday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune and sextile Pluto. Spiritual inclinations and emotional sensitivities present. Reflect and reconsider on this day before New Moon.

Yoga Nidra is at Greener Postures South Portland tonight and nicely matched with this Pisces Moon. Join me for guided meditation in a restful reclined posture of choice. 6-7 pm. 740 Broadway South Portland

Saturday: New Moon in Pisces 9:12 am EST. Mars moves to Capricorn. Emotions will lead us in the next direction. Saturn throws in a bit of healthy wisdom and advice. Void Moon 9:12 am to 2:57 pm EST then Aries Moon for action and moving forward. Today's color is White.


March 4th to 10th, 2018

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training is April 6-8th at sister studios Breathing Room and TULA in South Portland, Maine. Details and registration is at www.breathingroomme.com. Click workshops link. Yoga teachers and other individuals interested in immersing in and understanding this restful, healing practice are all welcome to attend.


Sunday: The Moon wanes in Libra. Sun meets Neptune in Pisces and Mercury meets Venus in the same sign. You may notice the two sides to everything. Forgiveness and heartfelt communication are favored. Tune to your creative impulses and intuition. Light Blue is today's color. 


Monday: From 1:19 to 8:23 am EST the Moon is void of course in Libra. This can make for a shaky or spacey start to the day. Check appointments and set your alarm if needed. Overnight changes may mean plans B and C or quick responses to urgent matters this morning. Scorpio Moon draws our energy inward and helps focus as the day goes on. People may act 'no nonsense' or serious more than usual. Today's color is Black.


Tuesday: Scorpio Moon. Venus and Mercury both move to Aries, the action starting sign. Clear the way for what's new and just ahead. Moon in harmony with the Sun and Neptune helps confidence and creative thinking. Moon and Pluto lead to reflection. Today's color is Red.


Wednesday: Scorpio Moon void of course 3:55 am to 5:03 pm EST. The Moon aligns with Jupiter for positive developments and an expansive perspective. Sag Moon aligns with Venus and Mercury in the evening for newness, adventure and enthusiasm.  Purple is today's color.


Thursday: Jupiter turns retrograde at 11:45 pm EST. This could influence expansion plans, travel or college application processes for example.  It's not an easy retrograde to plan around, nor is it really necessary. Mercury retro begins on the 22nd and the shadow time begins about a week ahead of that, so do get necessary agreements and commitments and system upgrades done now. Sagittarius Moon square to Neptune in Pisces challenges our ideals and philosophies. Today's color is Light Blue.


Friday: Sagittarius Moon, waning in 4th quarter, lends itself to clearing clutter. Open and cleanse the mind of negative or limiting thoughts. Listen to something inspiring and hopeful. Moon meets Mars in a burst of fiery energy for getting things done or hitting the road for a change of scenery. Move mindfully amidst the volatile aspects to Mars and Uranus as well. Void Moon in 9:27 pm EST. Today's color is Red.


Saturday: Capricorn Moon time starts at 4:52 am EST. Moon squares Venus and Mercury in Aries and meets Saturn. This may be a challenging day. Don't blow things off as unimportant. Changes in the guard, in leadership, and in balance of power. Black is today's color.


Feb. 25th to March 3rd, 2018

Sunday: Cancer Moon. Venus square to Mars, Mercury meets Neptune, and the Sun aligns with Saturn. A wide array of influences. The common ground is in emotions and relationships, the ability to be compassionate while not losing good boundaries, and to see things as they are. Today's color is Blue.


Monday: Cancer Moon void of course 4:51 to 11:52 pm EST. Offer or receive hope and nurturing. Easy does it during the void hours. Leo Moon begins 11:52 pm EST. Full Moon warmup in progress. Purple is today's color.


Tuesday: Leo Moon and Venus in Pisces aligns with Pluto in Capricorn for practicality and sensitivity at once. Act from, and take care of, your heart. Today's color is Pink.


Wednesday: Leo Moon. Mercury squares Mars and forms a sextile with Pluto impacting communication. Conversations and negotiations may be challenging yet worthwhile. Try not to speak in anger. Let is dissipate first. Void Moon time 6:13 pm to 12:57 am EST. Today's color is Yellow.


Thursday: The resonance of a month of eclipse activity is clear as the Full Moon shines in Virgo at 7:51 pm EST. Venus and Jupiter in harmony is very helpful and may bring good fortune, kindness and harmony in relationships where feelings have been strong, imbalanced or uncertain. Neptune is across from the Full Moon and we must question anything that seems out of place. Listen to your intuition and do not trust blindly. Ask relevant questions and hold nothing back. Today's color is White.


Friday: Virgo Moon continues. Mercury in harmony with Jupiter adds the words to the feelings. Agreements may be made, temporary or long term. You can be flexible without being too loose in your expectations and terms. Nurture self and others. Compassion does not mean being a doormat. Look deeply into your heart and soul and do not be distracted by what you think you "should" do or feel. Release self judgment and instead take care of what needs your attention most, including what's going on inside. Healthy solutions are favored. Void Moon 6:50 pm EST. Today's color is Indigo.


Saturday: Libra Moon time starts at 3:20 am ending the void of course hours. Moon and Saturn align for justice, fair and equal thinking and outcomes. It's a day for objectivity. Today's color is Black.

Feb. 18th to 24th, 2018


Sunday: The Sun moves to Pisces at 12:18 pm EST. Aries Moon 7:05 am EST, square to Saturn at 7:15 pm. Fresh starts. Today's color is Orange.


Monday: Aries Moon trine to Mars. Moon square Pluto. Very much like Sunday, progress and beginnings are favored. Get past blocks and fears. Red is today's color.


Tuesday: Aries Moon void of course 6:11 am to 2:12 pm EST. Those hours are less reliable and we may be forgetful or prone to errors. Watch your steps in all ways. Taurus Moon sextile (harmonious angle) to the Pisces Sun at 6:16 pm EST for more harmony and stability. Enjoy a date or intimate conversation as well as cooking and the pleasures of the senses. Yellow is today's color.


Wednesday: Taurus Moon, Venus and Neptune meet in Pisces, and many other aspects play into mostly positive interactions, sensitivity to others, and romantic or sentimental feelings. A strong agreement or commitment can be made today as Mercury and Saturn align. Today's color is Green.


Thursday: Taurus Moon void of course 6:46 am to 7:07 pm EST. Moon aligns with Pluto and opposes Jupiter. Notice what creates strong feelings and responses. Agree only if you plan to follow through. Gemini Moon for evening socializing or studies. Wear Blue today.


Friday: Gemini Moon squares the Sun and 3 planets in Pisces. Ask questions. Be wary of anything or anyone that seems to talk a good talk. Use your intuition and don't go against that gut feeling. The Moon opposes Mars after midnight tonight into Saturday. Stay out of unnecessary confrontations. Today's color is Violet.


Saturday: Gemini Moon void of course 2:58 pm to 10:06 pm EST. Moon and Uranus align at 2:58 pm. Today could be exciting or unnerving depending on the nature of last minute events or surprises.  Cancer Moon 10:06 pm through most of Monday. Today's color is White.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Aromatherapy (optional) at Scarborough Yoga February 24th, Saturday 1-3 pm. Space is available as of today, February 16th. No walk ins. Advance register at www.scarboroughmaineyoga.com


Feb 11th-17th, 2018

Sunday: Capricorn Moon meets Saturn, the goat's ruling planet on a two plus year tour of Cap. We are still relatively new into this journey that began December 19th. Check your dental health and pay attention to nourishing and strengthening your bones. It's an organizational day. Wear Gray.


Monday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and harmonizes with Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. An agreeable day and a time to focus on healing and abundance. Strategic thinking. Black is today's color.


Tuesday: Void Moon in Capricorn 12:43 to 10:11 am EST. Aquarius Moon time arrives then. Set your calendar and notifications to be on time and in the right place. Mercury square to Jupiter makes negotiations tough and tugs between creative and analytical approaches. Sun aligns with Uranus for unusual approaches and developments. Blue is today's color. 


Wednesday: Aquarius Moon aligns with Mars in Sagittarius. Dynamic, innovative action. For Valentine's Day, go out with best friends. Aquarius isn't our most romantic, sentimental Moon sign but it's great for socializing. Friday may be the best date night.  Review and reconsider in prep for New Moon/solar eclipse Thursday. Today's color is Light Blue.


Thursday: New Moon with a solar eclipse in Aquarius at 4:05 pm EST (beginning void of course time). Tune into vibrations of last August rippling or pouring in again. This New Moon is full of surprises and many other planetary aspects that mean action around a variety of things. Rapid changes are to be expected. Notice how one thing changing means something else will follow suit. People come into our lives now, with purpose. Relationship decisions may come to a peak as Venus and Saturn align. Think about committing to these actions for a very long time as they will be hard to reverse.  Pisces Moon begins 9:42 pm EST.  Today's color is White.


Friday: Chinese New Year, year of the loyal and reliable Dog. Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Venus. This is the romance time of the week. Though there's also a square to Mars and alignment with Saturn. Keep feelings in mind as you deal with business type interactions. Today's color is Pink.


Saturday: Pisces Moon on the increase swells emotions, love and creativity. Void Moon begins 5:14 pm until Saturday 7:05 am EST. Sun and Mercury meet for out of the blue ideas that friends may agree to. Spontaneous parties or gatherings are one effect.  Mercury moves to Pisces 11:28 pm EST. Today's color is Green.


Next Saturday, February 24th is Restorative Yoga with Reiki & Aromatherapy at Scarborough Yoga and we have a few spaces left in this workshop. Reserve in advance only as we cannot accommodate drop ins. Reiki by Adrienne Powers Johnson, Aromatherapy is individualized and optional. Treat yourself or have a restorative yoga date. Quiet, calming yoga in a nurturing atmosphere. To Sign up.


February 4th-10th, 2018


Post Full Moon eclipse, the Moon wanes toward solar eclipse New Moon in Aquarius on February 15th. It's an astrologically eventful time. Welcome changes and notice how you're also protected and anchored with Aquarius fixed sign strength. 




Sunday: Libra Moon. Feelings and considerations about how you want to love and what you hope to grow or increase. Are the roles you play balanced and fair, honoring who you are? Today's color is Lavender.


Monday: Libra Moon void from 1:46 to 10:56 pm EST. Vibes around relationships, forgiveness or letting go and also joining forces as the Moon and Venus align. Cardinal energies of Libra, Capricorn and Aries urge progress with what's most important to you today. Take the void hours slow. Pink is our color. 


Tuesday: Scorpio Moon intensifies the experience. Expect to be working through agreements and terms. Relationship status changes may be news that goes either way today. Wear Maroon.


Wednesday: 4th quarter Moon in Scorpio, the Moon wanes with intensity. As I wrote during Full Moon, is there something you are holding fast to that honestly needs to be released? Jupiter offers help and healing, also in Scorpio at the same degree as the Moon. Today's color is Indigo.


Thursday: From 2:16 to 8:53 am EST the Moon is void of course before moving to Sagittarius. Moon squares Venus in Aquarius before changing signs and may set the tone for Wednesday late night and Thursday. Relationship stuck points need some attention. Untie the knots gently. Sag Moon challenges us to be honest and clear. Moods will be adventurous and not necessarily sympathetic. Today's color is Purple.


Friday: Sagittarius Moon meets Mars, squares Neptune, and is in harmony with Mercury in Aquarius. Forward thinking, innovative and in search of excitement to be expected. Yellow is today's color.


Saturday: Void Moon in Sag 11:38 am to 9:21 pm. Today could be many things, but reliable-not so much. Sun squares Jupiter and we may be philosophical and looking for hope and promise. Yet still, is change too difficult to comprehend or step into. Still in the letting go phase, if you're ready. Venus, planet of love, changes signs and moves to more tender, emotional Pisces. Wear Green.


Are you ready to bring more peace to your body and perhaps to your yoga/fitness students' lives too? Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Greener Postures is March 2nd -4th www.greenerposturesyoga.com/workshops to register. 


In a meditative mood? Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation for Deep Rest. Training for yoga teachers and others interested in a weekend immersion at Breathing Room/TULA studios in South Portland on April 6th-8th. Sign up at www.breathingroomme.com


Yoga Nidra for Veterans and their family members by donation Sundays 3-4 pm through March 11th at Portland Community Squash. Please join us for this calming practice. No experience necessary. We have the props to support you in one still posture. Sponsored by Sea Change Yoga.


Yoga Nidra open to the public at Greener Postures Yoga South Portland February and March 16th. Fridays 6-7 pm. Class pass or drop in rate (1st time at GP is just $5 and we have the mats & props).


Peace, friends! Robin

January 28th to February 3rd, 2018

Sunday: Gemini Moon void of course 5:39 am until 1:57 pm EST and then in Cancer. Full Moon warmup is here. Cancer Moon opposes Saturn in Capricorn and may relate to family issues or balance between responsibilities at home with family as opposed to in career or other outside roles.  Black is today's color.

Monday: Cancer Moon lends itself to creativity and the softer side of life generally. Inward, reflective approaches are favored. Jupiter aligns with the Moon opening us to emotions and abundance. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon void of course from 11:40 am to 1:53 pm EST. Leo Moon time follows. The Moon will be exactly Full at 8:27 am Wednesday with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This eclipse actually occurs in the Cancer constellation and is full of feminine nature and essence. Cancer is the sign of mothers, nurture and nourishment. Mercury in Capricorn opposes the Moon at 11:40 am. Many will be renegotiating parenting agreements with their coparent or with their children during this Full Moon. This may occur legally such as in mediation or interpersonally such as a family contract or agreement to be abided by.  The Leo Moon aligns with Mars, active and ready to experiment and learn through experience.  Today's color is Orange.

Wednesday: During eclipse times things happen by surprise. By Full Moon lunar eclipse at 8:27 am EST you may be well into knowing of an unanticipated change or a significant move, departure, completion or closing.  All of yesterday's forecast applies, plus Venus opposes the Leo Moon and both involve the heart.  Hearts must be open to receive, to allow, to adjust, to feel and to heal. It's a process. Let your awareness be with your heart for both it's passions and it's pain. Relationships shift and commitments are called for or may be broken. All decisions made now have the air of 'permanence' so understand what you are agreeing to. Also, Mercury shifts to Aquarius at 8:29 am EST indicating a change of minds, mission and group energy. Observe, love, take your time. Today's color is White.

Thursday: Void Moon in Leo 5:59 am to 2:13 pm EST and then in Virgo. This day might be best spent relaxing and socializing or gently sorting out personal matters. It feels like an 'in between time' with Mercury freshly in Aquarius and the Full Moon hanging over with all of it's effects. Stubborn squares to Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Sagittarius occur as the Moon moves between Leo and Virgo, one on each end of the day. Tread lightly. Notice what you may be hanging on to tightly, while knowing that must change. Today's color is Brown.

Friday: Virgo Moon opposite Neptune and trine to Pluto. Notice subtleties and signs. You may begin to see a path or solve a problem. Avoid escapism, such as running from how you feel or from the truth. Indigo blue is today's color.

Saturday: Void Moon 2:07 am to 4:47 pm EST. Relaxation favored. If you must work or study, immerse and give yourself time and privacy. Mercury aligns with Mars at 10:57 pm during Libra Moon time. This brings strong urges to get moving on projects and plans. A global, broad perspective and innovative ideas are favored. With Mars in Sagittarius we may take leaps of faith. Consider all alternatives first.  Today's color is Light Blue.


On Saturday, February 24th receive the healing powers of Reiki by Addie Powers Johnson while you rest in very gentle, still Restorative Yoga postures, supported by bolsters, blankets, eye pillows and yoga blocks.  Choices of Aromatherapy support your body and mind. You can opt in or out of any part of the practice as you let your body lead.  Let us take care of you as eclipse season winds down. Addie is a gifted healer. We look forward to offering you this practice again at Scarborough Yoga at 433 US Rte 1 Scarborough, Maine. You must sign up in advance, limit 14. There is still plenty of space.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Aromatherapy sign up.


Addie offering Reiki at Maine YogaFest 2017

photo by Courtney Elizabeth, Visual Storyteller


photo by Sandra Harris


January 21st to 27th, 2018

HennAstrology is back on Saturday, January 27th 11-1 at The Eye of Henna in Portland's State Theatre building. Mary and I are teaming up again, just once this season. Adorn as you inform about the upcoming eclipses and winter astrology for your sign. Sign up with The Eye of Henna


Sunday: Pisces Moon void of course 8:13 pm to 1:27 am Monday. Pisces Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio form a healing and strongly intuitive trine.  Emotions rule the day. Take care of yours. White is today's color.


Monday: Aries Moon and a much different energy and flavor sets in. Reasons to be productive and act. Social and energized Monday. Red is today's color.


Tuesday: Aries Moon with two squares and a curve ball thrown by Uranus conjunct the Moon. Put on your game face. Prepare plans B & C. Breathe through any madness today offers. Pause rather than act too soon. Void Moon begins 11:16 pm. Today's color is Black.


Wednesday: Taurus Moon time begins 8:39 am EST after a potentially rough or misguided start. Slow down and take stock. Mercury conjunct Pluto intensifies what's on your mind. Problem solving and seeking helpful information is favored. Attempt logical, reasonable, rational thinking and actions. Yellow is today's color.


Thursday: Taurus Moon. Mercury engaged with Jupiter is more positive and favors travel, learning, and even applying for higher education or opportunities. Taurus Moon for long term decisions. Void Moon 10:17 pm to Friday 12:40 pm EST. Get it done today. Green is today's color.


Friday: Void Moon until 12:40 pm EST. Start slow, ease in, delay what's unclear in your mind.  Mars to Sagittarius 7:56 am EST. Travel lust becomes stronger. Mars opposes the Gemini Moon that begins 12:40 pm EST. We're likely to feel more social and may hurry everything as the day/night progress. Check in with yourself frequently so nothing gets out of hand including your conversations or business dealings. Today's color is Light Blue.


Saturday: Join me at The Eye of Henna in Portland, Maine for insights to the eclipses of January 31st and February 15th and how they influence your sign. Mary will offer henna tattoos for your sign! It's a wondrous event every time as like minded friends gather!  Sign up through Mary at The Eye of Henna.  Today, the Moon is in Gemini, friendly and outgoing. The challenge is not to be fooled or manipulated. Games and other events are nicely timed for attendance and entertainment.  Today's color is Amber which is a mix of Orange and Gold. Gold will do.


Enjoy your week!



Join me on Sundays and Nicole on Mondays. Veterans and loved ones welcome to attend together.

At Portland Community Squash Portland, Maine

January 14th to 20th

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon void from 3:48 am to 2:42 pm EST. Those who wander are not necessarily lost, but some are. Feeling unsure or living with uncertainty is in today's forecast though some will be happily lost. Sun square Uranus can be a power struggle or sudden reason to step up and take charge. Capricorn Moon after 2:42 pm can help with grounding. Today's color is Brown.


Monday: Capricorn Moon. Jupiter sextile Pluto. Philosophical, mystical, insightful and time to acknowledge deep fears or other feelings that have been on the back burner. Reflect (rather than act) as the New Moon time approaches. Black is today's color.


Tuesday: New Moon in Capricorn 9:17 pm EST. Take time and care with thoughts, feelings and plans. Seek inspiration and ideas. New Moon is for setting intentions or resetting goals. White is today's color.


Wednesday: Void Moon 1:30 to 3:32 am EST. Aquarius Moon time starts then. Venus also moves to Aquarius and spirits may lift. More promise, feelings of abundance and growth, connection with community and in personal relationships. We are in eclipse season now so you may notice big shifts in the making. Eclipses Jan. 31 & Feb 15th. Today's color is Light Blue.


Thursday: Come together in friendship, community, and shared vision. Collaborations are favored. We'll stand strong in our beliefs and persevere in proving things. Aquarius Moon square Jupiter. Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon. Void time is 6:52 am to 3:26 pm EST. Routine is important. Potential for aggravations is high. Simplify if possible. Delay what you're uncertain about. Be creatively imaginative. Stay out of denial or illusion where reality is important. The Sun shifts to Aquarius for midwinter season. Light green is today's color. 


Saturday: Pisces Moon conjunction to Neptune is psychically stimulating. Pull out the tarot cards or consult a magical, intuitive friend. Meditation and quiet could be unusually satisfying. Pink is today's color.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training March 2nd-4th at Greener Postures W. Falmouth, Maine.


Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher Training/ Personal Immersion Breathing Room South Portland, Maine April 6th-8th


January 7th to 13th, 2018


ga Nidra for Veterans starts Sunday, January 7th at 3-4 pm for 10 weeks. Spouses are welcome to attend. Come to Portland Community Squash at 66 Noyes Street Portland for this donation, pay what you can, meditation. Wear comfy clothes you can rest in for this completely guided, restorative meditation practice.


Sunday: Libra Moon starts at 7:15 am EST, and the Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn. Make a judgment call, get organized despite distractions.  Today's color is Lavender.


Monday: Libra Moon with challenging squares. Sun and Venus in Capricorn align with Jupiter in Scorpio. Healthy, productive decisions receive emotional support and resources from others. Today's color is Blue.


Tuesday: Libra Moon void of course from 11:25 am until 3:05 pm EST. Sun meets Venus and Pluto (all 3 in conjunction) in Capricorn for practical and sensible relationship decisions and interactions.  Relationships and partnerships are the focus today. Scorpio Moon begins 3:05 pm. Dark reds like Maroon are today's color.


Wednesday: Scorpio Moon, passionate and strong willed. Sun aligns with Mars in Scorpio strengthening those same traits and adding structure. Protect your best interests. Create.

Today's color is Black.


Thursday: Mercury moves to Capricorn at 12:09 am EST. The Mercury in Sagittarius effect is over! Planning may be  more effective in the days ahead. Scorpio Moon is void from 9:53 am EST on. Follow routines and take care of your body.  Indigo Blue is today's color.


Friday: Sagittarius Moon begins at 2:04 am EST and the Moon travels with no interaction or aspect to other planets today. You may feel free and clear. Honesty and learning opportunities are favored. Purple is today's color.


Come to Willard Beach Studio in South Portland (Maine) to sample & learn more about doTERRA essential oils and the lunar cycle. 3:30-5 pm $20 www.willardbeachstudio.com and click workshops.


Saturday: Sagittarius Moon. Mercury and Saturn meet in Capricorn. Serious and intentional, well thought out decisions and actions on this day.  Relationships and responses from others are unpredictable as Venus squares Uranus. Do not let that affect your wise judgement. You are not on earth to please. Follow your instincts and inner wisdom. Today's color is Yellow.


Capricorn image by Anna Miarczynska

December 31st 2017 to January 6th, 2018


Sunday: New Year's Eve color is Silver. The Moon is nearly Full, opposite Mercury for much discussion, problem solving and contemplation. Our minds may work overtime, or negotiating must be done. Avoid any flighty or frivolous attitudes. Certain things need to be settled and sorted during Full Moon. Void Moon begins at 6:36 pm EST. Keep your wits sharp tonight.


Monday: New Year's Day 2018. Cancer Moon begins at 3:10 am EST and Full Moon happens at 9:24 pm EST. Family, protective and maternal instincts, reasons to nurture and to take care of emotions. Compromises with others and reconciling differences in your own feelings and thoughts are favored and necessary as the Moon opposes both Saturn and Venus. White is your Full Moon color.


