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Readings & Personal Coaching 
Receive impartial insight. Some sessions will include astrology or tarot card insights. Sessions can include guided meditation for healing and relaxation.

If I can't help, I may be able to recommend other professionals with the expertise you need.
$88 an hour session online, phone or in person
$44 for 30 minutes
$200 for 3 sessions booked and paid for in advance

Personal Coaching can include any of the services listed below as part of your phone or online sessions.

Readings by Email
Zodiac Birthday Reading or Quickie Reading $44

This mini reading is perfect for exploring one quick question using astrology or tarot.The reading gives insight to an immediate question and a guide to your best approach. The Quick Reading  is often available within 24 hours or less by email.
 It is available as an mp3 if you prefer audio! This is a popular birthday gift!

This reading is 10-12 cards or a look at 2-3 months astrologically. Insight into about the patterns, timing, and other favorable aspects or obstacles are covered. This reading is ideal  during life changes, decision making times, or as a periodic check in for yourself.  You can follow up this reading with two clarifying questions by email. You can also get a combined astrology or tarot reading as an alternative. 

Astrology charts range from about $150 & up.

Payment can be made at paypal using the email address robinivy88@gmail.com or email for info to send a check by snail mail.