Tuesday: Cancer Moon and the Full Moon feelings and forecast linger. Moon opposes Pluto. Face fears and reinforce your self confidence.  Void Moon 5:46 pm EST. Today's color is Black.


Wednesday: Leo Moon time starts at 2:23 am EST. Venus and Neptune in harmony. Make way for more optimism and romance. Today's color is Gold.


Thursday: Leo Moon with various planetary aspects. Stubborn streaks yet positivity. Self expression, art, and social times favored.  Void Moon 6:10 pm EST. Orange is today's color.


Friday: Virgo Moon from 3:12 am EST for half the weekend. Moon aligns with Saturn and opposes Neptune. Act reliably and sensibly.  Issues are likely to involve the opposite behaviors. Today's color is Navy Blue.


Saturday: Virgo Moon void of course 9:51 pm EST. A very active day in the zodiac may lead to mixed feelings and influences.  Mars and Jupiter make a strong conjunction in Scorpio. Powerful actions will have lasting effects. Consider how you want to make an impact. Scorpio and Taurus may feel this very directly. Strong emotions may erupt or release and some will experience this as a healing and some as an ultimatum. Exercise your power responsibly without trying to control others.  Today's color is Indigo.


Essential Oils for the Lunar Cycle explores ways to use essential oils to enhance your daily experience and to support you through the changes and fluctuations we all experience each month and day.  Come to Willard Beach Studio for this  Friday afternoon class on January 12th 3:30-5 pm. Sample doTERRA oils and see how they align with the astrological elements, signs and phases of the Moon. Sign up at Willard Beach Studio website (link here!)


art by Elise Mahan

December 24th to 30th, 2017


Transitions. Allow time to process and adjust as the Moon's light grows, culminating on New Years Day with Cancer Full Moon. Honor emotions as well as wisdom and pause as needed while Mercury is stationed direct at 13 degrees of Sagittarius. The symbolic meaning of this degree is "A Widow's Past Come to Light', bringing up what we thought was history, kept secret or no longer relevant. Will history haunt or heal in the weeks ahead?


 Simultaneously, Neptune and Mercury are square and what's real may be muddled by the spin others put on events as well as the stories of our own imagination.  Moments of truth are yet to arrive and honest breakthroughs and revelations could be both freeing and painful in the early weeks of 2018 as Mercury begins to retrace steps in Sagittarius through January 10th. 


Waxing Moon is a time of progress, the Sun and Saturn shine in industrious Capricorn, and Full Moon will radiate from her emotional home sign, Cancer as we welcome 2018. What are we attempting to achieve or grow into, and how will it actually feel when completion comes? Re-set your intentions with all of this in mind.


I wish for you a peaceful heart.


Sunday: Pisces Moon with many helpful and healing aspects on Christmas Eve. Emotional life is the priority.  Also, Neptune brings motives or truth into question. Be intuitive in your relationships with others. Forgiveness, compassion and love can still involve healthy boundaries.  Void Moon begins 9:48 pm EST. Green is today's color.


Monday: Venus joins the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn, emphasizing the element of earth, the substance, grounding and sensibility of relationships in particular.  Venus in Capricorn favors nesting, growing one's bank account or becoming more practical with money, shared resources and management of day to day life. Find the harmony of engaging in what's real rather than dreaming of some ideal.  Moon to Aries at 7:27 pm EST which  means a long void Moon which could mean we space on certain things. Double check on what you need to do or bring and be cautious about putting things away for safe keeping where you'll have a hard time finding them in the future.  On this day, Venus meets Saturn for getting real in relationships.  Heart to hearts could draw up things from the past or uncomfortable topics. Can you stay with the process without shame or blame? Today's color is Red.

(convenient, those Christmas colors courtesy of Pisces and Aries Moon, the energies of green and red!)


Tuesday: Aries Moon trine Mercury newly direct, and square to the Capricorn Sun. Slow, thoughtful progress. Yellow is today's color. 


Wednesday: Aries Moon void of course 3:37 pm EST after a square angle to Pluto and a meeting with Uranus. Feelings and secrets are provoked in bold fashion.  Keep your cool. Be ready to adapt to unforeseen situations or perhaps accept a spontaneous invitation.  Take no unnecessary risks though. Black is today's color.


Thursday: Taurus Moon begins 1:23 am EST. Mars in Scorpio aligns with Neptune and will later oppose the Moon, like bookends on this day. Mars provokes and instigates. Creative inspiration may come. Also though, what's hidden or superficial may be exposed. Loyalty may come into question. What are you true to? Let's not keep things covered up today. Call a spade a spade.  Yes, that could result in confrontation, but perhaps it's time.  Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Taurus Moon opposes Jupiter and aligns with Pluto and is then void of course from 9:01 am EST until Saturday at 3:31 am EST. Comfort and security cravings may lead us to hide where it feels safe.  Action around abundance and prosperity.  Avoid shopping today.  Wear Lavender.


Saturday: Gemini Moon square Neptune. Wacky, unpredictable, and potentially filled with misunderstanding or lack of clarity. Keep things honest and simple for best results.  Light Blue today.


New Year's Eve and January 1st color preview: Sunday's is Silver and Monday's is White for Cancer Full Moon happening at 9:24 pm EST on New Year's Day.


My yoga schedule is at RoZoYo.com/yogaYoga Nidra, a guided meditation, will be offered by donation to Veterans and their partners on Sundays beginning January 7th at 3 pm-4pm at Portland Community Squash in Portland, Maine.  Please share this info with Veterans and their spouses. This healing and restorative meditation is brought to you by Sea Change Yoga.


Email with any questions about yoga nidra or the yoga practice. I'm happy to help guide you to a class or teacher that would suit you best.


Love & Light! Robin



December 17th to 23rd, 2017

Winter Solstice and Saturn completes the Sagittarius cycle and won't be back in the archer's sign until 2046-49.  Notice the parts of life, the serious decisions or milestones, of the last 2 1/2 years and you may get clarity on how Saturn's been in action in your own chart. Saturn in Capricorn may bring more structure, perhaps a re-structure that's been unfolding for you. Also, this is Saturn's home sign so all of that's Capricorn related with be emphasized and in very definitive ways. 


In general, Saturn and Capricorn are about structures, maturity, and stepping up to the challenge. In the world, corporations, administrations and other large overseeing organizations will have to answer and maybe pay for their irresponsible behaviors or policies.  Saturn cracks the whip at negligence and lack of follow through. In personal lives, this is a solid time to get sober, take the reigns and be responsible for your own life, or if you're all good in that department, step into roles where you can lead others in very concrete ways. Adopt methods that get the job done, that increase abundance and not at the expense of social responsibility. I like Jupiter in Scorpio while Saturn is in Capricorn very much. Jupiter helps boost and reward our conscious efforts while Saturn tours Capricorn in 2018. They will be in an aspect called a sextile, which is harmonious, in mid April 2018.


The world seems due for a positive change. Saturn is a serious, intentional influence and I believe the Capricorn time will encourage accountability and a changing of the guard that will benefit many. Responsibility is a key word, as is leadership, structure and protection.


I hope to record a message for you soon. Stay on the lookout for a link.


I hope your Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years include celebrations and love.




Sunday: Sagittarius Moon at it's quietest, preparing for New Moon overnight. Reunions, cheer, and for some, quiet contemplation. A new cycle is about to begin, for more than one reason. Today's color is White.


Monday: New Moon in a late degree of Sagittarius with both Venus and Saturn supporting and Uranus in harmony from Aries. Fire element at work, with lots of promise and positivity and surprise turns of events or changes of heart. New Moon 1:33 am EST. Void Moon only for minutes in the 8 am hour, 8:10 -8:33. Capricorn Moon begins at 8 :33 am, and Capricorn is part of the trend that continues this week. Today's color is Gold.


Tuesday: Ambition with integrity. Saturn moves to Capricorn. Wisdom, facing realities, and karma on this day and during the 2 1/2 years ahead. That's the trend. Read this week's intro above. Capricorn Moon supported and enhanced by Jupiter and Neptune in the best possible way. Today's color is Green.


Wednesday: Capricorn Moon. v/c 10:37AM-9:29PM. Moon moves to Aquarius then. Venus, planet of love trine Uranus for friendly, romantic and spontaneous occasions. Blue is today's color.


Thursday: Winter Solstice as the Sun shifts to Capricorn. Aquarius Moon for forward thinking, and the new moon wave is still clear and present. Today is serious and intentional as the Sun and Saturn meet. To what do you want to offer your effort and energy? How can you best contribute to this world and live your life? Turquoise Blue is today's color.


Friday: Aquarius Moon for gatherings, combining efforts and enjoyment of people and the season. If you're not in the socializing mood, write or draw your hopes and dreams like an architect draws up plans.  Mercury stations direct at 8:51 pm EST. Today's color is Silver.


Saturday: Void Moon 5:13 am to 9:42 am EST then Moon in Pisces. A mixed day where moods may shift and emotions come to the surface.  Creativity shines forth. Light Blue is our color.


December 10th to 16th, 2017

Sunday: 4th quarter Moon in Virgo with lots of activity. Plans or projects may suddenly need revision or alternate methods must be employed. Unexpected reversals. Venus and Neptune either inspire our creative talents or add to delusional ideas, especially about dating and love. Void Moon 10:02 pm EST to 12:01 am EST. Black is today's color.

Monday: Libra Moon. Lavender is today's color.

Tuesday: Libra Moon with a variety of aspects. The Sun and Mercury retrograde meet and we revisit people, places and ideas.  Reflection time. Purple is today's color. 

Wednesday: Libra to Scorpio Moon, void of course time is 7:27 am to 8:59 am EST. During that in between time stay focused and aware of where to be, belongings and anything written or in the completion stage. Scorpio Moon meets Mars at 2:23 pm EST and intensifies or magnifies whatever is in progress. Maroon is today's color.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon meets Jupiter and harmonizes with Pluto and Neptune. Feelings may be a bit more open and therefore easier to express or deal with. Growth and expansion is favored. Indigo Blue is today's color.

Friday: Moving toward a Sunday/Monday New Moon at 1:30 am EST on the 18th, 10:30 pm on the 17th Pacific time, the Moon is in Scorpio void of course until 8:07 pm EST. This may help us relax and get things done, but routine tasks are favored more than anything important or out of the ordinary. Mercury and Venus meet in Sagittarius for a very social, adventurous day. Discuss ideas and dreams and perhaps visit an old friend. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon and Sun. The Sun aligns with Uranus for an out of the ordinary day or a major inspiration. Today's color is Red.

Find my yoga schedule at www.RoZoYo.com/yoga RoZoYo® is Robin's Zodiac Zone & Yoga.


December 3rd to 9th, 2017

t's been great to connect with so many of you at workshops and classes, through doTERRA oils accounts and readings! I am currently taking the year end off from readings and charts and will resume in 2018. Get started with doTERRA oils by browsing my site and email  me with any questions. They can support your well being and fill your senses on a daily basis, help with sleep, and focus and so much more. www.mydoterra.com/robinivypayton


Yoga Nidra training coming in the new year. If you are interested contact me and I'll get you information as soon the local studio announces the dates. Yoga teachers and other interested individuals may take part in the training this February.


Find me on the weekly yoga schedules of Greener Postures, both locations, Scarborough Yoga, Southern Maine Community College, and intermittently at Willard Beach Studio and Bridge studio at Art of Awareness South Portland, Maine. My schedule is always posted at www.RoZoYo.com/yoga.


In December, Saturn completes a long tour of Sagittarius and Mercury is retrograde for most of the month.

Sunday: Full Moon in Gemini 10:47 am EST. Mercury retrograde begins. Anxiety could raise. Things that feel urgent may actually be able to wait as they may wane in the days ahead.  Think and consider your actions and words to see that they are motivated with positive reason and will not have undesired effects.  High tide in the mind this weekend.  Avoid escapism by any unhealthy means. Today's color is White.


Monday: Gemini Moon void of course 2:13 to 3:37 pm EST. Cancer Moon follows. Moods may shift quickly and emotions may peak. Today's color is Light Blue.


Tuesday: Moon opposite both Pluto and Mercury. Considerations of structure and strength versus things softer and more vulnerable. Example: adhere to strict rules or regimens or consider individual differences that require adaptation or understanding.  Today's color is Blue.


Wednesday: Cancer Moon void of course 12:56 pm to 3:37 pm EST then Leo Moon.  Mercury retro meets Saturn and aligns with Mars.  Mars and Saturn also align. There may be reversals in plans and courses of action. The rethinking could be beneficial.  Act from a responsible and fair perspective. Today's color is Gold.


Thursday: Leo Moon combines with Venus for relationships and the Sun for enthusiasm and adventures. Pink is today's color.


Friday: Leo Moon void 5:40 pm to 6:09 pm EST. Many things may go well or easily as the Moon is in harmony with 4 planets! Virgo Moon 6:09 pm EST through most of Sunday for constructive tasks and approaches. Green is today's color.


Saturday: Virgo Moon. Mars moves to Scorpio. Ground in projects and keep actions positive tempering any feelings of jealousy or compulsion.  Navy Blue is today's color.

November 26th to December 2nd, 2017

Full Moon is Sunday, December 3rd 10:47 am EST, the same day Mercury retrograde begins.

Sunday: Pisces Moon from 3:04 am today, into Tuesday. Moon square Sun in Sagittarius and trine to Jupiter in Scorpio. Promising day if you're willing to do the work. Avoid emotional habits or pitfalls. Today's color is Blue.


Monday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Allow for feelings and face them. Avoid running away or pacifying in unhealthy ways. It's okay to be sad or have longings. Channel emotions into creative pastimes or work. Imagination and creativity flow. Green is today's color.


Tuesday: Pisces to Aries Moon 11:30 am. Void Moon 7:06 am to 11:30 am EST. Those hours are unpredictable and there may be errors or forgetfulness involved. Check your calendar. Mercury and Saturn dominate the day. Hard choices may be called for. Find agreement or seal one. Today's color is Orange.


Wednesday: Aries Moon in harmony with the Sagittarius Sun. Active and dynamic. Move on things. Moon square to Pluto could prompt conflicting feelings, a battle within, a reason to be strong or an issue with someone in charge. Self directed day.  Red is today's color. 


Thursday: Aries Moon void from 1:37 to 3:38 pm EST. Hours prior to that involve a Mars opposition and Uranus connecting with Aries Moon with big fire energy. Angry or overwhelming people or situations amp up on days like this. What can you do to keep cool and grounded? Be cautious and aware during the void hours. Taurus Moon follows, perhaps calming things or bringing hectic, manic energy to a slowdown or stop. Aries Moon trine to Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius for getting contracts or plans solidified and projects started. We're on the upswing of the lunar cycle, a time for moving and growing and building on foundations. Keep at it during this  warmup for Sunday morning's Gemini Full Moon. Today's color is Brown.


Friday: Taurus Moon opposes Jupiter, and Mars opposes Uranus. The dynamic of loyalty and reliability mix with sudden pressures or things that come as a surprise. This makes for a very mixed day. Be wary of grudges and feelings of envy or vengefulness. Moon void of course 8:50 pm to 4:21 pm on Saturday.  Void Moon may create better conditions for relaxing and enjoying life. Wrap up business involving contracts or legal matters or anything detail oriented as we move into Full Moon time this weekend. Venus moves to fiery, flirtatious Sagittarius at 4:14 pm, perhaps taking some pressure or focus off relationship matters. Today's color is Lavender.


Special Friday afternoon class at Willard Beach Studio 3-4:30 pm Gentle Yoga and Essential Oils for the Zodiac Signs. The last two classes of this kind sold out. Advance sign ups at www.willardbeachstudio.com


Also, option to stay for a little bit of festivity and snacks and/or enjoy the 5 pm Essential Oils class that follows, led by Maura Reminga and Yara Perez. I highly recommend this experiential, relaxed session on Emotions and Essential Oils. Make it a Willard Beach Studio Friday! Both workshop classes listed and described here.


Saturday: Taurus Moon and yesterday's forecast remains relevant. At 4:21 pm, the Moon moves from void of course into Gemini opposite Venus newly in Sagittarius. Socially interesting weekend. Jupiter trine Neptune inspires feelings of connection with something greater and higher powers of a spiritual or universal nature.  The Moon is Full on Sunday morning at 10:47 am EST. Yellow is today's color.


Scorpio New Moon, November 18, 2017


November's New Moon is at 6:42 am EST on Saturday the 18th is at 26 degrees of Scorpio. The sabian symbol for this degree is "Indians making camp in new territory". Themes of settling into unfamiliar settings and circumstances and becoming acclimated and resourceful in different surroundings arise with New Moon. 


Committing, rooting and grounding are implied. This may be about hunkering down for winter and making sure you have enough of what you need both physically and spiritually and emotionally. What is this new territory you'll be adapting to? Moving in with a significant other, going out on your own, reestablishing yourself where you are, in a different way? 


Native peoples lived close to the earth and respected the land and the other resources of their natural environment. Environmental concerns and new awareness and movements related to climate change and the earth will have renewed attention as the impacts become more clear. 


Scorpio is the sign of sexuality, reproductive health, mystery, intuition and finance. Everything Scorpio has certain weight, depth, and complexity. To move effectively with Scorpio New Moon, one must be consistent and willing and, when that is so, great transformation is possible. If you need to make a significant and challenging change in your life, letting go of a strongly implanted feeling, experience, or idea, this New Moon time offers an opportunity to move into that new 'camp', and to stay a while until your next move or release becomes clear, until you're strong and solid on the inside, having learned respect for self, others and the earth and having built up energy and inner fire from which you will recreate your life. 


On the other hand, if life is in pretty good shape, yet you feel restless or bored, it's time to experiment, shake things up a little, and step into places or situations that stimulate your creativity and allow you to see what else there is to be discovered. For many, the New Moon can bring a more spiritual perspective, encouraging belief and even offering proof of things that cannot be seen or quantified easily. 


Go beyond the literal. There are treasures to be found both within and externally. There are healers and there is healing beyond what you've known. See the signs, listen, tune in, and follow a hunch.


Scorpio: Release any limiting beliefs, especially about your self and your relationship, and act on 


Sagittarius: Tune in to intuition and spiritual guidance. Slow down and spend time in natural environments and slightly outside your comfort zone.

Capricorn: Assess your friendships and all with social context. You may find yourself in a new group or community that better supports you.

Aquarius: Step up to new career challenges and opportunities. Breakthroughs in your professional life and new talents or levels of mastery are possible.

Pisces: Look to the symbolism of "Indians setting up camp in a new territory". There are philosophical, educational and other expansions as you move into unfamiliar situations or reconstruct with new ideas.

Aries:  You're presented with opportunities for healing, feeling more financially stable, and more physically or emotionally well. Find some peace around grudges or partnership issues so you can move on.

Taurus: Co-create and arrive at decisions with or relative to a significant other. Roles and relationships are set to transform to be healthier, more authentic and without conditions.

Gemini: Reconsider your routines and how you take care of yourself. Explore natural and healthy routines, supplements, and 'exercises'. Meditation, better sleep, and predictable routines are examples.

Cancer: Love well. Your new ground is established through your relationships and creative pursuits.

Leo: Find yourself at home or returning to your roots yet discovering something new. Family relationships are implied as well as the land/earth/place itself. 

Virgo: Write, draw, express deep feelings as an exercise in releasing old perceptions, wounds, and limiting beliefs. New learning and connections are in your midst once the clutter clears.

Libra: Finances and employment are implied. You may accept work or shift your saving, spending and earning habits. You may let go of possessions no longer useful or meaningful while acquiring or saving for something with greater value. 


Essential oils are supportive in so many ways. Frankincense to the crown and third eye chakras feel right for this New Moon. Clary Sage, an oil related to hormone balance and the female reproductive system, is one of the oils I associate with Scorpio. Avoid this oil if you are or could be pregnant. It comes in roller form which many of my friends enjoy and recommend. Clary is also an ingredient in the Peace blend, which I personally love and relate to the water signs. See all the oils and browse at www.mydoterra.com/robinivypayton


I'm happy to respond if you have questions or are interested in a wholesale or wellness advocate account with doTERRA. We love the oils, and they are part of our routine at my house. Currently diffusing and loving Clove oil (which also can brighten your teeth!).


Friday, December 1st join me at Willard Beach Studio 3-4:30 or attend Intro to Essential Oils with Maura Reminga and Yara Perez that evening to learn more. Link to workshops at Willard Beach Studio


All the best during New Moon and Thanksgiving week!





November 19th to 26th, 2017

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon square Neptune. Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. Coping with feelings and finding agreement may be difficult. Purple is today's color.


Monday: Moon meets both Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius. Decisions. Communicate clearly. Void of course Moon 7:26 pm to 2:14 am EST. Yellow is today's color.


Tuesday: Capricorn Moon and the final hours of Sun in Scorpio. Moon aligns with Jupiter and Venus in harmony with Pluto. Capricorn and Scorpio energies are strong. We may detach in emotional situations. That can be helpful at times. Step into a productive mode and separate from drama and the effects of other people's moods or negativity.  Sun to Sagittarius at 10:06 pm EST. Black is today's color.


Wednesday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and interacts with 3 other planets. We'll feel best getting things done. Fairness is a theme. Aim for balanced interactions that are just. Neptune stations direct in Pisces. Today's color is Blue.


Thursday: From 5:33 am to 3:14 pm EST, the Moon is void of course in Capricorn. Plans may need adjustment as Uranus makes the final aspect to Capricorn Moon. Flexibility is called for. The Moon shifts to Aquarius at 3:14 or your adjusted time, and is in harmony with the Sun for gatherings and road trips or travels.  Silver is today's color.


Friday: Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio. Persistence and focus. Sharp sense and intellect. Today's color is Turquoise.


Saturday: Aquarius Moon. The void of course time begins at 9:07 pm EST. The Moon is mostly in harmony with the variety of planets aspected today. Mercury aligns with Uranus in fire signs so plans and needs may change quickly. Inventive thinking is favored and we may become inspired with ideas or energy. Today's color is Purple (I like amethyst crystal for today).


For Sagittarius time, I diffuse Wild Orange and Clove as well as use them topically. Cheer is a great fire sign blend you can use in roller form and take with you everywhere for a quick, easy application and shift. Wild Orange is gently inspiring and a mood booster. Clove is strong so if you ingest it at all, be aware it's 'hot'. A toothpick dipped in Clove may be enough to add to food/drink/toothpaste. I also like Clove for Capricorn (Moon, Sun or personality). It cleans the teeth and invigorates gums. Teeth are ruled by Capricorn.

My doTERRA site is www.mydoterra.com/robinivypayton

Feel good with essential oils. I'm happy to help you get started.


The next Gentle Yoga with Essential Oils for the Zodiac Signs is Friday afternoon, December 1st 3-4:30 pm at Willard Beach Studio in South Portland, Maine. You can opt to stay for snacks after and also attend Essential Oils for Emotional Health with Maura Reminga and Yara Perez at 5 pm. I learned so much when I first attended that class! www.willardbeachstudio.com/workshops


November 12th to 18th, 2017

Sunday: Virgo Moon with a variety of aspects to planets including Jupiter and Mercury. Work toward solutions. Follow through. Brown is today's color.


Monday: Void Moon time from 10:45 am to 6:26 pm EST could be just what you need to ease into the flow and let go of preconceived ideas.  Venus meets Jupiter for passion and significant growth in relationships and strengthening commitments.  Libra Moon 6:26 pm EST. Mercury square Neptune challenging us to only speak and act truthfully even to ourselves.  Pink is today's color.


Tuesday: Libra Moon in harmony with Mercury and conjunction with Mars. Seek agreements and peaceful solutions. Be careful of passive aggression. Speak your truth, mind, and needs. Blue is today's color.


Wednesday: Libra Moon square Pluto and opposite Uranus. Developments and realizations may come as unexpected or hard to explain.  Stay with the process and accept a miracle if it comes.  Void Moon begins at 7:50 pm EST. Lavender is today's color.


Thursday: At 3:19 am EST, adjust for your time zone, the Moon shifts to Scorpio and we begin moving close to Saturday's New Moon. Moon meets Jupiter and Venus and Neptune are in harmony. It looks like a strong, positive, passionate or romantic relationship day. Even if you're splitting you may see each other with new eyes or resolve something harmoniously. Business partnerships are similarly affected.  Maroon is today's color. 


Friday: Review, reconsider, and be willing to let go of something you've held too tightly or too long. That includes your perception about yourself or inner feelings. What does it feel like to purge something and make space for newness and opportunity? Scorpio Moon. Mars in Libra in harmony with Mercury in Sagittarius is a quest for truth. Today's color is Red.


Saturday: New Moon in Scorpio 6:42 am EST. Renew your commitments and pursue your passions with trust in the outcomes. Can you temper strong will and control a bit to allow things to flow as they should? Void Moon 6:42 to 1:59 pm EST, then Sagittarius Moon for get up and go! Today's color is White.


Wild Orange, Lavender, Clove, Serenity, Passion, Peace... ask me about doTERRA oils and how they make my day and could change yours! www.mydoterra.com/robinivypayton

Sunday, November 19th I'm offering Gentle Yoga & Essential Oils for the Zodiac Signs at Scarborough Yoga in Maine. This 90 minute special class is just $21. Aromatherapy to awaken your senses, attune to your Sun and Moon signs and use throughout the lunar cycle if you choose. Register now as this class is about half full (as of November 7th). Sign up or read more here. 

This class will also be held on Friday afternoon, December 1st from 3-4:30 pm at Willard Beach Studio in South Portland, and that class is also steadily filling. Sign up here.


My Yoga schedule including all workshops, guest teaching and weekly classes is at 



Peace, friends! Robin


photo by Sandra Harris

November 5th to 11th, 2017

Sunday: The Moon opposes Mercury just before Mercury changes signs, moving to Sagittarius at 2:19 pm EST. Be sure you adjusted your clocks back one hour. Today may be filled with news and discrepancies. Moon moves to Gemini at 5:26 am EST. Today's color is Blue.


Monday: Gemini Moon opposite Saturn and joining forces with Uranus in Aries. Serious thought and intentions and speedy decisions and actions is likely. Pause and think. Yellow.


Tuesday: Gemini Moon void from 5:40 am EST for 5 minutes! Cancer Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Scorpio. Acknowledge emotions and nurture. It's a good day for financial transactions and prosperity. Moon and Mars are square at 10:39 pm EST which can put us out of sorts or at odds with each other. Light Blue today.


Wednesday: Cancer Moon opposite Pluto and in harmony with The Sun and Neptune. A water sign day with an emphasis on feelings.  Black is today's color.


Thursday: Cancer Moon void of course 12:14 am EST to 7:29 am. Leo Moon and the Sun in harmony with Pluto for optimism and creativity. Today's color is Purple.


Friday: Leo Moon in harmony with Mars and square the Sun. Dance and enjoy other physical outlets. Expect determination and strong will especially in the fixed signs. Today's color is Orange.


Saturday: Indigo Blue is today's color. The Moon moves from Leo to Virgo at 11:41 am after a void time from 3:55 am until then. Take those hours slow. Saturn aligns with Uranus for quick action and serious decision making, especially about releasing and letting go. Ground in your center and the earth as things move quickly and can take us off guard.


November 19th is coming up! Gentle Yoga & Essential Oils for the Zodiac Signs gives you a relaxing break and perhaps some new ideas for everyday balance and self care. Register on Eventbrite for $21 plus a small service fee. Space is about half full as of November 3rd. Scarborough Yoga is at 433 US Rte 1 Scarborough, Maine


Browse and email me questions if you like! I'm happy to help you add essential oils for well being. 




October 29th to November 4th, 2017

It's Scorpio time! Happy Halloween! We have a mutable Pisces Moon for the holiday and this is when the 'veil is thin'. Scorpio and Pisces are an intuitive, mysterious match that lend well to your costumes, disguises and psychic experiences. The Moon is waxing toward Full in Taurus at 1:23 am on Saturday. By Wednesday night we'll be feeling the intensity.


Sunday: Aquarius Moon void from 12:22 to 7:46 pm (adjust for your time zone). Early hours are for action on those things you've been talking about and not doing or resolving.  Pisces Moon 7:46 pm EDT. Green is today's color.


Monday: Pisces Moon aligns with the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio and meets Neptune. Intuitive, creative, and emotionally attuned. Light Blue.


Tuesday: Pisces Moon void of course 5:06 pm EDT. Adjustments and minor changes. Keep flexibility in your mind and your schedule. Void of course hours affect judgement so keep your wits about you. Intuition and metaphysical experiences heightened.  Orange is today's color.


Wednesday: Aries Moon begins 2:43 am EDT and opposes Mars. Contentious situations heat up. Compromise and consequences.  Red is today's color. 


Thursday: Aries Moon opposes Venus and aligns with Saturn. Uranus and the Moon join forces in Aries. Forceful and determined energies in play. Relationships, equality and justice themes. Void Moon 11 pm EDT.  Brown is today's color. (red browns are best).


Friday: Taurus Moon begins at 5:46 am EDT and will be Full overnight into Saturday. Strong finishes. Complete, resolve, stand your ground, stay committed. Decisions made now will be difficult to reverse or change in the future.  Today's color is Yellow. 


Saturday: Full Moon in Taurus. Venus opposes Uranus affecting relationship dynamics and legal situations. White is today's color. 


Happy Halloween! Enjoy my Halloween playlists on Spotify! Here's one.



Essential Oils for the Signs of the Zodiac article and info at www.robinszodiaczone.com

Blog: Change Your Mood in a Minute

October 22nd to 28th, 2017

Meet the new Yoga collection from doTERRA. They're delicious and align with the signs.

Discover something new. Gentle Yoga poses and oils for air, water, earth, fire, cardinal, mutable, fixed signs.

This Thursday, October 26th 6-7:30 Willard Beach Studio South Portland. We have a few spaces left! www.willardbeachstudio.com to sign up

Sunday, November 19th at Scarborough Yoga link to register is here.

Email me with your birth info






Yoga Collection from doTERRA


As this week begins, Mars shifts to Libra and the Sun to Scorpio.


Sunday: Mars to Libra at 2:29 pm EDT. Libra is harmony and justice, Mars is forceful energetically. Efforts toward peace must be measured. Mediate, work through or with an independent party like an attorney rather than confront volatile personal or business situations head on. These are weeks to avoid the tipping point where dominance and power override logic and sensibility.  Sagittarius Moon in harmony with Mars. Red is today's color.


Monday: Sun shifts to Scorpio at 1:27 am EDT. Sag Moon in harmony with Venus in Libra and square to Neptune. Trust your intuition if you think someone is misrepresenting or holding back secrets or important information.  An adventure is appealing, but avoid escapism of the long term nature. Indigo Blue today.


Tuesday: Sag Moon meets Saturn in the morning. Use wisdom, make a decision or agree to terms. Void Moon 12:44 to 8:12 pm EDT. Rapid developments. Mercury and Neptune align for fiction writers and creative projects. Capricorn Moon 8:12 pm EDT until Friday. Light Blue is today's color.


Wednesday: Capricorn Moon lines up favorably with the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune. Look for ease even in challenging situations. Make agreements and follow through on plans. Abundance and productivity. Green is today's color. 


Thursday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto, Sun and Jupiter meet in Scorpio. A mixed day where focusing on the positive is necessary. Don't allow your confidence to be shaken. Show your best side and celebrate results.  Gray is today's color. 


Friday: An overnight Moon square Uranus can be rough and involve power plays, competition or throw a wrench in well made plans.  Venus and Mercury both interact with Pluto. Nothing will be taken lightly. Deep emotions evoked.  Void Moon 1:22 to 8:59 am EDT. Aquarius Moon through most of Sunday. Purple is today's color.


Saturday: Aquarius Moon harmony with Venus, square to Mercury. Strong statements. Connect with your tribe.  Venus adds joy and beauty to events today or tonight. Wear Turquoise.


Robin Ivy Payton, October 2017

October 15th to 21st, 2017

See the previous post for much more about this week's New Moon in Libra. As always, before New Moon, reconsider your intentions, clear, clean, and make way for what's to come.


Sunday: Virgo Moon begins at 7:19 am EDT, Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus. Need for quick responses or decisions and on the spot answers or problem solving, at least temporarily.  Brown is today's color.


Monday: Virgo Moon, Sun sextile Saturn. Tend to your projects with patience and care. The sextile signifies successful completion. Navy Blue is today's color.


Tuesday: From 7:27 am to 1:35 pm EDT the Moon is void of course. Moon conjunct Mars. Aim to be patient through frustrations and avoid blame and heavy criticism of self or others.  The in between time may feel long or uncertain.  Libra Moon follows and meets Venus for dates and acting in harmony with balanced judgment.  Mercury changes signs, to Scorpio at 3:59 am EDT. Avoid rushing things or feeling urgency. Focus on calming and clearing. Today's color is Lavender.


Wednesday: Libra Moon, Mercury newly in Scorpio meets Jupiter. Positive and beneficial influences. Strengthen in wisdom. Indigo is today's color.


Thursday: New Moon in Libra at 3:12 pm EDT. Sun and Moon oppose Uranus. Awakenings and changes come in surprising ways. White is today's color. Read more in last week's New Moon post. Libra Moon void 3:12 to 9:41 pm EDT. Scorpio Moon follows.


Friday: Scorpio Moon time for focus and strong intention. Moon meets Jupiter and Mercury. Agreements, opportunities and resolutions come with these conjunctions.  Today's color is Dark Red, like Maroon, a Scorpio color. 


Saturday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto stimulating what's mysterious, kept secret or needs an outlet for release. Allow for feelings and know when to let go of stored emotions in a healthy way. Black is today's color. 


On October 26th, Thursday at Willard Beach Studio join me for Gentle Yoga poses and essential oil aromatherapy for the Zodiac Signs. Learn what supports you, sample some oils and get tips for using essential oils and aromatherapy through the lunar cycle.  Registration for this special, affordable class is at www.willardbeachstudio.com/workshops

I'll offer this special class at Scarborough Yoga on Sunday, November 19th. Sign up at this link.

It'll be fun to get together! I'd love you to join us. 

The rest of my schedule is at www.RoZoYo.com/yoga



New Moon in Libra, The Eagle and the Dove


New Moon in Libra on October 19th at 3:12 pm EDT is opposite Uranus, the rebellious, inspirational, sometimes destructive planetary influence. That means the Sun is opposite Uranus too. Planet Uranus tears down in order to re-create in a new, original way. Relationships and independence vs. joining forces are themes of this New Moon.


Sabian symbol for this New Moon, 'An Eagle and large white dove turning into each other'. This image of blending energies acknowledges two different qualities or ways or being. Polarities of Peace versus Force and The Hunter versus the Herbivore represent. Is cooperation a possibility even when the other party thinks and acts much differently from you? Can duality or opposing energies co-exist or even meld to form something stronger that each on it's own? The polarities are obvious and strong and continue the impacts of Jupiter opposing Uranus in early October just before leaving for Scorpio.

The Wow effect, breaking free of restrictions or oppression and acting on out of the ordinary ideas and inspirations are some effects. Now with New Moon, it may be time to seek the next level, perhaps with a complementary energy, a supportive person or entity who thinks unlike you or comes from a different background, perspective, or strength.


artist unknown

For New Moon in Libra, diffuse Serenity Blend and/or Lavender into the air or into your skin (with a lotion or oil carrier). For more about doTERRA oils, see www.doterra.com/robinivypayton.

I am happy to answer your questions or tell you more about essential oils and how they support you and your loved ones. robinivy88@gmail.com


October 26th, Thursday from 6-7:30 pm, come to Gentle Yoga and Essential Oils for the Zodiac Signs and find out your special blends and discover something new. In South Portland at Willard Beach Studio www.willardbeachstudio.com/workshops to register.


Or take this class at Scarborough Yoga on Sunday, November 19th.





October 8th to 14th, 2017


I hope your Aries Full Moon was just fine. Being a fire sign, I was totally energized. As the Moon now wanes and we move deep into autumn, here are your colors and signs.


Sunday: Taurus Moon void from 9:44 am to 9:45 pm EDT. Relax or do simple tasks and chores. Gemini Moon 9:45 pm EDT. Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra. Beware of overthinking that could prevent restful sleep. Today's color is Light Blue.


Monday: Gemini Moon, Sun square Pluto. Progressive and restless with conflicting plans and opinions present. Lavender.


Tuesday: Jupiter moves to Scorpio for a long term stay. Gemini Moon opposite Saturn. Void Moon 6:25 to 11:38 pm EDT. Make agreements and sign contracts before the void Moon. Business and communication liven up. Yellow is our color. 


Wednesday: Cancer Moon. Jupiter newly in Scorpio. Mars square Saturn can be very difficult. Emotions and abundance. Criticism and pessimism may be hard to temper. White is today's color.


Thursday: Cancer Moon opposes Pluto. What are you working so hard to protect. Let go a little. Talk things out. Be careful of stories you tell yourself. Mercury and Saturn align for problem solving. Black is our color.


Friday: Void Moon midnight to 2:41 am EDT, then Leo Moon. Fixed, persistent, stubborn energy and opinions-but they may be the good kind! Moon square Jupiter. How will you pursue and express what you feel most strongly for and about? Purple is today's color.


Saturday: Leo Moon, Venus to Libra. Love and partnerships, social plans and events. Pink is today's color. 


Sunday is my Restorative Workshop, Restorative Yoga, Aromatherapy and Reiki with Addie Powers Johnson at Scarborough Yoga. Advance registration only and a few spaces left. Sign up here, today.


Essential Oils & Gentle Yoga for your Zodiac Sign October 26th 6-7:30 pm in South Portland

and November 19th 12-1:30 at Scarborough Yoga 


October 1st to 7th, 2017


Sunday: Mars trine Neptune. Aquarius Moon sextile (harmonious) Saturn in Sagittarius. You're on a mission. Today's color is Turquoise.


Monday: Void Moon 7:13 to 10:26 am EDT in Aquarius. Pisces Moon as the business week begins. Add creativity to all you do. Forgiveness and loosening restrictions adds to ease. Full Moon warmup adds to the emotional tone. Green is today's color.


Tuesday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune, opposes Mars and also Venus in Virgo. Venus trine Pluto. Relationship focus. Are you willing to meet yourself or others truthfully? That's today's 'work'. Wear Black.


Wednesday: On this day before Full Moon, the Harvest Moon and Warrior Moon of Aries, clarify your feelings and pursue a goal. Bring something all together, full circle. Make peace with your self. Void Moon 3:19 am to 4:40 pm EDT. Personal priorities are #1. Understand today, act tomorrow or perhaps this evening. Hold within you both motivation and peace. Strongest intentions activate. Today's color is Orange.


Thursday: White is our Full Moon color. Aries Moon is Full at 2:40 pm EDT. The sign of self, birth and rebirth, forging a new path, exploring all that is. See with new eyes. Accept yourself as is. Full Moon brings realizations, completions, departures, and movement. Venus and Mars meet in Virgo and relationships are a strong priority at Full Moon. That includes relations with colleagues and people you interact with every day. We need not be too judgmental or critical. Can you release some of that to see and experience a one on one relationship differently. Remind yourself not to take things personally. What are you a Warrior for? Love, Peace, or greed, maintaining the status quo, for growth or to conquer? Be mindful of what you might think, feel or do because of fear. Notice the paths opening to you. Let go of judgment statements that have held you hostage, and move freely. Happy Full Moon of Rebirth. Refer to last week's post for more on this Full Moon time.


Friday: Aries Moon  in harmony with Saturn. Finalize something with the spirit, energy and inspiration of the fire signs. There's a hopeful, motivated tone to this trine. Uranus and the Moon connect for speed and originality. From 6:38 to 7:56 pm EDT, the Moon is void. This short transition is highlighted by Jupiter opposite the Aries Moon one final time in this 13 month visit to Libra. This activates the Wow effect you read about late last week, all the relationship eventfulness, and all ways you're striving for personal and relationship growth. Taurus Moon moves in with resolve. Wear Yellow.


Saturday: Taurus Moon. Create, build, plant. Feel the abundance of the earth. Green is today's color.


Restorative Yoga with Reiki by Addie Powers Johnson and Aromatherapy is at Scarborough Yoga on Sunday, October 15th with a few spaces left. Nurture, regroup, feel supported. Sign up at this link.


Essential Oils and Gentle Yoga Poses for your Zodiac Sign Thursday, October 26th 6-7:30 pm at Willard Beach Studio. Advance sign ups for this special class.


I'll also offer this Essential Oils and Gentle Yoga class at Scarborough Yoga on Sunday, November 19th at 12 noon. The oils or postures may vary. Come twice! Send a friend. Link up here.


Email me your birth info if you sign up for Zodiac classes and find out more about your astrological make-up during the workshop. robinivy88@gmail.com


I have so much to share with you! Hope to see you soon if you're local to Maine or NH.


Have a peaceful, inspired Full Moon week.




photo by Sandra Harris

Full Moon in Aries, October 5th, 2017

The Warrior Full Moon arrives once a year during the Libra season of harmony, illustrating the polarities of the zodiac that are always present and reflected in our lives.  This Full Moon is square to Pluto, planet of secrets, mysteries, our most deep inner thoughts and fears. Some will experience incredible transformations and realizations as a result of serious discomfort and welling emotions. This Moon cycle is an opportune time to get real, free yourself of judgments and anxieties that come from within or from years of conditioning. With courage, you may deal with unhealthy relationships and habits and recover parts of your wholeness and true self that have been lost.


This Full Moon is at Aries 12 degrees, represented symbolically in two ways to reflect on. One is An Old Woman Hears the Stars Talk to Her at Night. In this depiction, I see a wise and experienced, individual listening to universal messages and heading the intuitions received. There's a dark and lonely quality that's been present, though she acknowledges she isn't really alone. Her guides and the signs provided are always there.


Secondly, A Triangular Shaped Flight of Wild Geese shows us the cosmic order that comes with this Full Moon. And there's a gathering or formation of like minded souls in a natural flow, uniting and migrating together. The natural laws that transcend any earthly law show themselves in the actions of the animals and the environment.


At New Moon time, in Libra on October 19th we see another symbol of birds blending their polar opposite energies.  More on that in an upcoming post.


Themes of the Full Moon include Courage, taking a Peaceful, but Strong Stand, Releasing Fears and Letting Go of old business or habits, Venturing Out on your own to find the energy or group you resonate with, and Listening to the Signs and Messages that come through the Darkness.


Full Moon warmup begins October 2nd and the effects linger into the 9th.


Much luck and love to you! May all beings be happy, safe, healthy and free.



September 24th to 30th, 2017

September 17th to 23rd, 2017

Sunday: Leo Moon meets Venus, planet of love. Void of course Moon 8:55 pm EDT. An auspicious date. Clean out cobwebs. Connect with passion and true love. Pink is today's color. 

Monday: Virgo Moon begins 12:52 am EDT and meets Mars and Mercury today. Many things could be resolved or acted on. Grounded approaches, but with quickness and finality. Brown is today's color. Rich earthy browns. 

Tuesday: Virgo Moon, Venus moves to Virgo 9:15 pm EDT. Mercury opposite Neptune. Actions mean much more than words. Trust your intuition about people. New Moon on the west coast. Indigo Blue is today's color. 

Wednesday: New Moon in Virgo 1:30 am EDT. Void Moon 1:30 to 6:06 am EDT. Libra Moon from 6:06 am on. Purify, clean, make a fresh start, reorganize or renegotiate plans. Vibes of the August 21st solar eclipse infiltrate this New Moon. Changes and decisions crystalize. White is today's color. 

Thursday: Libra Moon. Serious topics come up. Approach problems with peace and objectivity. Lavender is today's color.

Autumn Equinox free Yoga on Congress Square Park with live music by Todd Glacy. Come out to hear the gong and move into Libra season with breath and RoZoYo sequence. Chair yogis are welcome too and there are plenty of seats! 5:30-6:45 pm Portland, Maine at Congress and High. Bring a mat and we'll have a portable floor to set up on.

Friday: Libra Moon meets Jupiter, their final meeting in Libra before Jupiter's 10-10-17 shift.  Void from 9:04 am to 1:40 pm EDT. This is the Equinox, a balance of light and darkness as the Sun moves into Libra at 4:02 pm EDT. Scorpio Moon after 1:40 pm EDT. Quickness, spontaneity, expansion, growing and transforming. Pivotal day. Red is today's color. 

Saturday: Scorpio Moon harmony with Neptune, Pluto and Mars is creative, passionate, and potentially protective or jealous too.  Note the depths of experiences. Today's color is Black. 

Sunday: Scorpio Moon void 3:33 am EDT until 12:01 am EDT Monday (or tonight as you adjust for central/west coast time zones). Mars opposite Neptune. Strongly opposing forces mean differences of energy levels, values and opinions will be obvious.  Navy Blue is today's color.


October 1st join me for my final workshop/class of the year with musician and sound healer Todd Glacy at Bridge Studio in the Art of Awareness space on Waterman Drive South Portland. The studio looks toward Casco Bay with beautiful afternoon light and wall paintings by The Eye of Henna's Mary Schmaling. 1:30-3:30 pm $35

We present a practice for upcoming Full Moon of the Warrior, the Peaceful Warrior, with Meditation, Mythology and Sacred Sound. Extended gong savasana. Register now and hear Todd play one more time for yoga before he heads on a cross country tour for the fall/winter/spring months  

http://www.artofawareness.org  Go to October 1st on the schedule by forward the arrow to the right week. Or call the studio and register 207-799-1331


September 10th-16th, 2017

Sunday: Taurus Moon strengthened by the Sun, Neptune and Pluto in harmonious signs. Moon square Venus in Leo. Persistence, self esteem and confidence boosts. Pink is today's color. Void of course Moon starts at 8:54 pm EDT until 3:29 on Monday. Get organized before those hours. Adjust for your time zone.

Monday: Taurus Moon void followed by Gemini Moon 3:29 pm. Organization and communication require patience or flexibility. Gemini Moon square Mercury and Mars. Analytical and/or argumentative evening. Yellow is today's color.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon, Venus trine Saturn. Try and work things out. Define relationship and travel goals. Wear Gold.

Wednesday: Gemini to Cancer Moon. 2:35 to 6:10 pm EDT the Moon is void of course. Test taking and personal challenges. Get it in writing. Sharpen your mind, be gentle with moods. White for today's 4th quarter Moon. 

Thursday: Waning Moon in Cancer. Clear clutter. Communicate with sensitivity. Light Blue.

Friday: Cancer to Leo Moon. Void Moon 5:23 to 9:09 pm EDT. Venus and Jupiter in harmony for a festive evening. Relationships, agreements and celebrations. Date night. Wear Purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon. Mercury meets Mars in Virgo. Strong urge to plan, fix, decide and act on passions. Be creative. Orange is today's color. 

Saturday is the one and only RoZoYo® full workshop with postures and insights for every sign on fall astrology trends like New Moon of September 22nd and Jupiter's move to Scorpio for 13 months beginning October 10th. Explore the zodiac with postures for each sign. www.TULAMaine.com to sign up or call TULA and register by phone. 1-3:30 pm

I look forward to seeing you!

Thursday, September 21st on Congress Square Park! Libra and New Moon Yoga for the Autumnal Equinox. It's free, and once again before he leaves for a cross country journey, Todd Glacy will play live gong and other sacred sound instruments. It's the final RoZoYo® of the season, outdoors in Portland, Maine. Follow Congress Square Arts for any weather updates which I will also post on facebook.com/RobinsZodiacZone if necessary. Bring your mat to the yoga floor on the park. 5:30-6:45 pm


Weekly Colors September 3rd to 9th, 2017

Sunday: Mercury meets Mars in Leo, Aquarius Moon. Social and relationship oriented. Orange.

Monday: Aquarius Moon opposite Mercury. Collaborations, gatherings, negotiations. Silver.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon 1:28 am EDT, Mars moves to Virgo and Mercury stations direct in Leo. Sun opposite Neptune. Malleable, lots of change and flux, potential confusion or miscommunication. Light Blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon, Full Moon 3:03 am EDT with ripples and waves from August eclipses. Great change. Tie up loose ends. Allow for and expect emotional surges. 4:29 pm Void of Course Moon into the night. White.

Thursday: Aries Moon 8:01 am EDT. Initiate and motivate. Red.

Friday: Aries Moon. Move forward and declutter. Yellow.

Saturday: Short void Moon in Aries 11: 52 am EDT to Taurus Moon 12:23 pm EDT. Stabilizing forces. Determination. Mercury returns to Virgo. Decisions. Grounded earth sign day. Brown.

Saturday, the 16th 1-3:30 pm join me in South Portland at TULA for Robin's Zodiac Yoga with postures and insights for all signs. Beginning yogis are welcome! Sign up at www.TULAMAINE.com under Events.


Photo by Allison Ni at RoZoYo on Congress Square Park August 24th, 2017


One more outdoor yoga with music on Congress Square Park for the Autumn Equinox and New Moon Thursday, September 21st 5:30 pm. Bring your mat. Chair yogis welcome, there are plenty of chairs! High and Congress in Portland, Maine.

Full Moon in Pisces, September 6th, 2017

Full Moon, the Corn Moon, is at 13 degrees of the sign Pisces. Pisces Moon and Virgo Sun represent the mutable signs during this seasonal time of transitions. Routines will still be in flux since Mercury only just stations direct on the 5th. In the days ahead, perhaps around the 13th, routines and plans will feel more sure. Keep a bit of flexibility in your decisions. This might be a banner year for add/drop on college campuses everywhere. You may join a group and then decide it's not really for you.

Pisces Full Moon is highly emotional and creative. On one hand, you'll feel all the feelings and realize you're making emotional adjustments and transitions. On the creative side, a burst of inspiration and inner knowing comes. Even through tears or a need for deep quiet, your intuition is likely to be dead on. Find some calm and solitude in order to fully attune to your inner voice.  Take a walk by the water or swim in it.  The energies of water and earth fuel us at this time (and always!).

Relationship difference and ability to compromise come into play. Neptune is conjunct the Full Moon and you may really need to question and pursue the truth of the matter. Do not take everything at face value. Intuition presides over what you're being told. Words may not mean much during this September Full Moon. Ability to relate and empathize or act compassionately will heighten though, perhaps balancing the communication piece out. Actions mean more than words. See the reality and move out of denial or excusing behaviors.

Mercury in Leo is creative with words and message. Do some inspired writing or designing and revive unfinished projects. You may complete something spectacularly between the 4th and 9th of September.

New Moon forecast coming soon, for September 21st and the Autumnal Equinox.

My current yoga schedule is at www.Rozoyo.com/yoga. On September 8th join me for Intro to Yoga Nidra, a guided rest for healing and manifesting, at Scarborough Yoga 5-8 pm. Link here.

Wishing you peace and inspiration!


Weekly Colors August 24th-Sept 2nd, 2017

Monthly full and new moon forecast to be posted for September soon. Weekly colors will be posted here each week. Robin's Zodiac Yoga for all signs, postures and intuitive insights, at TULA in South Portland on Saturday, September 16th 1-3:30 pm. Register in advance so we save space for you! www.tulamaine.com

This is the only RoZoYo® workshop of 2017 that flows through the 12 signs of the zodiac and includes some personal insights. Hope you can come!

Thursday, August 24th Virgo Season Yoga at Congress Square Park with live music by Todd Glacy, sound healer. Acoustic songs and percussion and wind instruments and hopefully Todd brings the gong. Very grounded and gentle yoga to lead us into Virgo season. Moon Salutations, seated postures, gentle twists or do seated yoga in the chairs provided. 5:30 pm-6:45 pm.

Stop by and stay as long as  you like. It's totally free! Congress Square Park is at High and Congress in Portland, Maine. Look for the colorful mural and chairs/tables. Sit a while and breathe well. 

Color of the Day August 27th to September 2nd

Sunday, August 27th Black, Scorpio Moon, Jupiter in harmony with Saturn

Monday, August 28th Purple, Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

Tuesday, August 29th Light Blue, Sagittarius Moon

Wednesday, August 30 Gold, Sagittarius Moon

Thursday, August 31st Yellow, Mercury retrograde back to Leo, Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

Friday, September 1st Gray, Capricorn Moon

Saturday, September 2nd Blue, Capricorn to Aquarius Moon

August 20th to 26th

Sunday August 20th Gold, Leo Moon

Monday, August 21st White, Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo

Tuesday, August 22nd Indigo, Virgo Moon

Wednesday, August 23rd Lavender, Virgo to Libra Moon

Thursday August 24th Blue, Libra Moon

Friday White, Libra Moon & Saturn Direct (retrograde ends) in Sagittarius

Saturday Maroon, Scorpio Moon, Sun meets Mercury & Venus moves to Leo

August 17th to 23rd, 2017

Zodiac Yoga with goats at beautiful, rustic Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine Thursday, August 17th 5:30 pm. Donation yoga for Leo solar eclipse & summer season. I hope you can join us! It's 30-40 minutes outside Portland depending on traffic. Allow time, but if you're late, just come anyway.


Next Thursday, August 24th Zodiac Yoga with music played by Todd Glacy. Free on Congress Square Park Portland. Yoga for Virgo season and a calming meditative practice with Gentle Flow. 5:30 pm (feel free to just enjoy the music, do chair yoga (plenty of chairs for you!), and breathe with us.


Thursday: Waning Moon as we get closer to solar eclipse of August 21st, Monday. Void Moon n Gemini 9:38 am to 12:13 pm EDT. Venus square Jupiter at 2:40 am EDT and it's natural to wake up with matters of relationship balance/imbalance and justice on your mind. As for the signs hosting these planets, Cancer is family oriented, holding closely and Jupiter worldly, favoring big ideas and experiences. You and a loved one may struggle through a transition such as one moving away, off to college, or needing a different atmosphere. We must reconcile ideas that don't seem to be in harmony, especially where our relationships are concerned. Education, the justice system, and long distance journeys are part of the picture. Gemini Moon aligns with Leo Sun and Uranus in Aries, the major players of the August 21st solar eclipse, giving us a glimpse or the first inkling of what's to come. Cancer Moon appeals to our reflective side. Today and tomorrow especially, be in natural environments, in or near water, or in sacred space that's an oasis from the busy chatter of the world.  That way you can feel, even more than think.  Today's color is White.


Friday: Cancer Moon in harmony with Mercury retro and with Neptune (Virgo and Pisces signs). There's a sentimental, romantic air about us. Reunions, out of the blue reconnections and special events feed the soul. Moon also opposes Pluto in this monthly gesture. It can bring up fears and security questions or issues. Seek the support you need if this feels strong. Moon squares Jupiter continuing all mentioned in yesterdays' forecast, about family, loved ones, transitions and justice. Moon and Venus meet for family harmony and wonderful date nights! Today's color is Black. 


Saturday: Cancer Moon void from 11:17 am to 1:58 pm EDT. Moon and Venus aligned overnight for creating more peace with emotions and with loved ones. If you're in love, this may be a highly romantic time. Some will reconnect with former lovers or spouses now. Mercury retro is a good time to see how things go on a temporary basis and avoid long term expectations. The Cancer Moon squares Uranus, a planet active at this solar eclipse time (Monday). All that is sudden, exciting and unanticipated and that involves destruction and re-creation is the domain of Uranus.  Breakdowns must often precede rebuilding, reawakening and growth. Are you taking apart your household so you can move to a better location? Or perhaps you feel you're losing everything you once had. Is that necessary so  you can have a different and more enlightened life? These are not always easy transitions. Alternately, Leo Moon moves in and asks us to enjoy life today. What makes you happy and is healthy and enjoyable? Do that for a while. Today's color is Orange. 


Sunday: The eve of our powerful solar eclipse features Leo Moon meeting Mars, the warrior. Jupiter is in harmony with the Moon, from Libra, and Jupiter also aligns with Mars (as they say in the song "Age of Aquarius"). Whatever is going on, the energy is dynamic, active and bold. Find your inner Lion traits, like courage and self esteem. Also remember this is a time of clearing the way, of reconsidering and removing obstacles or situations that hold us down or back. Yet, the answers may not be clear while Mercury is retrograde. So if you drop one thing, the other may not be immediately right there waiting. Reflection time may be necessary. Live the processes rather than try for shortcuts or the easy way (which can become the hard or lengthy way sometimes). Leo is the sign of heart, backbone and strong will as well as creativity and children's issues and voices. May you learn from someone youthful today. Listen. Today's color is Gold. 


Monday: Solar Eclipse in Leo at 2:30 pm EDT, and at that time void of course Moon begins. The eclipse is near Regulus, a powerful star. All related to leadership, royalty, pride (the good or bad kind), heart, bravery, and victories is highlighted now. This solar eclipse continues a very active time of transitions that began July 23rd, continued with lunar eclipse two weeks ago, and lasts powerfully for another month. A six month cycle until the next two eclipses also begins. Uranus, the volatile, adventurous, rebellious planet forms trines to the Sun and Moon. Uranus is in the late degrees of Aries, the sign of birth, rebirth and initiative as well as war and anger. There are many ways this can play out in personal lives and in the world. Saturn retro is also an influence, from Sagittarius. The retrograde of saturn is almost over. Solutions may begin to present themselves, particularly in long term problems. It's a potent time for life changes, breaking unhealthy habits, overcoming addiction, facing up to what you've been running from, acting on creative and heartfelt inspirations to name a few positives.  A major challenge will be how we deal with anger, violence, or misuse of power. I wish you the very best. Leos born now and those at the tail end of Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus may feel this one most, if not today in the month ahead. Today's color is White.


Tuesday: Virgo Moon began at 4:25 pm on Monday (though that was not the big story of the day). Now Sun moves into Virgo at 6:20 pm. This begins the last third of summer. Moon meets Mercury retro, opposes Neptune, and trines Pluto. The truth could be clouded by lies or fluff intended to distract you. You may begin a conversation or agreement that needs time to gestate, process and solidify in a few weeks when Mercury retro ends (September 5th). Mars and Saturn retro form a trine. I feel it's too bold and brash though it can be adventurous. This is not a good shopping day, and it may be best to lay low in general.  Unsettled energy dominates the day. Wear Indigo for intuition and instincts. 


Wednesday: At this point in the forecasts, I feel like calling a chill out day! Someone may ask you for an answer or final word. It may not be the best time, but use your own good judgement to decide. Meditate, take time in nature, go fishing or walk in the woods or on the beach. The Moon and Venus favor harmony and connection to the water and earth. Void Moon in Virgo 4 pm. A good date night or relaxing evening at home. Libra Moon 9:05 pm EDT. Think and be peaceful. Organize if you must. Things are in flux. Today's color is Lavender.


free Yoga and live music on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine Thursday, August 24th 5:30 pm. Don't forget! Grounding, meditative, slow flow and seated postures.

Peace! Robin

August 10th to 16th, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Yoga is Thursday 5:30 pm at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine. Baby goats will join us and you can meet them after yoga for Leo/eclipse season. Outdoors in the field, and by donation. Make a summer memory with us on August 17th!




Thursday: Pisces Moon void of course from 9:38 am EDT on. Leo Sun is in harmony with Jupiter for socializing, optimism, and opening the heart.  Mercury in Virgo aligns with Venus in Cancer for relationships and communication. Do what's sensible and realistic while keeping feelings and sensitivities in mind. Today's color is Green for the heart chakra and the sign Pisces.


Friday: Aries Moon time starts 1:22 am EDT. The waning Moon in an action starting sign may lead you to 'clean house'. Clear debris that you're certain you're done with. Be mindful and not impulsive since Mercury retro is already a factor. Avoid doing anything you'll wish you could reverse. Minds will be very changeable as will plans in the weeks ahead, for the remainder of August and into September.  It's not a favorable day to shop or make a big purchase. Exercise, act on inspiration, clear a path for what's next or new, even without knowing what exactly is coming. Red is today's color.


Saturday: Mercury retrograde officially begins at 9 pm in the sign Virgo. The retro will take Mercury back into Leo briefly from August 31st to September 9th. Mercury is retro, appearing to move backwards and retracing degrees of these signs until September 5th. With school shopping and September schedules in the works, it's not the most convenient time for a retrograde. Make minimal changes since things will shift again. Leave well enough alone, as my Grandmother would say. Enjoy reconnecting with friends and get back to unfinished projects you still have energy for. Aries Moon with a variety of aspects to planets. Do what feels most worthwhile and natural, and avoid forcing matters or pushing things to work when they're not really meant to. Today's color is Yellow.


Sunday: Void Moon only from 4:01 to 6:40 am EDT. Sweet dreams during those hours. If you're awake, feel the in between nature of the void Moon and relax into the day or into sleep. Brush off or breathe well through feelings of urgency. Most things can wait. Taurus Moon stabilizes and favors long term decisions and loyalty. The Leo Sun trine to Saturn in Sagittarius may open your mind to options if you're attempting to solve or resolve something important. Pay attention to creative solutions and alternative ideas. Today's color is Orange.


Monday: Taurus Moon engages with 6 planets directly and 2 in a less direct manner. 4th quarter Moon is at 9:15 pm EDT as the Moon squares the Sun in Leo. Today is likely to be busy and you may be asked to commit or agree to something. Mercury is retro so temporary arrangements may work best. Set an end date or a date to reconvene. Don't allow yourself to be pushed into anything you're not ready for. Spend time outdoors, appreciate nature, work in the garden. Abundance and prosperity are favored. Go fishing or collecting.  Weed out what you're sure is ready to go. If you must shop, say for clothing, today is better than some Mercury retrograde days. Save receipts for the entire month and into the next. Void Moon 9:15 pm to 10:06 am EDT Tuesday. Today's color is Brown.


Tuesday: Mercury opposes Pluto. The Moon moves to Gemini at 10:06 am. Communication, family business, home related concerns or decisions, and balancing emotions are some of today's themes. Staying centered and focused will help. Gemini Moon often leads to busy mind or multi tasking. Try to stay centered. Something that's been suppressed, hidden or emotionally charged will come up for discussion for some. This may be a completely internal, personal process or it may involve your family or your 'corporate family'. Today's color is Blue.


Wednesday: This Gemini Moon day features the challenges of the sign, as squares form with other planets and there's an opposition to Saturn retrograde. Mars is in harmony with the Moon, however that could make conversations too strong or bold. Words could be misused in argumentative or egotistical ways. Communication and plans are challenged by the Moon/Mercury retro square. Be careful what or whom you trust or rely on. Today's color is Light Blue.

August 3rd to 9th, 2017

Thursday: Moon void of course from 5:38 to 8:37 pm EDT. We are warming up for a lunar eclipse, which is a Full Moon, in Aquarius on Monday at 2:11pm EDT. We are likely to feel and observe change in the air. The Moon meets Saturn in the 3 am hour (eastern time zone). Go over agreements, plans and considering important decisions that require maturity and courage.  Saturn is retrograde until August 25th, in Sagittarius. The Moon and Uranus form a trine, feeding each others' fire, at 5:38 pm EDT as the Moon moves void of course. This is an exciting or precarious trine. Move thoughtfully through these hours. Capricorn Moon shift happens at 8:37 pm EDT  and about 9 hours later the Moon will be exactly opposite Venus in Cancer, activating relationship and family matters. You may notice opposition or adversarial energies. You may also have a chance to meet someone in the middle and find compromise. Also note that Uranus moves retrograde at 1:31 am EDT.  Less attention is given to outer planets retrogrades though a sudden back up or halt could be signaled. Today's color is Green.


Friday: Capricorn Moon. Jupiter squares Pluto in Libra/Capricorn. Attune to how you or others use will,  resources, and knowledge. How are control and power at play? Aim for what's grounded and fair. We are very close to the eclipse and sudden changes include closure, people departing, major decisions or events that precipitate such decisions. Strong judgement is called for. Seek right action and fair outcomes.  Today's color is Black.


Saturday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and squares Jupiter. Yesterday's forecast is entirely relevant today. The eclipse is a Full Moon, waxing now through Monday at 2:11 pm EDT. This is powerful and eventful period.  Some of today's themes include facing fear, doing what's just. finishing products and projects and remaining grounded. Today's color is Gray.


Sunday: It's the eve of the Lunar Eclipse, and the Capricorn Moon gives way to Aquarius Moon at 8:15 am EDT. Void Moon is 5:22 to 8:15 am EDT. Dreams activate. You may want to sleep late or feel like sleep is intermittent. Aquarius Moon is generally suited to group meetings and events, and connecting with like minded souls. Aquarius Moon will go on to oppose Mars early on Monday. That opposition may be disagreeable. It may also activate us around common vision, if we're fortunate and experience the positives during this eclipse. It's the first of 2 this month. All Full Moons lead to coming full circle, completions, closures and peaks, and sometimes to dreams realized in their fullest expression. Honor due dates.  Mercury is about to be retrograde, starting the 12th. Today's color is Turquoise Blue.


Monday: Lunar eclipse in Aquarius 2:11 pm EDT across from the Sun, as always, and across from Mars in Leo. Jupiter is supportive from Libra, which can assist with the right people at the right time, legal matters ready to resolve, and in some cases educational or travel decisions that must be made now or very soon. Mars opposition often does not make life easy. Mars is in Leo, sign of children, sometimes paternal in nature, and always youthful and resilient. Notice any of that in process.  Today's color is White.


Tuesday: Aquarius Moon aligns with Saturn retro in Sagittarius. This also applies to Monday since it's a late night/wee hours sextile. All that is global and wide in scope relates. Attention will be called to life decisions, the people involved and the travel, knowledge and wisdom required. Saturn is retro and retroactive is a word that could apply. At 3:07 pm the Moon aligns with Uranus in Aries, leading to sudden, spontaneous, combustible, or impulsive action and events. Watch your step, drive safely, avoid confrontations for now. Moon to Pisces at 5:56 pm EDT. Romance, imagination and dreams are featured for the evening. Being by the ocean or lake is a Pisces Moon plus.  Today's color is Light Blue.


Wednesday: Pisces Moon through Thursday. The Moon harmonizes with Venus in Cancer for romance and creativity. Seek harmony through communication even if it seems like the opposing sides are strong.  Mercury is across from the Moon and set to retrograde for about 3 weeks starting on the 12th. Perhaps you can reach a temporary compromise or plan today. Take a soft, easygoing, non confrontational approach to be in harmony with Venus, Mercury and the Moon in water and earth signs. Less is more is a phrase that comes to mind. Moon and Neptune fues romance and imagination as they meet in Pisces. However they also make it easy to slip back into patterns of escapism, substance abuse, and denial. Can you stay real and true, clear headed and willing? Today's color is Pink.


Thursdays in August! I would love you to join us and feed your soul with outdoor yoga on a farm or in our small city!


Robin's Zodiac Yoga with baby goat petting and all the farm has to offer on August 17th 5:30 pm at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland Maine. Your donations are shared between me and the farm. It's a wonderful outdoor yoga spot. I hope you can come! 


Robin's Zodiac Yoga with live music by Todd Glacy, Sacred Sound and Healing, on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine near the art museum and State Theatre August 24th at 5:30 -6:45 pm.


Intro to Yoga Nidra is September 8th, Friday 5-8 pm. Are you ready to heal your soul, start a meditation practice you can do any day, and gather with others who are doing the same? Deep rest, a receptive state, the path to taking care of stress, emotions, and your true self. At Scarborough Yoga. Sign up here or in the Oasis/Scarborough Yoga space at 433 US Rte 1. Link here.


If you're more deeply interested, do the entire weekend training and you can lead and write your own yoga nidras. 20 Yoga Alliance credits for yoga teachers. All are welcome.  Link here.


Email me for info anytime robinivy88 at gmail

July 27th to August 2nd, 2017

Thursday: Robin's Zodiac Yoga is free on Congress Square Park Portland with live music by Helena Nash at 5:30-6:45 pm. Bring your mat. Attune your body and spirit to the Leo season with this astrologically inspired sequence. Corner of Congress and High Street across from the State Theatre and Portland Museum of Art.

The Moon is in Libra from 11:37 am on. In the earlier hours a void of course Virgo Moon spans 2:31 am to 11:37 am EDT and it's best to keep routines and maintain order and simplicity. Libra Moon aligns with Mars and the Sun in Leo. This is a very social day favored for gatherings, parties, dates, and action on partnerships and agreements.  Today's color is Pink.


Friday: Libra Moon meets Jupiter and squares Pluto. Expect questions and considerations about the value of growth and progress versus what seems too excessive or creates anxiety.  This can be a very positive day for partnerships and agreements. Some will move past fears, but not without effort and surrender. Notice where the resistance is and question it. What's it about? Is it real or connected to a false perception or lack of knowledge and answers.  Push for what's right and fair.  Today's color is Lavender. 


Saturday: Libra Moon aligns with Saturn, Venus and opposes Uranus. All three planets are in fire signs. Moon and Venus smile on the social occasions and on romantic love. Saturn is retrograde until August 25th, so you may investigate a solution or closure, but need to wait it out through a delay or for the best possible terms.  Emotions may feel off kilter with the Uranus opposition.  Avoid impulsiveness.  At 5:30 pm EDT the Moon is void of course until moving to Scorpio at 8:23 pm EDT.  Tune into the spiritual or invisible aspects of any situation.  Today's color is Red.


Sunday: Scorpio Moon, 2nd quarter at 11:23 am EDT. This lunar marker suggests progress. Venus in Gemini aligns with Uranus in Aries. Fickle and unpredictable in relationships, this could lead to a surprise or spark interest between potential lovers. The Moon makes a variety of other planetary aspects. If you're feeling creative or romantic, it's an easygoing day/night. If you're in an argumentative mood, today could be frustrating and uneasy.  Maroon is today's color. 


Monday: Scorpio Moon void 7:10 am to 8:01 am EDT on Tuesday. Today is rather unpredictable and may include spontaneity and changes of plans. Also, it may be a day to keep to yourself and take care of your priorities or private business. The Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, related to privacy, secrecy, and perceptions. Today is colored by depth and feelings. Some may want to skip that and favor escapism, getting into the Sagittarius Moon mode a bit prematurely.  We'll tend to go to great lengths with what we do. Venus moves to Cancer at 10:54 am EDT. Sentiment, romance, the past and family are characteristic of Venus's time in the sign of home. Today's color is Black.


Tuesday: The Moon sails to Sagittarius at 8:01 am EDT. Some will come out of their shells or out of dark moods in favor of adventure or exploring through conversations and books. Moon and Mercury in Virgo are square and may contain sharp edges related to communication or educational plans.  You may spend more time negotiating than you want to or hoped for. Agreements will take effort and time, and scheduling may too. Blue is today's color. 


Wednesday: Sag Moon harmonious with Jupiter, Sag's ruling planet and with Mars in Leo. The Moon and Saturn also meet. Mars boosts energy and initiative. Courage and strength come into play. Jupiter favors wise action and expansion plans.  Saturn is a bit of a bug, and a retroactive solution or agreement may come through. Delays may continue to plague though, as Saturn favors patience while retrograde.  Do not put things off though, unless they can wait until after September 5th. Today's color is Purple. 

July 19th to 26th, 2017

On August 17th, Thursday night, I'll lead Robin's Zodiac Yoga at Sunflower Farm, and yes there are baby goats. It's a donation class, cash only, shared by me and the farm. I hope you can come. Click the link for directions to this Cumberland, Maine location. It's beautiful to be outside there. 5:30-6:45 pm


Thursday: Mars moves into Leo at 8:19 am EDT for a stay until September 5th. Mars is in the fire element during these weeks, which is more natural and powerful than Mars' time in Cancer. The tendency is to be more active, to deal with things, to be more courageous and find your strength. The sexual side of Mars is stronger in Leo too. The powerful animal inside gets a voice, an opportunity, and maybe the spotlight. You'll notice who vies for attention. Gemini Moon today meets Venus and aligns with Jupiter. It's a fabulous day for a date or a networking meeting. Gemini Moon opposite Saturn retro and hard subjects may surface too. Sun squares Uranus in the evening and there's an energetic though abrupt nature to this. Look before leaping. Family issues may be triggered too. Today's color is Red.


Friday: Void of course Moon is 1:41 am to 4:09 am EDT. It's a convenient time if you sleep then since the lack of judgement or progress of void hours is best spent dreaming. Cancer Moon with no major aspects for the rest of the day. Nourish and nurture, others and your self too. Today's color is Light Blue.


Saturday: Leo time begins at 11:15 am EDT. Babies born before then are Cancers. The Sun's shift of sign leads us into the peak of summer, and the New Moon is Sunday. Freshen things up. Get ready to take action, live your life, move out of a funk, and welcome the unexpected.  Cancer Moon continues with a variety of angles to planets including opposition to Pluto which stimulates emotion and inner processes and sometimes makes one feel more anxious or more ready to face a situation. It can play out either way. This dark Moon is time for reconsideration and issues around justice and healthy growth may dominate the mind. Today's color is White.


Sunday: New Moon  in Leo at 4:34 am EDT. The Moon changes signs at 2:05 as Cancer Moon and Uranus square. One thing this indicates is more family matters and news. The New Moon leads us into eclipse season as our next Full Moon comes with an eclipse and so will the August New Moon, also  in Leo. Lions and Lionesses, changes are in the air even if you don't know what they are quite yet. The Moon meets Mars for action, competition, performances, showing off, and creativity. Keep the risk level low though. Avoid physical exertion that could be 'too much'. Passions run high today. Wear Purple.


Monday: Leo Moon and a whole bunch of astrological action. New Moon propels us forward and initiates events and people, some of which seemed 'not ready yet' or not yet time. Everything may seem to move faster. Venus opposes Saturn and brings up unresolved relationship matters, items that are up for debate again, and re-negotiations. News and developments are likely in all kinds of circumstances and situations. Today's color is Orange.


Tuesday: Void Moon in Leo 5:22 to 6:32 am EDT and then Moon to Virgo. Mercury enters Virgo at 7:41 pm, the first planet to move to Virgo this year. Mercury is at home in Virgo, ready to sort, organize, analyze and perfect. We'll feel like making plans and setting dates. Do some financial planning or pay the bills. Moon and Mercury meet in Leo at 5:22 am for a very social day too. It's a good day to rehears or perform, create and keep the kids busy with good stuff. Wear Navy Blue.


Wednesday: Virgo Moon for working the land or building, cleaning, and taking care of details.  Read the fine print. Flow where there's momentum. Mercury will be retro August 12th for a few weeks, so now is a better time for agreements, purchases, and setting dates.  The Sun and Mars meet in Leo for a wild burst of love, creativity or taking strong action. Today's color is Yellow.

                                                       July 13th to 19th, 2017

All Yoga classes listed are in Maine. Plan on RoZoYo® outdoor yoga Thursday, July 27th. Free downtown Portland event with music performed by Helena Nash. Eclipse season Yoga with a Leo theme on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine 5:30-6:45 pm! Bring a mat.


Thursday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune, squares Venus in Gemini, and aspects Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto recently connected with the Full Moon and similar themes to the past weekend emerge and recirculate. Transformation is the theme. Escapism could be holding you or someone around you back. Emotions can overwhelm or you can meet them head on and get past fear or allow yourself sadness, or whatever the situation is, immerse rather than run. How understanding can you be, of yourself or another, without losing good judgment or an important boundary? Understanding doesn't mean you can't draw appropriate lines.  Take advantage of highly creative and romantic Moon/Neptune conjunction. Today's color is Light Green. 


Friday: Pisces Moon trine Cancer Sun and Mars. Moon and Saturn retrograde are square and Mercury aligns with Jupiter. Growth, abundance and fertility themes. Going back over old business and recurrent patterns happens with the Pisces/Cancer and Saturn retrograde aspects of the day. Maybe this time we get it right? Learn from the past. Mercury and Jupiter favor big plans and events where many gather. Moon void from 1 pm to 7:52 pm EDT and then into Aries. Today's color is Orange.


Saturday: Aries Moon aligns with Venus and is opposite Jupiter. It's a social day, and spontaneous adventures happen. Accept a last minute invite. Some of us will face terms and attempt compromises and peacemaking even if feelings are mixed.  Avoid selfishness and aim for what's fair and just.  Red is today's color. 

Prenatal Yoga 9 am at Greener Postures in W. Falmouth.


Sunday: Aries Moon with a mix of aspects that culminate with the Moon/Uranus monthly meeting. Things heat up rapidly and change quickly.  Be careful around volatile people and unpredictable situations.  Do not engage in risk taking behaviors. Chill and lay low if life is stressful or tense.  Void of course Moon 10:19 pm until Monday 1:04 am EDT.  Today's color is White. 

Deep Stretch 5:30 pm  at Greener Postures in South Portland.


Monday: Taurus Moon. Venus squares Neptune for interesting changes of heart. Deception is in the air. Seek honesty and truth. Mars squares Uranus, and it's not likely to be easy or pleasant since Mars is out of his element in Cancer and Uranus is a wild card.  Acting on and expressing feelings or demands could get out of hand.  Stay in your safety zone with people and temper your reactions. Today's color is Pink.

6 am Heated Flow at Greener Postures in South Portland.


Tuesday: Taurus Moon with many planetary alignments. The energy is a bit more easygoing today, though all of yesterday's forecast still remains true.  Venus and Jupiter align beautifully for social gatherings and legal contracts and agreements. Dates and first meetings are favored too. Wear Blue.

Gentle Yoga 9 am at Scarborough Yoga 433 US Rte 1


Wednesday: Void of Course Moon in Taurus from 2:11 am to 3:31 am EDT. Gemini Moon takes over. Mercury aligns with Saturn retro in Sagittarius. Many will go over terms, make educational decisions or consider them, and it's likely things will be  up for debate or discussion.  Today's color is Yellow.

6 am Heated Flow at Greener Postures in South Portland.


photo from Restorative Yoga with Reiki at Maine YogaFest 2017

                                                  July 6th to 12th, 2017


Thursday: Warming up for Sunday's 12:07 am EDT Full Moon in Capricorn. Sagittarius Moon aligns with Jupiter, squares Neptune and meets Saturn. Questions come up about whether to face realities or try to escape. Escapism can involve drugs or delusions and ultimately will not get you what you want. Saturn and Jupiter urge wisdom and justice. What is the most mature decision and most fair action you can take?  Some of this will relate to the past and what's been unresolved or not taken care of properly for a long time.  Today's color is Light Blue.


Friday: Sagittarius Moon begins the day, void of course 10:12 am to 1:45 pm EDT when Capricorn Moon waxes toward Full. Mercury and Venus align in Leo/Gemini for social interactions, friends gathering and getting in touch, contractual agreements especially in the arts or publishing, and general positivity. Moon trine Uranus at 10:12 am, with the urge to begin, to create original and unique products or content, and a feeling of quickness. Ready or not! Capricorn Moon is without significant aspects for the remainder of this date and much of Saturday. This is the sign of structure, the bones and building. The Sun is in Cancer. Combine the energies of these opposing signs to grow and nurture things from the ground up. Expect completions and things coming full circle.  Use wisdom gently and with care as you guide someone through a transition or through fear.  This is a peak time emotionally and in terms of grounding, family and faith.  Today's color is Gold.


Saturday: Capricorn Moon is Full after midnight tonight, 12:07 am EDT. In Pacific and Central Zones in the USA, the Moon is Full tonight.  Capricorn brings themes of teaching and leading, wise action, completion of goals, and incorporating the nourishing traits of Cancer where the Sun is. Soften your tone. Speak with authority and yet with compassion.  Moon aligns with Neptune for spirituality and faith in outcomes.  The creative and orderly blend well together. The Moon and Jupiter bring up questions of fairness, justice, legalities and aim for a structured, just response where it's needed.  Ask for help, advice and the wisdom of experience.  Find your strength and resourcefulness without putting up big boundaries or fronts that push people away.  Steady yourself for the most right action. Today's color is Indigo.


Sunday: Full Moon meets Pluto at 2:06 am EDT. Confront a deep feeling or fear with courage and faith. Get past a block and let go of what's not working for you. This is an emotion filled conjunction and a peak in situations related to the past, transformation and metamorphosis, and becoming. Some times we must let go of an old belief, a grudge, and negative emotions in order to become and to move forward. This might be hard or scary, but your instincts will tell you if it's time and if this resonates with you. If you're procrastinating about something big because you're concerned about how it will play out, this may be the time. Doing things willingly, with surrender, is so much better than being cornered or forced when situations have gone farther or deteriorated more. How resourceful and brave can you be? Mars and Uranus are at odds with the Moon today, and suddenness or anger may not be friendly. Move and act with calm and clarity.  Void Moon 10:12 pm to 1:35 am EDT. Today's color is White.


Monday: Aquarius Moon time begins 1:35 am EDT. Aquarius is the zodiac's inventor and visionary. Apply that to your own life. Sun opposite Pluto continues the Pluto themes of yesterday, yet the feeling may be brighter. Be practical in your actions. Moon trine Venus and opposite Mercury. Communication will be very important. Prioritize returning calls and going over terms, for example. Socially, this Moon and Venus favor events, meetings and dates. Business-wise, collaborate and bring out each other's best talents and traits. Turquoise is today's color. 


Tuesday: Aquarius Moon aligns with Jupiter and Saturn. Take agreements seriously. Expect long term results of what you engage in. Tap into intelligence, logic and reason. Also, have a sense of adventure and open mind.  Today's color is Blue.


Wednesday: Void of Course Moon 8:40 am EDT to 11:51 am when the Moon shifts to Pisces.  Moon and Uranus align at 8:40 for original and/or quick thinking. A fast response or action may be needed. Pisces Moon encourages intuitive flow.  Today's color is Green.


July's Robin's Zodiac Yoga is on the 27th at 5:30-6:45 pm Congress Square Park in downtown Portland, Maine. Flow for Leo time. It's free of charge. I hope you can come!



                                                 June 29th to July 5th, 2017

Thursday: Virgo Moon for analytical thinking, problem solving and finding flexible or alternate solutions.  Mercury across from Pluto reveals secrets and fears and encourages resolving or acknowledging them with care.  Take care with the messages you convey to others, especially family and 'corporate' family if you are part of a large organization.  Void Moon 4:35 pm EDT to 3:02 am EDT Friday. Today's color is Black.


Friday: Libra Moon from 3:02 am EDT with emphasis on Justice. The 2nd quarter Moon is 8:51 pm EDT. This time in the lunar cycle is best for progress. With Libra Moon, consider progress in love relationships and all partnerships, consensus and compromise.  Fairness and feelings are today's key themes. Lavender is our daily color.


Saturday: Libra Moon meets Jupiter, squares 3 planets and aligns with Saturn retrograde. Some retrograde type thinking and decisions may be due. Patience is not the same as putting things off. Patience may be wise, but procrastinating isn't recommended. Can you distinguish whether you're doing one or other? If fear or discouraging messages are holding you back, consider how that may never change until you take the leap. Face consequences if need be. They also will always be there. Today's color is Blue.


Sunday: Void Moon in Libra 9:16 am to 12:59 pm EDT. Flexible plans go best as things change and people may not show up or arrive on time. Save solid decisions and definitive actions for after 1 pm EDT (or make them before the void Moon time). Mars opposes Pluto and may just 'not feel good' for part or all of the day. Mars is a fish out of water in the sign Cancer, not quite knowing how to act or  how to deal with emotions. Pluto pushes for transformation and metamorphosis. This may feel like growing anger or resentment or feel like growing pains. Try to calm your responses and actions. The Moon is also opposing Uranus. All of this can lead us to be overwhelmed in some way. Scorpio Moon moves in and is also intense as well as passionate.  Today's color is Maroon.


Monday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune. Romance and passion spark. It's a day for artists and dreamers. Actions will have long term meaning and lasting power though. Understand what you're engaging in or agreeing too, even silently.  Moon and Sun are in harmony for deep feeling, sentiment, reunions, and intuition. Today's color is Indigo Blue.


Tuesday: Independence Day in the USA. Scorpio Moon all day, void at 9:34 pm EDT. Venus moves to Gemini at 8:11 pm EDT. Venus is social and flirtatious, connecting us for friendships or love with like minded people who share their thoughts and interest. Mercury square Uranus can lead to spontaneous words of emotion, passion or anger.  Check yourself before blurting something out you might regret or not say under less stressful conditions.  It can be a fun and heart centered night too, as the Moon and Mercury align, drawing us close to the ones we care about. Today's color is White.


Wednesday: Mercury moves to Leo at 8:20 pm EDT. Mercury is lighthearted and creative in Leo for a few weeks while Venus is in airy, conversational Gemini. It's a good combination for meeting and being with new people, in groups or connecting one on one. Parties are favored. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:08 am EDT with an adventurous spirit. Moon opposite Venus makes us favor our freedom in relationships and like casual encounters or just fun rather than dealing with emotional talks or situations.  Put off that conversation about what's wrong and enjoy the day with someone instead. Sun lines up with Neptune in Cancer/Pisces, the water signs. Free spirited floating may suit us well. Sun squares Jupiter for the legal and family business that cannot wait. Sun and Jupiter favor positive outcomes even as you work through a challenging situation.  Today's color is Orange.


Full Moon is on Sunday, July 9th.


Full Moon Restorative Yoga with Reiki by Addie Powers Johnson at Maine YogaFest is Sold Out.  Maine YogaFest tix for other workshops are still on sale, and also there are free community classes, music and vendor village so come for the atmosphere anyway! July 7th-9th East End Community School in Portland.


My meditation and yoga nidra EP is on bandcamp! Check it out and see if it's something you'd like to download for a small price. I wish you more peace and self care and this is my offering, recorded at Tidal SoundStudios this spring and release during the New Moon on June 23rd.


Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and Personal Immersion is at Scarborough Yoga Sept 8-10th and early bird rate is $299 until July 30th. Payable to: Scarborough Yoga,

                                                433 US Rte 1 Scarborough Maine 04074.

I would love you to join me in this transforming meditation practice you can share with others. You will leave ready to offer Yoga Nidra to others and guide yourself as well. It truly has changed my way of handling stress or lack of rest as well as manifesting intentions. If it's not time for you to train but you are interested, check my schedule for Yoga Nidra coming up later in the summer. You can also download one on bandcamp and see what it's like for you.


20 Yoga Alliance Credits offered for Teachers. All individuals are welcome and will receive a certificate of completion.



Photos from RoZoYo on Congress Square Park! Hope you can join us next time, Thursday, July 27th at 5:30-6:45 pm with music by Helena Nash!








                                                         June 22nd to June 28th, 2017


Thursday: This is the day prior to Cancer New Moon. It's time to shed an outdated belief or move on in your heart, and create space for love, romance, healing and reconnecting. That can include reunions or forgiveness and may also mean  making room for a  housemate, family member or other person who needs care and nurturing.  The Moon is in Gemini, aligned with Jupiter in Libra for fairness and positivity in relationships. It may also be fun and stimulating to be with people you didn't know well, or at all, before today. Socialize. Expect that others will need flexibility and freedom to express feelings and ideas.  Today's color is Light Blue.


Friday Cancer New Moon 10:31 pm EDT, meeting the Sun of course and approaching Mercury for a conjunction in the early hours of Saturday. Early in the day, things are changeable or could feel unstable as Uranus harmonizes with Gemini Moon. Gemini Moon opposes Saturn retro and that may feel like pressure to give your word or to sign a contract. Take your time if possible.  Endeavors are best started after New Moon, and through the days ahead.  2:45 pm to 6:07 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course. Late day Cancer Moon leads to heartfelt or other necessary conversations.  The protective and caring urge could come across as controlling or criticism. Do the best you can to be clear.  Today's color is White.


Saturday: Cancer Moon with a variety of planetary aspects. Venus aligns with Pluto. Understanding is a key word today. Can you understand something more clearly, ask for clarification,  or empathize with others' emotions so as not to judge harshly? How does understanding apply in your life right now? Do you need someone to show more understanding, and if so can you gently ask for that? Today's color is Blue.


Sunday: Cancer Moon aligns with Venus for harmony and love. Almost simultaneously, Mars and Jupiter form the sharp corners of a square. This sets up action around what's fair or requires more justice or balance. Family and partnership situations that are out of sync are most implied.  Consider what's fair in terms of sharing, judgment, and with resources or responsibilities. Cancer Moon void from 2:44 pm to 6:06pm EDT. Leo Moon follows and may bring more optimism and sense of fun for Sunday night or Monday.  Today's color is Gold.


Monday: The Leo Moon aligns with Jupiter for socializing, fun and acts of generosity and love.  Mars and Neptune align which may soften some edges and help us overlook what we cannot change. Creativity may peak. Be compassionate and notice who you enjoy being around. Positive people will lift you up, so find them. Today's color is Purple.


Tuesday: Leo Moon with varied aspects. Mercury is a major influence with a square to Jupiter and a trine to Neptune. Mercury meets Mars on Wednesday so that's approaching as well. Strong reason to form agreements, sign contracts, communicate pressing information or feelings, and issues of justice all come with these aspects.  There's no specific reason to be wary about agreements or legal matters right now. Saturn is retrograde, but that's true fairly often during the year. Evaluate timing. Does it feel right to move forward or resolve something now? Family and home related matters take precedence. Leo Moon void from 5:12 pm to 8:41 pm EDT. During those hours play it safe. Virgo Moon moves in. Tonight may be romantic or a good time for magical and imaginative work or play. Today's color is Indigo.


Wednesday: Virgo Moon. Mercury and Mars meet. Avoid defensive behavior or words. Listen and notice what you're protecting from feelings to people. Is that useful or could opening up and being more flexible ease a strain or emotional pain.  Can you avoid being passive aggressive and communicate about feelings without blaming? Problem solve under Virgo Moon. Today's color is Yellow.


I'll see some of you at Maine YogaFest for Restorative Yoga with Reiki by Addie Powers Johnson, under one of the tents on Saturday, July 8th at 5-6:30 pm. www.Maineyogafest.com


September 8th-10th, training for yoga teachers and others interested in deepening their practice or teaching of Yoga Nidra, a form of guided meditation.  Anyone can learn this wonderful, magical method of guiding deep relaxation for healing and manifesting intentions. This intensive weekend includes experiential learning and you will leave ready to practice and guide yoga nidra on your own or for others. Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and Personal Immersion Early bird registration is on. $299 payable to Scarborough Yoga by July 15th. Email me to let me know you've registered robinivy88@gmail.com and mail checks to:

Scarborough Yoga 

433 US Rte 1 

Scarborough, Maine 04074

the details are at this link


Robin's Zodiac Yoga Asana and Intuition at Tula in South Portland, Saturday, September 16th 

1-3:30 pm. Sign up at www.TulaMaine.com

I hope to see you soon!


June 15th to 21st, 2017

Thursday: Void Moon from 1:40 to 6:17 am EDT. Moon shifts to Pisces and is in harmony with Mars in Cancer. Our water sign traits activate, including sensitivity, artistic expression and appreciation, protectiveness, nurturing and sentiment and sometimes sadness.  The Gemini Sun opposes Saturn retro in Sagittarius. Deal with responsibilities and consider whether to take a second look at educational or travel plans and possibly revise.  Make this a date night or be with the ones you love. Today's color is Green.


Friday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune, and aligns with Venus and Pluto. Personal feelings and relationships are number one.  Acknowledge and honor emotions. Honor differences of opinion. Minimize criticism or deliver it gently and tactfully. Wear Light Blue.


Yin Yoga at Riverbend Yoga Yarmouth, Maine 12-1 pm.


Saturday: Pisces Moon void from 7:33 am to 1:56 pm EDT. Take care with everything and everyone. Be kind. Moon square to the Sun and Saturn. Honor agreements. Deal sensitively with tough situations.  Continue to reconsider or revise any plan that no longer seems wise. Aries Moon with no aspects for the afternoon and night.  Today's color is Red.


Sunday: Aries Moon squares Mars and opposes Jupiter. Mercury opposes Saturn in Gemini/Sagittarius. Disagreements and anything sudden will require patience and problem solving. Waiting may be the wisest course. Try to avoid anger and impulsiveness. Void of course Moon 10:19 pm EDT until 1:04 am on Monday, Adjust to your time zone.  Today's color is White.

5:30-6:45 Deep Stretch at Greener Postures in South Portland


Monday: Taurus Moon 1:04 am EDT. Stability and stubbornness as Venus squares Neptune and Mars squares Uranus. Open up to self expression, especially through music and all of the art forms.  Don't hold back your talents or your feelings (out of fear or judgment). There's some high strung, wound up energy in the air and with Mars in Cancer this may be an emotional release. Do calming things and help keeps others comfortable and safe, particularly those going through hard times.  Today's color is Pink.

6-7am Heated Flow at Greener Postures in South Portland


Tuesday: Taurus Moon with harmonious aspects to Mars, Neptune and Venus. Moon and Venus meet for sensuality, healing and love. Announcements and news are likely as Mercury and Uranus join forces. This leads to original thinking. Some words or news may burst impulsively or without much thought. Venus and Neptune favor romance. Today's color is Green.

9-10 am Gentle Yoga at Scarborough Yoga (433 route 1 in Scarborough, Maine)


Wednesday: Summer Solstice arrives when the Sun moves to Cancer at 12:24 am EDT. Mercury also moves to Cancer for reunions, sentimental feelings, and nurturing relationships. Void Moon 12;28 am until 6:44 pm EDT, and then a shift into Gemini Moon. The New Moon in Cancer is on Friday for the USA, Saturday in other time zones. The Sun meets Mercury at 10:14 am at the cusp of Cancer. Be gentle with communications. Enjoy and prioritize family. Family news is likely.  Today's color is Yellow.


Summer Solstice and New Moon Yoga, free, with music by Happy Folk on Congress Square Park, downtown Portland, Maine on Thursday the 22nd at 5:30-6:45 pm. Please come out and enjoy summer! 


June 8th to 14th, 2017


Thursday: The Moon is nearly Full and in this month's Full Moon sign, Sagittarius. The Moon is in harmony with Jupiter in Libra and squares Neptune in Pisces.  The Moon and Jupiter alignment equals good fortune, and Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, and Gemini may experience luck through opportunities, travels, fulfilled wishes, and supportive friends.  Today's color is Turquoise.


Friday:Full Moon in Sagittarius is at 9:20 am EDT. This Full Moon of fire may fuel strong disagreements and also lead to closure in important life matters. The Moon meets Saturn retrograde and  you may close a chapter through a legal agreement or other significant decision. Venus and Mars align today, in Taurus and Cancer, for romance and reassurance even during this time of polar opposition. Recognize where it's important to be loyal. Know what's worth fighting for and what might be better to let go of. Today's color is White.


Saturday: From 2:20 am to 7:36 am EDT, the Moon is void of course. Capricorn Moon for the rest of the weekend. The Moon opposes Mars which may be difficult in matters of the heart or of controversy and debate.  The Moon aligns with Venus, helping to offset some of that opposition. Relationships and family matters take strong priority and may be quite stirred up today. The Full Moon zone continues, and you may notice this as certain situations peak. Today's color is Green.


Sunday: Capricorn Moon squares Jupiter, is in harmony with Neptune and meets Pluto. If something is wrong, face up to the reality and do something about it. Avoidance gets you nowhere. This is meant to be a productive day.  Today's color is Black.


Monday: Void Moon 2:45 to 7:45 pm. Use the hours before then to be productive and engaged in your priorities. The Moon squares Uranus at 2:45 pm, and annoyances or power struggles may flare up. Do routine things and exercise or relax during the void Moon hours.  Aquarius Moon sets in for a social night which is also a decent night for studies or work. Violet is today's color.


Tuesday: A busy day in the zodiac. The strong influences come from the Aquarius Moon, Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra. Note that these are the 3 air signs, relating to intelligence, communication, ideas, and discretion.  It's a day for good judgement, fair treatment, and conversation or meetings.  Agreements and partnerships form or take new shape.  Today's color is Blue.


Wednesday: Aquarius Moon aligns with the Sun and Saturn. It's another day for agreements, co-creating, intellect and invention.  The Moon and Sun favor our social interactions too. Wear Silver.

June 1st to 8th, 2017

Thursday: Virgo Moon, 2nd quarter, a time for productivity and progress. Try to leave pressure out of the mix. Today can be easy going as Moon and Pluto form a trine and Neptune is across from the Moon. Neptune's opposition can add to lack of timeliness and reliability. Notice if you're lost in a dream or detached from others. Ground where your energy is needed. Venus and Saturn form a trine for resolving partnership matters and taking the lead where forgiveness or other agreements are needed and perhaps feel overdue.  Today's color is Green.


Friday: Virgo Moon will be void of course 5:48 to 8:04 pm. Moon in harmony with Pluto, and Mercury, all in earth signs, favors the practical matters of life. We can communicate more reasonably and understand our own hopes, motives or fears better with these aspects.  Virgo Moon square to Mars and Saturn intensifies the call to act and to take things seriously.  Get into the details and stay out of disagreements. Know what you're willing to stand steadfast for as others may test your vulnerability or limits.  Libra Moon moves in at 8:04 pm EDT for a social Friday night and weekend. Today's color is Pink.


Saturday: Libra Moon meets Jupiter and the Sun aligns from Gemini, gracing social events and parties. Partnerships, marriages, close friendships, and first meetings are all favored today. You may feel the inspiration for something new or celebrate the results of what's been in the works for a long while. Venus and Uranus are together in Aries for spontaneous dates, strong attraction, and maybe love at first sight.  Today's color is Blue (wear your favorite shade!).


Sunday: Libra Moon square to Pluto retro in Capricorn. The Sun squares Neptune in Pisces.  Ask yourself if those feelings you have, that resentment or perception, is really truth. Could you let go of an outdated idea about someone or about a relationship or friendship from the past? How would it feel to be free of one piece of baggage? Live in the now and notice any detachment or fear of what's real. Tune in to what's right here in front of you and live your life more joyfully. Illusions are not your friend. Mars moves to Cancer at 12:16 pm EDT. Mars is uncomfortable in Cancer's emotional realm. Let go of defensiveness before it takes root.  Today's color is White. 


Monday: Libra Moon void from 4:57 to 6:46 am EDT and opposes both Uranus and Venus before daybreak. Moon shifts to Scorpio for the rest of the day. Relationship matters are quite stirred up. Status changes may come by surprise. Feelings will come across very strongly for the next few days. The Moon aligns with Mars and you'll see protectiveness in play. Protecting one's own interests or feelings or privacy are examples.  Also we may fiercely protect other people. Wear Indigo Blue today. 


Tuesday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune and Pluto. The Scorpio energy is strong and intense. Yet, the trine angles may help ease tension or assist in processing emotional situations.  Venus shifts to Taurus after some fiery aspects in the past week. That can be a welcome relief if love and anxiety seem to be companions lately.  Venus is more earthy, loyal, and sensual in Taurus. Mercury moves to home sign Gemini at 6:15 pm EDT which inspires writing and imagination as well as networking with others for the next few weeks. Void Moon begins 8:35 pm EDT. Yellow is today's color. 


Wednesday: Long void of course Moon ends at 6:59 pm EDT when the Moon moves to Sagittarius.  Keep life simple today. Take care of routines and what needs to be accomplished as the Moon waxes toward Full on Friday. Moon opposes Mercury at 11:39 pm EDT. Notice communication that comes through tonight and pause before responding, making sure you understand clearly and avoiding a quick reaction you might change your mind about later.  Today's color is Purple. 


On Thursday, June 22nd join me outdoors on the 'dance floor' for RoZoYo® Solstice and New Moon Yoga with music by Happy Folk on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine 5:30-6:45 pm. This sequence will celebrate the start of summer and Cancer New Moon.  Come for the yoga, the music or to breathe with us! All are welcome and it's free, courtesy of Congress Square Arts. 

May 25th to May 31st, 2017 (note the date and look forward as this is a few days ahead)

Thursday: Gemini New Moon is at 3:44 pm EDT. Venus in Aries is square to Pluto retro in Capricorn today. Reconsider and weigh options today. Go back and face a relationship issue with more courage and willingness to be vulnerable or intimate in how you share. Today's color is White.


Friday: Gemini Moon creates a lively, interactive atmosphere, aligning with Venus for dates and social occasions and with Jupiter for an expansive, open minded way of thinking. Mars and the Moon meet and you may suddenly express something that's been bothering you or trapped inside. Avoid the angry approach. How can you be tactful with words? Wear Blue today.


Saturday: Void of course Moon 2:08 to 7:25 am EDT. The Moon lines  up with Uranus overnight. Take care and watch out for your friends. Volatile situations are to be avoided and diffused. Overnight, things could get out of hand quickly.  Cancer Moon today for taking care of home and of family concerns or immersing in joys with the ones we love. Today's color is Light Blue.


Sunday: Mercury aligns with Neptune for creativity and inspiration. Connect with the earth and the water in meaningful, playful and nurturing ways. Cancer Moon. Intuition is heightened as are our senses. The Moon makes a variety of aspects to other planets. Keep close relationships and fairness in mind as you move through the weekend. Today's color is Purple.


Monday: Void Moon 2:59 to 8:12 am EDT. Sleep and dream well. Note any messages or emotions that come through in dreams. Leo Moon for fun and activities with kids or games and competitions. Mars opposes Saturn in Gemini and Sagittarius. Keep debates under control. You may rethink a vacation or travel plan. Trust your instincts and don't force what doesn't seem meant to be. Note where the resistance is. Today's color is Yellow.


Tuesday: Leo Moon for a dynamic start to the business week, and it's also great for vacation time. The Moon aligns with Jupiter for gifts and glamour. Moon squares Mercury in Taurus which can mean stubbornness or strong will and resolve. Back words with actions.  Mars sextile to Uranus, and things happen quickly. This can signal success and inspiration, though we also want to be mindful with actions and not take big risks. Today's color is Orange.


Wednesday: Leo Moon void from 7:14 am to 12:16 pm EDT. Mix networking in with business, show interest in people and note how a seemingly random conversation could be favorable! Virgo Moon moves in at 12:16 for the practical part of the week. Mercury in Taurus is trine to Pluto retro in Capricorn and once Virgo Moon kicks in, there's an abundance of earth sign energy for getting things accomplished and making realistic plans as well as acting on them. Today's color is Navy Blue. 


Thursday, June 22nd on Congress Square Park, join me for a Solstice/New Moon celebration with yoga and live music by Happy Folk 5:30-6:45 pm. Come for the yoga or the music or both! Bring your own yoga mat. All are welcome to this free Robin's Zodiac Yoga brought to you by Congress Square Arts Portland, Maine.

May 18th to 24th, 2017

Thursday: Aquarius Moon in harmony with Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Whether you're meeting and greeting or dealing with serious business, there's strong complementary energy swirling about. Original thinking and unique style is highlighted as Moon and Uranus combine forces. The Moon is void of course 8:33 pm EDT, and that is the 4th quarter Moon mark. Moon to Pisces 11:52 pm EDT. Notice where you can find more ease or wind things down. Blue is today's color.


Friday: Pisces Moon aligns with Mercury in Taurus for intimate conversations and comforting reassurances. Saturn trine Uranus is a wild combination leading to quick decisions and unusual solutions or perspectives.  Notice what seems to come from out of the blue. Take it seriously. Venus is opposite Jupiter. Be fair, practical and open minded in relationship and partnership matters. Wear Light Blue. 


Saturday: Gemini time begins with the Sun's sign change at 4:31 pm EDT. Babies born ahead of that are Taurus. Pisces Moon meets Neptune, aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, squares Mars and Saturn. Calm, quiet, and creative activities are favored over anything that creates pressure or seems over the top or bold and brazen.  Void of course Moon 11:39 pm to 6:10 am EDT. Today's color is Yellow.


Sunday: At 6:10 am the Moon moves to Aries and is in harmony with the Sun for an agreeable and very outgoing sort of day. Red is today's color.


Monday: Aries Moon opposite Jupiter, meets Venus, square to Pluto and in harmony with Mars. As you can probably guess, it's a mixed day with some nice energy for love and attractions. The strongest downside is the possibility for feeling or acting on old fears or resentment. Today's color is Orange.


Tuesday: Aries Moon void of course 2:59 am to 8:33 am EDT, and then Moon in Taurus.  The Moon meets Uranus in Aries and then Mercury in Taurus. Startling or irritable influence early on gives way to more stabilizing and communicative energy as the day goes on. Productive, meaningful communication is likely. Today's color is Lavender. 


Wednesday: Taurus Moon in harmony with Neptune and Pluto. Take care of yourself and use care with what has to be done. The Moon is waning and in Taurus, so if you let go or release something or someone, expect that to be for the long haul. Letting go can be good. Make permanent decisions. Wear Blue. 


May 11th to 17th, 2017

Thursday: The Moon was Full exactly at 5:42 pm EDT on Wednesday. Essentially, the Moon is still Full, void of course since then, and moving to Sagittarius at 12:59 pm EDT. Mars squares Neptune in the mutable signs, pushing for changes including mental shifts. Mercury aligns with Saturn in fire signs, initiating agreements, urging us to finalize by putting things into verbal or written contracts and commitments.  All 4 planets are in signs of flux, flexibility or initiation.  Change is today's key word, and what occurred just six weeks or so ago is up for new debate.  Today's color is Red.


Friday: Sagittarius Moon aspects Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Mars. Mars is opposite, in Gemini and aligns with Jupiter in Libra.  Fairness and philosophical differences are highlighted. Mental energy is required and our powers of persuasion or our limits may be put to the test. It's not all bad by any means though. Jupiter favors justice and expansion.  Today's color is Purple.


Saturday: Sagittarius Moon void of course at 10:14 pm EDT. The hours before then are better for strong judgment. It's an active, adventurous sign for the Moon, yet Saturn is also in Sagittarius with a more serious, purposeful side.  Social events and gatherings are likely to to lively.  Today's color is Black.


Sunday: Happy Mother's Day in the USA. At 1:37 am EDT, Capricorn Moon moves in. The Moon squares Venus in Aries. This can sometimes trigger control issues or power plays.  What's motivating you?  Be aware of any potential manipulation.  Also, today can be for stepping up as a leader and for getting things done.  Wear rich shades of Brown today.


Monday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto retrograde, squares Jupiter retrograde, and is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces. Cardinal sign energy of Capricorn and Libra sets up opportunities to share power, combine the best modalities or traits in efforts to move forward, with the big idea and the method both in place. That is your quest for today. Are you willing to share ideas, efforts and power rather than try to run the whole show or give up completely. Be both creative and logical. See what needs to be done and devise a plan or begin the work. Today's color is Green.


Tuesday: Mercury moves back into Taurus, where the retrograde began, at 12:07 am EDT. In Taurus, mercury encourages step by step processes, a goal oriented but calm nature, thoughts and plans related to security, stability, and common sense.  If your plan needs refining or you've lost track of or skipped steps in a process, this is a fine time to re-set, go back and repeat or revise, and find your path. Moon and Sun form a trine in Capricorn/Taurus at daybreak (EDT), helping us get a good start. During the day, Uranus squares Capricorn Moon so be ready to think and problem solve quickly. Void of course Moon 6:22 to 1:50 pm EDT when the Moon moves into Aquarius and squares Mercury newly in Taurus. Match your actions to your words and your ultimate vision. Stay on track and be fierce about avoiding distractions and unhealthy habits or people. Today's color is Turquoise. 


Wednesday: Aquarius Moon in harmony with both Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. These are agreeable, optimistic aspects and lend themselves to original thinking, meeting people and networking and following up on inspired ideas. Wear Pink today.


May 4th to 10th, 2017

Thursday: Void Moon in Leo from 12:35 am to 5:47 am EDT. Be grounded and aware. Virgo Moon square to Mars at 11:35 pm EDT. Perfectionists will work hard to get things right or feel frustrated with what cannot be controlled. Criticism may sound harsh or come across in unintended ways on this first full day of Mercury direct. Letting small things go and creating some distance may help. Today's color is Brown.


Friday: Moon in harmony with the Sun in Taurus and with Pluto retro in Capricorn. Virgo Moon also opposes Neptune. We'll be concerned with truth. Minimize expenses, use energy productively. Stay close to the earth and give yourself some time to turn inward and think, feel or reflect.  Quiet time will be valued. Wear Green.


Saturday: Virgo Moon void of course 8:42 am to 2:20 pm EDT.  Virgo Moon square Saturn retro in Sag reminding us of obligations and self discipline.  Libra Moon moves in and opposes Venus. People will get along very well and make instant connections, or, at the other extreme, be passive or reluctant. There may be opportunities to resolve personal differences through tolerance or forgiveness. Aim for compromises, fair treatment and consensus.  Today's color is Pink.


Sunday: Libra Moon trine to Mars in Gemini and in conjunction with Jupiter retrograde. It's a social day. You may have to excuse yourself from a conversation that becomes heated or argumentative. Listen more and be more patient, and recognize or name impatience when you see it. Point things out clearly and in reasonable ways. Tune in to 'people energy'.  Today's color is Blue.


Monday: Libra Moon with a variety of aspects including opposition to Mercury now direct and to Uranus, both in Aries. Justice, equal treatment, and neutrality are themes. Be diplomatic and clear. You may have to let go of outcomes and take the best, possible, most 'right' actions. Void of course Moon starts 6:59 pm EDT until Tuesday at 1:01 am EDT. Full Moon is coming up, so you may be working toward a completion or transition. Today's color is White.


Tuesday: Scorpio Moon starts at 1:01 am EDT. The Sun aligns with Pluto retrograde. Let go of and otherwise deal with feelings of regret or remorse. Thoughts are likely to be deep. What can you do to lighten someone else's mood? Face a fear. Release emotions in healthy ways, by talking to creating art or listening to music. Introverted feelings may take over. Today's color is Indigo.


Wednesday: Scorpio Moon Full at 5:42 pm, and that's when the void of course Moon begins. This Moon's supporting player is Pluto, currently retrograde in his long term home, Capricorn. Intuition and sensory experience is heightened. Awakenings, enlightenment, realizations rise from deep inside. Emotions will be strong.  Allow for what you feel. Be willing to face something difficult in order to resolve it once and for all. Scorpio Moon is 'fixed' in nature so what you do now has long term effects and may feel impossible to reverse.  Show loyalty and commitment. Listen to your inner voice. Today's color is White.


Yoga schedule is at www.RoZoYo.com/yoga


Readings are available by email. robinivy88@gmail 


April 27th to May 3rd, 2017

Thursday: Just past New Moon, this is an energized, active time. Mercury retrograde can put a hold on something or cause a bit of indecision, but you can still lay groundwork, consider options, do routine tasks and perhaps enjoy creative process without rushing. Taurus Moon lines up with Venus, ending her journey in Pisces, and with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Going back to unfinished business, personal or professional makes sense. Can you find different perspective and possibilities this time? Taurus Moon void 9:18 pm to 9:39 pm EDT and then shifts to changeable Gemini. Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Gemini Moon meets Mars. Stay busy and productive, write, create and keep the body working so the mind doesn't move into overanalyzing mode. Avoid arguments since Mars could heat up verbal exchanges.  Mercury and Uranus meet in Aries, which can also be overly aggressive or disruptive verbally. Events and news occur swiftly. Last minute plans may work out or drive you mad. Venus moves into Aries, sparking new interests in people or projects and possibilities. Today's color is Pink.

Yin Yoga at Riverbend Yoga Yarmouth, Maine 12-1 pm


Saturday: Gemini Moon in harmony with Mercury and Uranus, two of yesterday's active planets. Life might be a roller coaster especially in terms of plans and communication. What was true or seemed to be may not seem the same today. Changes of mind, miscommunication, and the dual nature of Gemini feed into all of that. However, maybe today things seem easier or happen with more flow.  Important debates takes place as the Moon opposes Saturn retro in Sagittarius. Listen to each other and don't steam roll over others' words or values.  Void Moon 5:28 pm to 9:48 pm EDT. Cancer Moon moves in and squares Venus in Aries. Differences in love style may lead to a stalemate, or with understanding may lead to compromises.  White is today's color.


Sunday: Cancer Moon aligns with the Taurus Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Being empathetic, understanding, nurturing, creative, and loyal will put you in harmony with the universe. At 11:23 pm EDT, the Moon squares Jupiter. Be fair in your dealings and in how you treat others, especially family.  Today's color is Light Blue. 

Deep Stretch at Greener Postures Yoga South Portland 5:30-6:45 pm


Monday: Cancer Moon starts out initially cranky or challenged by Pluto retrograde's opposition and by squares with Mercury retro and Uranus in Aries. According to these aspects, there's a lot to be somehow addressed or dealt with. Compassion may not come easily.  Aggravation could be consuming. Breathe well and remember the problem is temporary. Void Moon 4:23 pm until 12:12 am overnight (EDT, so adjust to your zone) Today's color is Lavender.

Heated Flow at Greener Postures Yoga South Portland 6-7 am


Tuesday: Leo Moon starts at 12:12 am EDT. Purple is today's color. Be loyal and loving as the Moon and Venus align. Accept generous offers or help. Moon and Mars align to get things accomplished or for fun and socializing.  Moon and Sun square for a day where progress is valued. This is the final full day of Mercury retrograde. Purple is today's color. 

Gentle Yoga at Scarborough (Maine) Yoga 9:30-10:30 am


Wednesday: Leo Moon aligns with Mercury in Aries, direct at 12:33 pm. Jupiter and Uranus are also in harmony with the Moon. The Sun and Neptune are in harmony, and the Sun is Leo's ruling planet. Qualities of Leo, like talent, generosity, creativity, and optimism, activate. You may feel surprisingly good (I hope so!). Do be willing to ease in to new situations on this day when Mercury stations. Don't rush, but do see the light at the end! Today's color is Yellow. 


My current schedule of yoga classes is at www.RoZoYo.com/yoga


Save Thursday, June 22nd 5:30-7 pm for outdoor yoga in downtown Portland. Live music will accompany our RoZoYo Solstice practice.

Mark 4th Thursdays of June, July, August and September for Robin's Zodiac Yoga with local, live musicians this season. 


Yoga Nidra at Greener Postures this month will be Friday, May 19th 6-7 pm. 


Peace on Earth. Robin


April 20th to 26th, 2017


Thursday: Pluto retrograde begins. Pluto spends about 5 months a year retrograde, so it's not uncommon. The effects are more internal than external. A cleanse, purging the brain or body, may be due. You may need to conquer a fear or banish negative thoughts or scary dreams.  Pluto retrograde is a process that results in transformation. Be careful of holding things in and keeping secrets that could harm you or other people. A downside of Pluto retro could be obsession. An upside could be renewal through cleansing.  Pluto is retro until September 28th.  Meanwhile, Mercury retro backtracks into Aries for some revision and rethinking as well as reconnections with more people or places from your past.  If you're born at the late Aries dates, Mercury saunters past the Sun in your birth chart and potentially impacts your thinking and your actions in the days ahead. In Aries, the Sun meets Mercury today and the Moon in Aquarius lines up geometrically with Jupiter retro in Libra. It's a people oriented day, good for sharing ideas. The Sun and Mercury lead to expressiveness, leadership, and announcements.  Today's color is Violet.


Friday: Mars moves to Gemini at 6:32 am EDT. The Moon and Mars form a square at 4:13 pm EDT, activating both emotional and intellectual intelligences. Effort and understanding are required as you work through a problem or creative process. Venus squares Saturn continuing a relationship theme of the past few weeks. Venus is now direct and Saturn pushes for mature and wise decisions about partnership. The Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces after a short void of course time 2:23 to 3:43 pm EDT and forms 4 sextiles along the way today. Sextiles are easygoing, harmonious 60 degree angles. Put your energy where results are most likely since some things will manifest readily now. Today's color is White.


Saturday: Quick refresher! With so much change and several retrogrades, here's the current lineup: Sun in Taurus, Mercury retrograde in Aries, Venus direct in Aries, Mars in Gemini, Jupiter retro in Libra, Saturn retro in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto retro in Capricorn. The retrogrades lead us to focus inward and back in time. Reoccurrences, reconnections, and reasons to revise are present themes. Take your time and move thoughtfully and as slowly as you need to. Pisces Moon meets Neptune and feelings, dreams and imagination are active. Trust could be an issue, as could escapist tendencies.  Creative peaks and lack of dependability are likely. Blue is today's color.


Sunday: Pisces Moon aligns with Pluto and squares Saturn. Serious issues, thoughts and personal matters are a focus.  Understanding, compassion and moderation are helpful. If your inner critic and self judgment are speaking too loudly, consider a meditation or talk with a trusted friend or family member to put things in perspective.  From 5:34 to 8:32 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course and then shifts to Aries, meets Venus, and aligns with Mars in Gemini for strong interpersonal connections. This could be a good date night, and first meetings are favored. You may also work on a business partnership or collaboration successfully with these aspects.  Tomorrow begins similarly. Pink is today's color.


Monday: Aries Moon opposite Jupiter retro in Libra. Also, Mercury retro in Aries trine to Saturn retro in Sagittarius. Be careful about false starts. The intention and impulse may be there before the conditions are 'right'.  Try not to push too hard. Growth and change are in the works, but are you in too much of a hurry? Consider options and stick with flexible plans and solutions.  Today's color is Red.


Tuesday: New Moon is on Wednesday, and this day prior lends itself to reflection, rethinking and clearing clutter.  If you're cleaning and organizing, don't toss things mindlessly during Mercury retrograde. Instead sort and make piles or boxes to look at in May. Clear mental excess with meditation. It's easy to find good, guided meditations online. Use healing sound like crystal bowls or chimes if you prefer that to spoken word.  I posted a Simple Meditation you can try, on soundcloud (free site, free listening, and p.s. Higher quality audio meditations coming this summer.) Moon conjunction with Uranus and Mercury has the mind working overtime, and we may need to quiet or calm our reactions through unusual or surprising events or news today. At 5:53 pm the Moon trines Saturn and moves void of course until 9:56 pm EDT. The serious nature of decisions and even thoughts is in focus. This is a natural time to be revising your philosophy of life or changing life plans.Taurus Moon moves in, preparing the way for New Moon at 8:16 am EDT on Wednesday. Today's color is Yellow.


Wednesday: New Moon in Taurus. Neptune is the only planet aligning with the Moon today. Generally this feels easygoing, and both creative and methodical. Make art, dance and be physical, connect with nature, water and earth. Spend time or energy in the garden, or build. Usually a new Moon in Taurus leads to long term decisions, however with Mercury retrograde it may be best to slow down. Develop a plan of action and take your time. Keep focus on a goal and on prosperity, and let the events unfold naturally. Watch for opportunities and keep your mind open.  Today's color is White.


Taurus by Dali


April 13th to 19th, 2017

Thursday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Mars in Taurus. The tendency is to stick with your opinions and what you believe in. Spiritual beliefs and intuition are heightened. It's not a good day to have to state your case or convince someone to change their mind. Stay centered. Romance is also favored*. Today's color is Indigo.


Friday: Scorpio Moon void of course from 12:18 am EDT to 6:27 am, a good time for dreaming. Dream states are stimulated as is instinct and intuition. Moon and Venus align so it could be a romantic night.* Sagittarius Moon for the rest of Friday and Saturday, and the Sun meets Uranus in Aries. Situations will be surprising, newsworthy and in some cases wild or out of control. Genius ideas come. Write things down to follow up on later. Capture the moment or the inspiration in some way.  There's a bold and impulsive streak present.  Make sure actions won't come back to 'bite you' in the future. Magnetic attractions occur at times like this, and Aries you're in the midst of that. Today's color is Red. 


Saturday: Venus is direct again, in Pisces, at 6:18 am. Relationship, love, and partnership matters are highlighted for weeks ahead. Fresh starts and new love is favored. Mercury is still retrograde, however.  One on one relationships may smooth out or become exciting and vibrant, but remember to keep communication clear. Promises are better saved for after May 3rd. Sag Moon square to Neptune in Pisces and in harmony with Jupiter retro in Libra. Uncertainty, delays, and reasons to renegotiate or change plans make today feel a bit unstable. Consider what is most fair to all parties. Today's color is Light Blue.


Sunday: In the midst of Passover and Easter Sunday, the Moon changes signs, from Sag to Capricorn at 7:05 pm. Void Moon from 2:26 to 7:05 pm EDT. Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Mercury and meets Saturn for an eventful day. Important topics come up, though final decisions are best saved for May. However, you can find temporary solutions or decide to try something out successfully during Mercury retro. Be willing to negotiate and explore.  Moon square to Venus and Venus in harmony with Mars makes relationships interesting and top of mind. Good chemistry between Venus and Mars is helpful especially to Pisces and Taurus and their Scorpio and Virgo partners. New and interesting romantic or creative partnerships light up for Scorpio and Capricorn.  People may very well be getting along better. Mixed feelings are an undercurrent, and it's fine to keep a bit of healthy skepticism as to how things will go. Live in the moment and take people as they come and as they are today. Reunions of all sorts are characteristic of this time period. Today's color is Green.


Monday: Capricorn Moon, and the Aries Sun aligns with Capricorn ruling planet, Saturn. Structure is a key theme. Organize, and if you're clearing things out, be thoughtful. Mercury is retro, so if you're uncertain just makes piles and hang onto things until you feel sure they're no longer wanted. The Sun and Saturn put structure around ideas and plans. You can lay some really great groundwork for a plan you hope to launch this spring or summer. Put in the effort. Be up front and honest. Today's color is Yellow. 


Tuesday: The Moon and Pluto meet in Capricorn. Moon also squares Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. Those cardinal sign squares often hit hot buttons. Try not to be triggered by 'old stuff'. Leadership needs come up. Who's ready to get past a fear or uncertainty and move the group forward? Overdue recognitions or promotions will come for some of you. Mercury is retro, but don't let that stop you. Just proceed with an open mind. Today's color is Black.


Wednesday: Capricorn Moon void from 5:57 am to 6:52 am EDT (very short void Moon). Aquarius Moon sets in then. The Sun spends a few more hours in Aries season and moves to Taurus at 5:27 pm EDT. This is the cusp day. Moon aligns with Venus and Mars on the overnight/early hours, and squares the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Taurus.  If you're dissatisfied, do something other than complaining. Avoid gossip. Use facts to back up statements or documentation.  Today is meant for methodical and logical thinking and problem solving. Wear Turquoise.


Full Moon Restorative Yoga on July 8th at Maine YogaFest at East End Community School Grounds in Portland, Maine. This workshop is filling up quickly already. 

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Happy Spring!



April 6th to 13th, 2017

Thursday: Saturn retrograde starts at 1:06 am EST. Certain life matters, reflection on aging and the wisdom of experience require processing time now. Educational decisions and plans may be harder than you'd expect and we could experience travel restrictions on a global level. Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy, freedom, global travel and higher education. Patience could be wise and necessary during this period, especially when Mercury is also retrograde starting Sunday. Leo Moon void of course  from 8:16 pm to Friday 12:20 am EST. Many aspects of the Moon include themes of longevity, loyalty, promises and commitments. Be true to your word. With Mars trine Pluto, determination comes from deep inside. Be authentic and honorable with your motivation and motives. Today's color is Indigo.

Friday: Virgo Moon 12:20 am EST, trine to Mercury on the brink of retrograde. Temporary problem solving and versatile thinking will help until more permanent plans can be made.  The Sun opposes Jupiter, emphasizing self interests vs partnership, individuality vs compromise, and equality and harmony in the processes. Are you overdoing or going too far or pressuring someone? Determine what needs to be done now and what can wait, in terms of both actions and discussions. Taking a step back may be helpful. Today's color is Brown.

Saturday: Virgo Moon with multiple aspects. Be practical as much as possible. Stay close to the earth and grounded in tasks or creations.  Venus squares Saturn retrograde. As we move toward Libra Full Moon, love, partnership, and one on one relationships where there's (supposed to be) interdependence and co-ownership come strongly into focus. If there's imbalance and disharmony, situations will peak and feel the stress required to break them down or push to change.  The Sun squares Pluto. Conflicting ideas, matters of who's in charge and power plays come up with that square. Be wary of  manipulative actions and behavior during this period of time (all week). It might feel like you're just spinning the wheels and going nowhere, in which case it makes more sense to pause and conserve your energy. Black is today's color. 

Sunday: Mercury retrograde starts, lasting until May 3rd. Use extra care with schedules, details, and choice of words. Matters of stability and security are likely to create anxiety or stress of another kind. Uncertainty is a challenge, and temporary plans are more advised than permanent decisions. It's not the best time for final word on anything.  Libra Moon starts at 8:34 am EST after about 4 hours void of course. The Virgo Moon prior is opposite Venus and square to Saturn (both are retrograde), challenging us in relationship matters. Full Moon warmup is on too. The intensity level is peaking all the way around. Today's color is Lavender.

Monday: Full Moon will be exact on Tuesday EST at 2:08 am (so for Pacific time it's technically on Monday). It's in Libra, sign of justice, balance and partners. Today the Moon meets Jupiter in Libra. This Full Moon has a theme of growth in love and partnership, also whether you can grow together or not.  All relationship matters, concerns, or collaborations are spotlighted during this Full Moon. Aim for realism, fair outcomes, and mutual respect as well as maximum potential. What is your relationship concern or message? The first thing that comes to mind is probably the area to contemplate. remember all this retrograde activity makes it a better time to explore and experiment rather than make a long term change. Can you sit with your feelings during this Full Moon? Can you avoid reacting too recklessly or impulsively? In some cases you've done that and it's time. But give yourself a 'minute' in intense situations. There's a good deal of change in the air. take it slow. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Libra opposes the Sun and Uranus and is sextile to Saturn. Some news will seems to come from out of the blue, and there could be impulsive moves (though that's not recommended.) If you find yourself in a surprising situation or conversation, stop, observe, and use your finest judgement before responding. The Moon is void at 2:19 pm EST, and moves to Scorpio at 8:42 pm EST. Major decisions are not recommended today. Do meet a deadline and try not to stir up emotional matters. Quiet, reflective or relaxed time is a plus. This Full Moon is about relationship, but it's not very romantic. Problem solving together could bring you closer though. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon, just beyond Full, opposes Mercury retrograde in Taurus. Stubbornness and stuck points seem to dominate.  Try not to give all your energy to something unchanging and unmoving now. Determine how energy is most effectively spent, including on rest, personal priorities and creative process as the Moon and Neptune align. You may need to shut the world out for a while. Privacy is valued today. Wear dark red, like Maroon. 



March 30th to April 5th, 2017

Thursday: Taurus Moon meets Mars, headstrong and persistent.  Opinions will be hard to change. Expect long term results of what you act on. Jupiter squares Pluto in Libra and Capricorn. Wisdom comes from soul searching. Some will skip the soul centered approach in favor of pushing agendas and manipulating their way through situations instead.  Overpowering energy and force are to be contended with. Stay centered in what you know to be right.  Avoid any tendency to go too far.  At 7:12 pm EDT the Moon moves void of course until 12:40 pm on Friday. Do routine tasks and physical exercise or work.  Today's color is Blue.


Friday: Change is a key concept as the void of course Moon shifts into mutable Gemini at 12:40 pm EDT. Morning is for easygoing routines.  Mercury moves to Taurus at 1:31 pm and changes the mindset. Ideas and plans will change as Mercury rules our minds and communication. Long term decisions are in fashion. The Moon sextile Venus retrograde in Aries leads to flirtation, interesting reconnections, and good talks with old friends.  People will appreciate choices rather than directives. Focus is not today's strongest suit.  Wear Green.


Saturday: Gemini Moon aligns with the Sun and with Jupiter. Optimistic and centered on interactions with others, this Gemini Moon favors socials, meetings, gatherings and mingling.  The Moon squares Neptune so there is a duplicity or shadow side you may feel sensitive to. Use strong judgment about who or what to trust. Today's color is Yellow.


Sunday: Venus is retrograde until April 15th, moving back into Pisces at 8:25 pm EDT, emphasizing reasons to take a close look at our relationship dynamics.  How can you improve your one on one relationships? Does it begin with communication or self improvement or a change in habits? Reflect on love and partnership to re-align anything out of sync or imbalanced. Pink is today's color. 


Monday: Cancer Moon, 2nd quarter, signals a time to feel progress. Multiple aspects between planets could create mixed feelings. Nurture those you love, confront your own fears, be ready to think quickly yet not react defensively. Protectiveness and sensitivity are predominant energies during this Cancer Moon. Wear Light Blue.


Tuesday: Cancer Moon until 6:13 pm, void of course from 4:45 pm EDT until then. Cancer Moon squares Uranus which may start the day off with anxiety or uncertainty. Cancer Moon aligns with Venus retrograde in Pisces for revisiting emotions and relationships. It's a sentimental time.  Leo Moon moves in for socializing, though you 'll want to avoid disagreements tonight. Avoid a needless war of words.  Today's color is Purple.


Wednesday: Leo Moon powers up this period between New and Full Moon. A couple of purposeful days in a row lead to action, movement toward goals, and binding agreements. The fixed nature of Leo, resulting in loyalty and promises, combines with the Aries Sun, fiery and full of initiative. Mercury in Taurus squares the Moon for persistent effort and tough but effective negotiations. Be willing to work on the details and sort through differences to get to the heart of a matter and resolve it before Mercury retrograde (and just before Saturn is retrograde too). Today's color is Gold. 


Sun over Portland, Maine (photography credit unknown)

March 23rd to 29th, 2017

This Saturday is New Moon Yoga with Live Drumming at Greener Postures in South Portland. Todd Glacy will play live drum and gong during this warrior and hero themed practice. 1:30-3:30 pm


Thursday: Aquarius Moon compatible with Venus and the Sun in Aries. Think new and different. Approach a relationship or group meeting with fresh ideas and perspective.  Don't assume nothing has changed. The Moon and Mars are square in fixed signs for long term implications of what we do today. Mercury is square to Pluto, and that could make you overthink or feel anxious.  Be truthful with yourself and do not challenge those in authority unless you are very confident in the outcome. Today's color is Turquoise.


Friday: Mercury opposes Jupiter as the Aquarius Moon aligns with that same planet. Mercury and uranus are in harmony with the Moon. There are qualities of quickness and vastness at work. Things happen fast and in larger than life ways. Surprises occur on days like this. Aim for agreement and get out of stubborn patterns or disagreements. Where there's will, there are ways. Today's color is Blue.


Saturday: Void Moon 1:56 to 6:06 am and then Moon to Pisces. Careful in those wee hours. Sun and Venus together are hopeful, sexy, energetic and exciting. It's a good day for a date or any sort of new adventure or experience.  Orange is today's color.


Sunday: Pisces Moon sextile to Mars in Taurus and in conjunction with Neptune. Love, romance, sensitivity and versatility result. Mercury meets Uranus for wild ideas and exciting interactions. Do be intentional with words and keep tempers in check. New Moon is tomorrow, so examine your motivations and plan for next moves now.  Today's color is Pink.


Monday: Pisces Moon void of course 6:19 to 10:11 am EDT. Those hours may be confusing or spacey. Where do you need to be then? Set your alarm or write yourself a prominent note rather than miss something.  Mars meets Neptune in Pisces for dynamic art and enhanced imagination. Create something stunning.  New Moon is 10:57 pm EDT, 7:57 pm Pacific. It's a big New Moon for courageous and brave moves. This is truly like a new year. Resolve to act on your strongest will and passions. Be heroic, even for yourself. Red is today's color.


Tuesday: New Moon energy fills the day. Act even in the face of fear as Moon squares Pluto or the face of opposition as Jupiter is across in Libra. This is a good day for compromises and getting past something you consider a road block. Fairness is essential. Tonight, as things move fast use extra care and strong instincts. Wear White today.


Wednesday: Void Moon 8:07 am to 11:48 am EDT. Take care of routine tasks. Surprising news could take over the early hours after Moon met Uranus and Mercury during the night and early morning. Saturn aligns with the Moon and with Mercury for serious solutions and important discussions or documents today. Taurus Moon for agreements that not only last but will be very difficult to change or break later.  Know what you're doing. Keep your promises. Today's color is Yellow. 

March 16th to 22nd, 2017


Thursday: Scorpio Moon in harmony with Neptune. Today is best spent with creative projects and ideas. Use visualization and imagination to create in the present or pave the way for what's ahead. Be persistent and gentle at the same time. Feelings count, so treat others with care.  Light Blue is today's color.


Friday: Moon aligns with Pluto and the Sun. Decide with confidence. Deal with a fear in productive ways. Move past something that's been holding you back. The Sun and Saturn square and life direction may cause strain and feel like a big issue. Yet, some things will happen more easily than expected. Don't bother forcing things or trying to tell someone what to do. There will be resistance where there's excessive pressure. Agreements can be worked out as long as freedoms are not being recklessly taken away or infringed upon. It's St Patrick's Day but it doesn't really look like a 'party day". Void Moon is 5:56 to 11:00 pm EDT. Watch out for your friends and your belongings since things could get 'carried away' then. Sagittarius Moon begins at 11 pm on the east coast. Purple is today's color.


Saturday: Mercury and Venus meet in Aries. Sparks fly, Instant connections are made. Both planets harmonize with the sagittarius Moon. Take a chance on someone (safely of course). Have an adventure. Meet new people. Lighten responsibilities or feelings surrounding them. The Moon squares Neptune. Be careful not to let escapism ruin good fun. Honor the limits that make sense. Today's color is Red.


Sunday: Sagittarius Moon harmony with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. We're likely to do things up big. There's a wild streak and a tendency to be excessive today. Some of us could feel anxious or need reassurance especially with quickly changing circumstances. Wear the color Turquoise and keep moderation in mind.


Monday: At 6:29 am the Sun moves to Aries and spring begins! It's 4th quarter Moon, void of course from  6:37 to 11: 21 am EDT before the quarter marker at 11:58 am EDT. Adjust to your time zone. It's a time of sorting and shedding and making way for the new. Moon meets Saturn for serious and potentially hard choices. Capricorn Moon sets in and squares the Sun in Aries. Power, authority and courage are themes. Warrior New Moon is on the 27th, Monday. This week determine what you are willing to stand up for and what's non negotiable, for examples. Today's color is White.


Tuesday: Capricorn Moon is for getting priorities taken care of and resolved. Take care with communicating well and with anything that would affect personal relationships as the Moon squares Mercury and Venus. Avoid being impulsive with statements and in conversations or disagreements for example. Be tactful. Neptune and Mars support the Moon with a balance of creative sensibility and willingness to act. Today's color is Green.


Wednesday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon, void of course from 9:20 to 10:28 am EDT. Act with purpose and strong intention especially once Aquarius Moon sets in at 10:28 EDT. It's an inventive, forward thinking sign. If possible, get out of the Capricorn Moon zone before making long term decisions or experimenting with something new. That is especially true if what you're doing could make 'waves' with others.  The more today is a team effort, the better.  Today's color is Silver.


New Moon is Monday March 27th, and we'll get the body and spirit fully prepared and energized at Greener Postures South Portland. New Moon of the Warrior with Live Drumming and Gong by Todd Glacy on Saturday March 25th 1:30-3:30 pm. Find the workshop registration at Greener Postures Yoga or sign up in either studio.


March 9th to 15th, 2017

Special events on March 19th & 25th. New Moon Flow with Live Drumming at Greener Postures and Restorative Yoga with Reiki, Healing Sound and Aromatherapy at Scarborough Yoga.

Energize or relax and restore! What do you need in order to reset for the spring season? We've got you covered!

Local healers joining me include Adrienne Powers Johnson offering Reiki on March 19th. Todd Glacy plays drum and gong on March 25th. You haven't lived til you're bathed in the sounds of the gong. Come partake! Sign up in either GP studio or simply login online and register.


Thursday: Mars in Taurus begins at 7:34 pm ET until April 21st. This is a goal oriented period focused on the long term and results. This is a sensual sign for Mars. The Sun is aligned with Pluto in Pisces/Capricorn. Be creative with organizing and other changes or announcements. Add style to your work. Leo Moon aligns with Venus retrograde in Aries. Get back with an old friend or revisit a romantic relationships without big expectations.  Today's color is Orange.


Friday: Leo Moon void of course 12:06 to 5:07 pm ET. Morning is active and productive. Jupiter and Uranus align with the Moon for growth, spontaneity and good feelings. Intentional agreements are well accomplished as Saturn and the Moon harmonize at 12:06 pm ET. Void hours are better for easygoing or routine work and play. Virgo Moon aligns with Mars in Taurus for a cozy night or evening out with familiar faces and surroundings.  Think comfort zone. Today's color is Navy Blue.


Saturday: Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. Themes of the recent Pisces solar eclipse may be evident. Changes move to the next level. Honesty and compassion are thematic, one extreme or the other. Question or use caution on what your intuition says is not quite right. The Moon is Full (Sunday morning) so anything could reach a saturation or peak level now. Meet a due date. Green is today's color.


Sunday: Daylight Savings begins at 2 am in the USA. We set the clocks ahead. Full Moon in Virgo is 10:54 am. There are many aspects during this Full Moon. Saturn and Mercury push for compromises and agreements to be finalized. Mercury in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon interacts with each. Progress requires effort during this Full Moon. Void time begins 10:36 pm ET. White is today's color.


Monday: Libra Moon 1:28 am ET. Mercury moves to Aries at 5:07 pm. Mercury in Aries is time for making plans and going forth with previous plans or announcements of what's new, now until March 31st. Mercury retrograde for a few weeks begins April 9th. There's no time like right now if you're dealing with details and decisions. File taxes before April 9th, as much as a week before is even better.  Moon opposite Venus retro inspires a review of relationship status and how well relationships are working.  Today's color is Pink.


Tuesday: Libra Moon meets Jupiter, squares Pluto and opposes Uranus. A complex variety of aspects. Work hard, play fair, hope for the best.  Try not to get caught up in anxiety or drama. Today's color is Blue.

March 2nd to 8th, 2017

Express your self with a tshirt or wristband that represents your passion, the cause, race or person you go to the mat for. Dig deep into the warrior tradition through astrology, mythology, personal reflection and postures of heroes, heroines, and warriors on a mission. Pink pussy hats, SheJams attire, Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons and other themed clothing or adornments can inspire others and make your practice colorful. You decide. Or your usual yoga clothes will do.

Todd Glacy will play live drums and gong. Extended deep rest as you're bathed in sound.

Let's fuel our passions together and connect with the warrior spirit, in the most positive and productive sense.

Saturday, March 25th at Greener Postures South Portland during the Aries New Moon. 1-3 pm

Sign up in either GP studio or simply login online and register.

In the wake of two February eclipses, this is a month of change and adjustment.

Thursday: Taurus Moon begins 2:43 am ET. Strong willed and influenced by imaginative Neptune and communicative Mercury. It's a great day to hunker down with a writing project. Write a speech or a book, craft the logic around an advertising pitch, or rehearse anything from a conversation to a performance. As Jupiter opposes Uranus, we could be rattled by news. Think moderate and give yourself time to think before responding or reacting.  Aries and Libra, that opposition is in your sign and may be felt in relationship. Today's color is Yellow.


Friday: Taurus Moon aligns with Pisces Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Void of course Moon begins at 10:20 am. It's a good day for most things, though during void of course Moon pause to make sure of your decisions and especially your purchases. Look for value over time and for quality, and invest accordingly. Today's color is Blue.


Saturday: Venus retrograde begins. In relationships, you may notice a return to anything unresolved. People may come back into your life or get back in touch.  These weeks are not recommended for cosmetic surgery or tattoos or other changes in appearance. Remember,' it's a wise person who rules the stars and a food who's ruled by them' and make your decisions accordingly. Venus is direct on April 15th. This period is uncertain for starting new romantic relationships though certainly I wouldn't rule that out if you're attracted. Be adaptable with forming relationships, in other words keep the expectations light and easy. At 5:05 am ET the Moon moves to Gemini for a social Saturday. Mercury and Neptune meet in Pisces for artists, intuition, and going with the flow.  Today's color is Pink.


Sunday: Gemini Moon with many aspects to planets and the Sun. Mars trine Saturn. Agreements and negotiations are worth time and effort. Even difficult subjects can be worked through with willing participation. Do put action behind your words and be on the lookout for those who are all talk. Today's color is Gold.


Monday: From 3:22 to 7:54 am ET, the Moon is void of course in Gemini. So if that's wake up and go time for you, make sure you remember appointments and items you need for the day. It's a forgetful time. Double check the alarm and other similar things. The morning could seem out of sorts or moody even as Cancer Moon arrives at 7:54 am. The Sun meets Mercury for an important business and news day. Business may be more personal. Sometimes Cancer Moon time leads to defensive and protective feelings and actions.  Today's color is White.


Tuesday: Cancer Moon with lots of activity and aspects. Challenges include fair decision making, protecting others and your own best interests, and facing fears and emotions.  On the plus side, creativity shines. Mercury and Pluto are aligning overnight, and this can be good for decisions, problem solving and intimate talks. Today's color is Light Blue.


Wednesday: See Mercury and Pluto info above ^. Discuss topics with sensitivity and willingness today. From 9:59 to 11:45 am ET, the Moon is void of course.  Cancer Moon squares Mars in Aries and conflicts of interest are evident and come up for resolution. Leo Moon from 11:45 am ET. Ask forgiveness or a favor then. Today's color is Purple.


New Moon of the Warrior Yoga with Live Drums Saturday, March 25th 1:30 pm at Greener Postures Yoga in South Portland, Maine (with Todd Glacy of Sacred Sound and Living) Channel your inner warrior. Where does your courage and strength lie? 

Join me Sunday, March 19th for a completely Restorative and Healing Yoga with Reiki at Scarborough Yoga with Reiki Healer Adrienne Powers Johnson. Aromatherapy option and crystal bowl and solfreggio forks sound healing. Advance sign ups only. www.scarboroughmaineyoga.com

Eclipse Blog

We're on our way to spring, officially on March 20th around 6:30 am ET.  Planets headed into Aries before the Sun this year. Mars and Venus fight and flirt, instigate and initiate, in the first sign right now, as we move through the Pisces eclipse that closes the Virgo/Pisces series that began in 2015.

Let's look at the essence of the solar eclipse for Sunday, February 26th. At 8 degrees of Pisces, it's symbol is a 'royal coat of arms'* and it's momentum is forward. Because it's Pisces, the 12th sign, there's a letting go and moving out of a cycle, making space and path for what's new and different. Pisces is a mutable sign, and that means adapting and changing.  Neptune's influence is potent, so creativity peaks. So do questions of duplicity and what's real. The eclipse will stimulate some deep or dark corners, in search of honesty and cleansing. We may have to sort through lies, false perceptions, and erase or let go of stories we've created to protect the fragile parts of us or those around us. Drugs that alter the mind or facilitate escapism fall under Neptune's domain, and events and activity related to addiction may peak with the eclipse. Some people will be presented with strong reason to change these habits and others that keep them from being truly authentic and truly free.

Mars meets Uranus in Aries on the same date. This is provocative, argumentative and volatile. It's quite different from the eclipse itself, however as the two combine forces, anxiety and over reactions will be common.  It's best not to engage in debates during this time. Do what you can to avoid an outburst or conflict. These two planets in Aries can increase violence and anger. Games and other competitive situations become serious and relentless.

The positive side of Mars in Aries is also present. Surprising action, more motivation, and pure passion can lead to discoveries and awakenings.

The solar eclipse marks a new time in life for Pisces and for Virgos born on the direct opposite side of the zodiac. The closer your birthday to February 26th or the 6 month marker on the other side, the more impactful you may find this eclipse.  That's you if you're born during the final days of August or earliest dates of September, August 28th being a median date.  Gemini and Sagittarius in the late dates of May/November and earliest of June/December also have the eclipse at interesting, impactful points for your Sun sign.

*As for the royal coat of arms, I see this as what you carry forward and how you represent yourself on this new journey. Notice what you wear on your sleeve, so to speak. What you make public and the parts of your experience you identify with most will impact how others respond to you as well as what you believe about yourself.  Is it time to redesign your 'coat of arms'? Do this actively by choosing 4 images you'd like to represent yourself with going forward. Draw it. Post them on my facebook page if you like.

Welcome change on an emotional level. Invite the new!


February 23rd to March 1st, 2017

Thursday: Void Moon in Capricorn until 12:27 pm ET. Do your best to be on time and accomplish what needs doing, but realize there will be distractions and possibly errors in judgment during those hours. Double check. Aquarius Moon and Mercury sextile Saturn. Agreements are better timed for after 12:27 pm. Negotiations and progressive decisions.  Today's color is Turquoise.


Friday: Waning Moon in Aquarius sextile Venus in Aries. Exciting and interesting meetings and dates. People oriented and forward thinking.  Today's color is Violet.


Saturday: Aquarius Moon void of course 1:11 pm to 7:24 pm ET, then in Pisces.  The Moon aligns with planets in Aries and with Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius and meets Mercury. An eventful, social day with good aspects for business, study, legal agreements, contracts and decisions. New Moon is Sunday, and normally this is a consideration and planning day. This month the dark Moon time is highly charged and active.  Silver is today's color.


Sunday: Pisces Solar Eclipse 9:58 am, and Neptune meets the Moon at 3:56 pm ET. Mars and Uranus meets in Aries. Be conscious, thoughtful, and minimize reactions. Give yourself time to pause as some events happen quite surprisingly and rapidly, not only today but in the days surrounding the eclipse.  Take your time. Honor feelings and emotions. Do creative, imaginative work or play. Act with compassion and sensitivity. Avoid altered states that cloud your judgment or could be dangerous, and avoid volatile people. White is today's color.


Monday: The eclipse is in action for days, even weeks. Keep that in mind.Pisces Moon. Mars opposes Jupiter. Seek fair and honest answers and solutions.  Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Ask the tough questions, but ask nicely. You can be both clear and strong and also gentle or humble. Know your limits and what you stand for. From 6:08 to 11:52 pm the Moon is void of course, then enters Aries. Today's color is Pink.


Tuesday: Red is today's color as Aries Moon meets Venus for passionate actions, encounters and initiation.  New love may be exciting. The power of attraction is strong.  Notice what's changing or different.

February 16th to 22nd, 2017

Thursday: At 1:41 am ET, the Moon moves to Scorpio. Mercury and Mars align today and people will quickly jump to conclusions or decisions.  Scorpio Moon favors long lasting impacts so make sure you really mean what you say.  Original ideas and bursts of mental energy come out of this alignment as well. Today's color is Red.


Friday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune and Pluto and squares Mercury in Aquarius. Wrestle with ideas and see if you can sort out any blocks in your path.  We may want more privacy and opportunity to focus and work quietly.  Void Moon begins at 2:38 pm ET. Today's color is Indigo. 


Saturday: The Sun moves to Pisces at 6:31 am ET. The Moon is void of course until 1:52 pm ET. Take the morning hours easy. Do something relaxing. Avoid shopping and detail oriented work. After 1:52 pm the Sagittarius Moon squares the Sun in Pisces. It'll be hard to pin down plans and get specific. People may be elusive. Have plan b and c just in case. Today's color is Purple. 


Sunday: Sagittarius Moon aligns with Venus and squares Neptune.  Have a romantic adventure or spur of the moment outing with a friend. Trust yourself above anyone else while you're at it. Today is not the best for having blind faith. Light blue is today's color. 


Monday: Plenty of activity and action with today's Sagittarius Moon meeting Saturn, aligned with Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Uranus.  Also Mercury and Uranus align in Aquarius and Aries. Settlements, outcomes, announcements, speedy solutions, and spontaneous decisions.  There's a lot going on and some of it will result in changes and judgments that have long been in the works. Void Moon 6:37 pm ET so finalize your decision before then (adjust to your own time zone). Today's color is Red.


Tuesday: Moon to Capricorn at 2:08 am ET. Mercury and Jupiter in harmony in Aquarius and Libra. This looks like a very productive day and a good time for sharing ideas, wisdom, and learning. Invent, open your mind, and connect with other people in the process. Moon and Sun are in complementary signs, Cap & Pisces.  Draw upon each others' strengths.  Green is today's color.


Wednesday: Today is about pushing boundaries. Strength and limitations will be tested. Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn (one of a number of squares today), and leadership may change. Fears will confronted or stirred and courage is put to the test.  Capricorn Moon squares Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. We'll be dealing with the unforeseen.  Today's color is Black. 

February 9th to 15th, 2017

Thursday: The Moon moves to Leo at 4:41 ET, opposite Mercury in Aquarius and in harmony with Venus and Mars in Aries. Themes include the heart, compromise and communication in relationships, and passionate love.  The Leo Moon is Full with a lunar eclipse at 7:33 pm on Friday night. Sun sextile Uranus makes new ideas and connections exciting. Feelings of infatuation prevail. Creative and romantic peaks as well as strong impulses toward long term change are in the forecast. Today's color is Purple.


Friday: Lunar eclipse in Leo is the first eclipse of 2017, accelerating change and delivering surprises. This is a heart opening and awakening eclipse. Completions and final announcements are to be expected.  How do you want to live a more dynamic, heart centered life? Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries support the Leo Moon with elements of growth, justice, learning and sense of adventure or faith to move forward. Venus and Mercury align for social connections, important conversations and willingness to venture into new territory emotionally or otherwise. White is today's color.


Saturday: Void of course Moon 12:52 am to 9:52 am ET. Virgo Moon grounds us in the reality of change on the physical plane, adding to any emotional shift already occurring. "So what are you going to do about 'it'?" is the present question.  There's not a rush although you may feel surges of energy or impulse along with having a good reason to 'do something' tangible.  Saturn provides the good reason in the form of an event or in the form of wisdom and logic.  The Sun aligns with Jupiter which is all positive and hopeful. Design a dream to follow up on or take the next step into a passion, commitment or promise. Allow for endings since without them there would be no room for beginnings. Today's color is Blue.


Sunday: Remember that you're still in Full Moon time and that news and changes will continue to happen. The event or awakening of the eclipse could happen today. Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and aligns with Pluto. We must take a pulse on the realities and not deny them out of fear or wishful thinking.  Confront dishonesty or masking. Today's color is Black.


Monday: Zooming out of Full Moon into waning cycle, void of course Moon is transitional from 7:36 am to 3:43 pm ET. You might not know quite what to make of current circumstances or people. Exercise patience. The Moon squares Saturn. It's challenging to focus during void Moon, but try. Remember things you've learned and act accordingly. Libra Moon 3:43 pm ET.  Today's color is Light Blue.


Tuesday: Libra Moon, the sign of partnership rules Valentine's Day. The Moon actually opposes Venus and Mars so partnerships may experience the extremes, may call for compromise and fair reasoning, and opposites may attract. Sun sextile Saturn favors successes and relates to education, travel and original thinking. It could be a good day to present a project, take a test or build structure around a good plan. Today's color is Pink.


Wednesday: Moon meets Jupiter in Libra. Pursue fair outcomes. There's an element of surprise. Perhaps a meeting goes more easily than expected.  Alternately, someone may argue a point you didn't expect. Be ready for most anything as Pluto brings out the hidden and Saturn urges wisdom and commitment.  Today's color is Blue.

February 2nd to 8th, 2017

Thursday: Void of course Moon in Aries from 11:50 am to 8:50 pm ET. Motivation and speediness are likely before 11:50 am. Some will power through situations without taking other people or opinions into consideration just to get things done. You may run into opposition or debate regarding methods or ways of thinking. Mercury squares Jupiter. Questions arise about who is getting too much or  too little of money or recognition or voice in the matter.  Taurus Moon 8:50 pm ET through much of Saturday. More grounding and better  long term decision making is just ahead. Lavender is today's color.


Friday: Taurus Moon, solid and determined. It's also good for pleasurable pursuits. Fill the senses and engage in the moment.  Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces and squares the Sun. Creativity, beauty, and art are focuses. Some will make hard decisions knowing the long lasting results. Make promises you intend to keep. Adopt a positive outlook or habit you want to cultivate.  Venus moves to Aries. Spring fever arrives early.  It's a good date night. Today's color is Pink.


Saturday: Taurus Moon is good for conscious decisions including shopping for long lasting value. Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn for tangible results in all areas including emotional health. Pluto may expose the shadow side of someone or something so it can be dealt with. Today is well suited to many things so go forward with plans.  5:42 to 11:44 pm ET, the Moon is void and our judgement may stray during this transition time. Mercury in Capricorn continues to favor "doing" including study, building, creating, cleaning and repairing.  Gemini Moon arrives 11:44 pm ET for a social and changeable part of the week. Today's color is Blue.


Sunday: Gemini Moon aligns with Venus and Mars in Aries. A socially outgoing, mentally dynamic day.  Work on your best ideas. Moon aligns with Neptune for imagination. Question, be curious, have healthy skepticism and look out for duplicity.  Today's color is Yellow.


Monday: Gemini Moon and Jupiter begins a retrograde. Don't be too concerned about the retro time since Jupiter spends a good deal of time retrograde. Moon aligns with Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun. We're full of ideas today. Follow the best leads. Act spontaneously if it seems right. Saturn opposes the Moon for negotiating and differences of opinion. Look at all sides of a situation for the most desirable outcomes.  Void Moon 5:53 pm ET until 2:03 am ET. Today's color is Gold.


Tuesday: Cancer Moon 2:03 am ET. Mercury moves to Aquarius at 4:35 am ET. Mercury in Aquarius is an inventive, scientific cycle.  Visions come to fruition as you put ideas into motion. Cancer Moon squares Mars and Venus in Aries, highlighting differences that can be reconciled. Remove posturing and defensiveness as well as power plays. Instead focus on what is in common. Moon aligns with Neptune for versatility, even in dealing with emotions.  Light Blue is today's color.


Wednesday: Cancer Moon. Full Moon is Friday at 7:33 pm ET with a lunar eclipse, the first of 2017.  The warmup is on. Emotions and situations intensify. Projects need attention. Focus on completions and getting certain things out of the way. Moon opposes Pluto. Consider the shadow or subtle aspects of your current experience or problem.  Could bringing something into the open actually help? Uranus and Jupiter are square to the Moon. Self interests vs. fairness and equality are strong issues presenting themselves. "Make or break" time seems relevant. Today's color is Black.

RoZoYo astrology/yoga workshops coming up. Register soon since space fills up at Scarborough Yoga. Infuse a strong practice with the power of live music on February 11th and March 25th. Open to healing with crystal bowl and solfreggio sound on February 26th.  Intrigued? More info and links at www.RoZoYo.com/yoga



And I have a new class at Riverbend Yoga in Yarmouth, Maine Fridays 12-1 Yin Yoga. Learn more about the meridians that run through your body and keep the chi flowing with deep stretches. During the first 4 classes, I'll introduce or re-introduce 6-8 meridian paths, organ associations, and energies and emotions of each. Jumpstart your meditation practice if you wish. Understand your body and unwind physically and emotionally. Come to Riverbend Fridays!

Listen to a Winter forecast on Soundcloud & follow the audio there. There's also a forecast on youtube.

January 26th to February 2, 2017

February is eclipse season and love month. February's Full Moon bursts with heart energy. Experience physical heart opening practice with plenty of astrological insight on February 11th. Define and move for your heart's desire. Like Beck sings, " Heart is a Drum", and Kate Beever, musician/ music therapist complements our heartbeats and breath with live percussion during yoga. Connect at this link or in the SY studio. 2-3:45 pm at Scarborough Yoga.

Thursday: Quiet contemplation. Processing alone or by meeting with others and determine the next course of action. Work through issues of justice, balance, and self versus group. The Capricorn Moon aligns with Venus in Pisces. Be realistic yet gentle and progressive while taking feelings into consideration.  Let go of what's futile or unproductive in favor of what can be if you allow it. Welcome fresh energy by releasing a burden you don't need or cannot change.  Today's color is Black.


Friday: Void Moon 2:18 to 3:37 am ET. Moon to Aquarius, the visionary and scientist. New Moon is at 7:07 pm ET. Venus square to Saturn in Sagittarius.  Partners, couples and other duos decide how or whether to move forward together.  Avoid sarcasm or snarky ways that may result from bottled up anger or frustration.  Move from passive feelings to conscious conversation and self expression.  Time beginnings from 7:07 pm on. This ushers in eclipse season since this New Moon leads to the first eclipse of 2017, in Leo on the 10th/11th according to time zone.  Today's color is White.


Saturday: Mars moves to his home sign Aries at 12:39 am ET. Mars is bold, innovative and rebellious in the first zodiac sign.  This begins the Year of the Rooster in Chinese zodiac.  Rooster year is about finding peace by confronting fear. In the book Chinese Power Animals, Pamela Leigh Powers notes that the media is constantly feeding fear as are governments and agencies like insurance companies. I would add pharmaceutical advertisements to that list. For a change, take note of what's not wrong and also of how you do have power. Banish some fear and experience more peace in yourself.  Aquarius Moon is New and today is a good time to start almost anything as Jupiter and Uranus align with the Moon.  Today's color is Red.


Sunday: Void Moon 12:52 am to 11:10 am ET. Pisces Moon shifts us to feeling emotions, creative pursuits and spiritual experiences. Respond to and take care of your emotional life today. Mercury and Pluto meet in Capricorn which is another reminder to face fears. Recognize what makes you anxious or creates avoidance and, if possible, gain some perspective. Reverse negative thought patterns by remembering what you're grateful for and what's not wrong. Make a list. Starts are favored this week too.  Wear or meditate on the color Blue.


Monday: Next time the Moon is in Pisces, in February, we'll experience a solar eclipse (Feb. 26th). Vibrations of what's to come are in the air now.  Pisces relates to compassion for others as well as taking care of yourself and your emotions.  Be gentle and act to maintain or improve your mental/emotional health and sensitively respond to others, including loved ones in any sort of crisis. Moon meets Neptune so be careful of delusions. Moon aligns with Mercury and Pluto continuing themes of Sunday's forecast.  Today's color is Green.


Tuesday: Pisces Moon meets both Venus and Mars. Our relationships and ways of connecting with others are highlighted today. Forgive, receive, create or seek safe spaces and emotionally healthy or spiritual practices. Void Moon 12:36 to 4:46 pm ET. Aries Moon changes the tone from subtle and inner to bold and outward. Mercury squares Uranus in Aries. Ideas and inspiration may be followed by quick action. You may feel like there's no time to spare. We need to be careful of sarcasm and verbal outbursts.  Today's color is Red.


Wednesday: Aries Moon in harmony with the Aquarius Sun for innovation, new ideas and unique self expression. Be authentic and seek the same in others. Explore alternative options or points of view. Beginnings are still favored. Pursue your passions. Today's color is Yellow.

January 19th to 25th, 2017

Thursday: Mercury moves to Capricorn at 9 am ET. We are still retracing degrees of Mercury retrograde, though the retro itself is over. Revisions are likely if you acted weeks ago and have changed your mind or the situation has shifted. Some will go back on their word or their decision in favor of something completely different. Also, some things may be altered or edited rather than scrapped completely.Void of course Moon 3:55 am to 4:24 pm ET.  Be cautious with statements, emails, texts, information and trust during that time. Moon in Scorpio 4:24 pm on. Scorpio holds onto ideas and relationships until well ready to let go. Long term implications are in the forecast if you're taking action on or making anything public. Saturn in harmony with the Moon and square Mars. Difficult feelings and situations arise. Mars square Saturn is not a good time to argue, instigate, or infuriate.  Stay away from aggressive people or dangerous locations.  Today's color is Black.


Friday: Scorpio Moon in harmony with Mercury, planet of communication and planning. Venus in Pisces aligns with Pluto.  Find more ease communicating and learning. Seriousness and focus are likely. A quiet thoughtful approach is called for. Relationships are up for examination, discussion and sharing of secrets. Be intentional with communication and conversations.  Immerse in projects and priorities.  Today's color is Indigo.


Saturday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto, Venus and Mars.  More intentional energy backing our actions and conversations.  Nothing will be taken lightly. Don't mess around or provoke an argument. Do have well thought out personal conversations. Relationships are in focus as Venus and Mars relate to the Moon from the sign Pisces. Where Scorpio Moon holds onto hard feelings, Venus may help smooth stormy waters with the sensitivity and compassion of the sign Pisces.  Void of course Moon starts at 8:24 pm ET until 5:45 am. Today's color is Red.


Sunday: Sagittarius Moon arrives at 5:45 am ET and is in harmony with the Aquarius Sun. Expect and engage in forward thinking, letting go more easily, community involvement, experimenting and innovating. Sense of adventure and willingness to explore alternative and topics.  Read, learn, be inspired and do. Today's color is Turquoise.


Monday: The Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune as Mercury in Capricorn aligns. Examine romantic notions or things you're looking the other way about instead of dealing with.  Moon in harmony with Uranus for speediness. Insensitivity could be an issue as could impulsiveness. Venus and the Moon square bringing up differences in ways of thinking, willingness to forgive or move on, and relationship crankiness in general. Today is a bit unsettled. Wear Purple.


Tuesday: Sag Moon void of course from 12:43 to 5:43 pm ET. Moon in harmony with Jupiter and meeting Saturn means action with both opportunities for growth and learning as well as finalizing pending matters. Have some responsibility with your sense of freedom and vice versa.  Moon square Mars increases the chance of disagreement or disagreeable behavior which may come passive aggressively since Mars is in Pisces.  What's bubbling under? Moon in Capricorn 5:43 pm on for grounding in tasks and creating order. Today's color is Black.


Wednesday: Capricorn Moon aligns with Neptune and meets Mercury for creative and effective use of words. Communicate well, clearly and without making problems personal. Be on time. Show your talents, abilities and willingness to take charge where needed.  Today's color is Green.


February is filled with astrological action. The first of two eclipses is in Leo on the night of February 10th. We'll dance it out to live drumming by Kate Beever at Full Moon eclipse Yoga in Scarborough. Come in to connect with the power of both Moon & Sun & reenergize as daylight begins to visibly increase! Astrology infused Yoga & more at Scarborough Yoga. Feb 11th 2-3:45 pm.


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